How to Convert OST to PST Format: A DIY Way

If you are hunting for the best solution to convert OST to PST format, you have landed in the right place. Here in this blog, we will take you to the depth of OST to PST conversion process. But before dive into the recovery process let’s get aware of Outlook, its file formats and more.

Outlook OST File 

MS Outlook OST file is the Offline storage file which makes it possible to continue your work even in the absence of an Exchange server and synchronize the data later. This way OST guarantees the flow of your work on Outlook, in the unavailability of Exchange server. The OST saves all your data on the local drive which can be recovered effortlessly in the event of server crashes, network issues, PST file corruption and more. However, the OST file is the finest source to back up your data because it barely gets affected by the proceedings taking place on the Exchange server. But it would be wrong if we say that the OST file is not prone to technical bugs, as there are several reasons which can affect the OST file and make it inaccessible. Moreover, this method is helpful in case you are planning to migrate data from one device to another.

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Why Convert OST to PST?

Virus or Malware Interruption: Good antivirus software can protect your device from limitless virus and malware infections. But it can also hamper the other applications if not compatible with the device. Hence, you should be cognizant, while selecting the antivirus for your device. If you are also facing the same problem due to virus malware; convert OST to PST.

Affected Storage Device: Some times,an empty storage device or device which is not used for a while can be the home of contagions entities and using such can affect your system and lead Outlook application.  As a result, it damages OST files.

Stoppage due to Network Connectors: To synchronize the data from one place to another, you required a network connection. The connection runs through the cables and routers or network cards, in case anyone of them gets damaged or affected it can hamper the OST file.

Storage Limit: Every OST file has storage limits it depends on the version of the Outlook. In case, you have crossed the size limit of the file it can become prone to corruption or becomes inaccessible.

Unexpected Power Loss: Unexpected power failure in devices leads to system application to severe corruption. OST file is sensitive; due to sudden or unexpected power loss, corruption can happen.

How to Convert OST to PST Format?

Now we know about the reasons, why the OST file becomes inaccessible for users and why to convert OST files. To overcome this condition, users must transfer data from inaccessible OST file to PST file. To convert OST file, you might need a high-quality OST to PST Converter tool. If you looking for the best Convert OST to PST tool, there are several options available. But the Shoviv Convert OST to PST considered as the best-existed tool in the market to convert OST files.

Shoviv OST to PST Converter

The Shoviv OST to PST Converter extracts items from the OST File as the exact copy of the mailbox data so that the user can have access. This software performs the fastest way to convert OST to PST, taking just minutes to convert huge OST data in PST format. Further, Shoviv OST to PST conversion tool converts whole mailbox data every single time.

Features of Shoviv OST to PST Tool

Effort-less retrieval of corrupt OST data: It repairs corrupt OST and recovers all the data such as emails, calendars, contacts, appointments, tasks, journals, notes and more. It promptly performs the recovery task and it hardly takes a minute.

Demo version: The demo version of this tool provides the user to save and recover corrupted or damaged data from every mailbox folder. The demo version allows recovering top 50 items from each mailbox folder.

Select Multiple File: Users can select multiple files at one time and recover it without waiting to complete one file task with the Shoviv OST to PST Converter.

Preview option before saving the file: This tool is in-built with the preview feature. The user can view the data and confirm the quality of converted data before moving to the final step.

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