Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool

Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool

Exchange Migration is a picture-perfect solution that allows the instant migration of source mailboxes. Like EDB files, Outlook Stores, Offices 365 mailboxes, Live Exchange mailboxes, etcetera into Live Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook PST. It can migrate Live Exchange/Office 365 Public folders and Archive mailboxes into another Live Exchange/ Office 365 Public folders and Archive mailboxes. Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool offers a simple and straight processing; user-friendly GUI. Explore its working by downloading the free demo version of the tool.

Demo: Process the first 50 items per folder for free.recovery-icon


Key Features

  • It permits adding multiple mailboxes from the source for the migration process.
  • Expertly recovers corrupted and inaccessible Priv. EDB and Pub. EDB files.
  • There is no restriction on the size limit of source mailboxes. Hence, users can migrate large-size files.
  • It is also capable of migrating source mailboxes to Outlook PST.
  • Users can also migrate source mailboxes to Live Exchange (On-premises) or Exchange mailboxes to Live Exchange Server.
  • Migrate Office 365/ Live Exchange Public folder and Archive mailbox to another Office 365/Live Exchange Public folder and Archive mailbox.
  • It also permits saving in various formats such as HTML, EML, MSG, RTF, vCard, etc.
  • Options to automatic and manual mapping source mailbox with the target mailbox are available.
  • It gives an Incremental Export option to resume the interrupted process.new1
  • New Version 20.11 - Boosted with 500-time fast fetching speed & 100-time fast filtering speed.new1

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Microsoft Exchange Experts Review

What Experts and Microsoft MVPs say about Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager

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Salient Features of Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool


Add Large Mailboxes

Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool is a perfect utility built with a highly advanced algorithm. It allows users to add large source mailboxes for the migration. There is no size limitation and restriction on adding multiple mailboxes for one go.


Maintains Folder Hierarchy

Exchange Migrator Tool expertly maintains the proper hierarchy of the added source mailboxes in the folder list. Further, it doesn't affect, alter, or damage the original data of the source mailbox while adding to the folder list. In addition, it perfectly retains the originality of the data.


Preview Facility

This Tool displays a preview of added mailboxes data. Users can select a folder from the left pane to preview their content. The software offers a preview of items and their meta properties, such as item body, item property, recipient, and attachments. Using this option, one can get assured about the data.


Migrate Source Mailboxes to Outlook PST

It facilitates the added source mailboxes to migrate into the Outlook PST file without any interruption. This tool helps to split large-sized PST files into small PST files. Users can set the file size for the resultant PST, and the software will split the PST file in that size.


Migrate Source Mailboxes to Live Exchange

Shoviv Exchange Migration Software also facilitates users to migrate source mailboxes to various targets. The target can be Live Exchange Server, Live Exchange Server (on-premises). It offers automatic mapping or manual mapping facilities too. E.g.: Migrate from Exchange 2013 to 2016 or Migrate Exchange 2010 to 2016.


Migrate from Exchange to Office 365

The enhanced features of exchange migration ensure the migration of multiple & single source mailboxes. It can perfectly migrate to Office 365. For example: Migrate from exchange to Office 365. To clarify, any version of Exchange to Office 365.


Migrate Public Folder and Archive Mailbox

Along with many other functioning, this tool can also migrate Live Exchange/Office 365 Public folders/ Archive Mailbox and EDB Public Folder. To another Live Exchange/Office 365 Public folder and Archive mailboxes.


Incremental Export

The biggest concern about the migration process is process interruption. Many reasons can terminate the process, and when we restart, it creates duplicates in the target mailbox. But in the Shoviv Exchange Migration tool, users are facilitated with an Incremental Export option. The incremental export option enables users to resume the process without any duplicity issues.


Advanced options

The tool offers a folder mapping and email translation feature to enhance the user experience.

Folder Mapping: With this option, you can map folders to export emails from one folder to another, For example, Sent items to Outbox.

Email Translation: This option enables users to replace the canonical naming convention with the SMTP email address.


Filter Items

The filter option helps to include and exclude the added source mailbox items. It filters the items based upon two different criteria: Message Class and Item Date. It helps users to filter mailbox items as per their requirements while exporting or migrating mailbox items.


Search Criteria

The search item option facilitates to search the desired mailbox items. It filters based on Message Class, Message Date, Subject, CC, BCC, attachment name, etc. It delivers a great working experience to users.


Free trial

The free trial helps to evaluate the features & functionalities of the software. The software allows exporting and saving the first 50 items per folder without having any interruption. Once you are satisfied with the demo version, you can proceed further.

Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool: When to use it


Incremental Exchange migration

Shoviv Exchange migration tool's core competency is incremental Exchange mailbox migration. It means when the software completes a migration for selected mailbox. Next time it will only migrate updated and new items from those mailboxes. Also, with incremental export, you can resume the interruptedmigration process.


Migrate between Exchange Tenants (even in the cross-forest)

There is no simple native way that will guide you through the process of migrating across Exchange Server organizations. As a result, you should use a third-party migration solution to transfer email from one Exchange Server tenant to another. Shoviv Exchange migration software allows you to move from one Exchange Server to another, even in separate Active Directory forests. Users can migrate straight from Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003, and newer to Exchange 2019, 2016, or 2013 using the Exchange Migrator tool, which eliminates the need for a double-hop migration.


Exchange Server backup in PST

In the world of ransomware and hackers, backup is a thing that can save an organization from many unwanted and horrifying scenarios. Business data that your organization process is valuable, and it's your organization's responsibility to ensure its security. With Shoviv Exchange Migrtor, you can move your Exchange mailboxes content into Outlook PST format with a password protection facility and store it in a physical location.


Office 365 to Exchange Server migration

Migrating Office 365 mailboxes to Exchange Server can be a hectic task. Also, there is no reliable native way available to migrate Office 365 mailboxes into Exchange Server in batches. Shoviv Exchange Migration tool will help you to migrate Office 365 to Exchange Server most effortlessly and securely. Thanks to its GUI that make migration like a cakewalk even for non-technocrats.

How does the Shoviv Exchange Server Migration Tool benefit you?


The software is utilized by many Exchange Server administrators and Microsoft MVPs. They acknowledge the software assistance and hold it in high regard. The program offers many features to significantly enhance your migration experience and help you to fulfill your organization's needs.


No impact on end-users:

Shoviv Exchange migration tool is safe for source content, and you can hide the migration operation from end-users. The migration process can run in the background without interrupting your work. During the migration procedure, no data will be blocked.


Monitoring mechanism:

When the software runs the Exchange migration process, the software monitors its progress and automatically generates a live log report. In the log report, users can check information related to migration.


No third party engaged:

The software will be installed in your environment, and there will be no third-party tools or cloud services involved. Due to this, your data remains entirely secure on your servers and will be directly migrated to the target servers. Hence, you will not need to provide your login credentials to any third parties or additional services.


No accidental data loss:

Shoviv Exchange Migrator doesn't remove or modify data in the source server. It only copies your items to the target location, and all your data stays unaffected.


No remote access to your network:

Shoviv will not have access to your application and data. However, if you require assistance regarding our software, our technicians may connect to your environment remotely, but only if you provide them with access to your system.

Source Target
Exchange 2010 Exchange 2013 Exchange 2016 Exchange 2019 Office 365 Outlook Profile*
Exchange 2003/ 07/ 10 All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types
Exchange 2013 All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types
Exchange 2016 All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types
Exchange 2019 All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types
Office 365 All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types
Outlook Profile* All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types All items types

Outlook Profile* - Support all IMAP/ POP/ Groupwise/ Lotus Notes/ Exchange/ Office 365

All item types- Email, Contacts, Calendar,Task,etc.

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Add Multiple EDB File in Source
Add Exchange Server Mailboxes in Source
Add Office365 Mailboxes in Source
Add Outlook Profile Multiple Mailboxes (Stores) in Source
Add Live Exchange and Office 365 Public Folder in Source
Add Live Exchange and Office 365 Archive Mailboxes in Source
Search Items in Source
Export and Saving items From Source First 50 Items/Folder All Items(No Limitation)
100% Secure
Support all Microsoft Outlook Version
Support all Microsoft Exchange Server Version
24x7 Free Technical Support (By - Live Chat, Emails, Contact-Us Form)
Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Steps to migrate Exchange Server Mailboxes to another Exchange:

  • Install and open the tool.
  • Now, click the Exchange Server mailboxesoption.
  • Next, enter ask credentials.
  • In the wizard, export the desired mailboxes.
  • Click on the Live Exchange option on the ribbon.
  • Next, check/uncheck sub-folders, then hit next to move forward.
  • In the following wizard, select Outlook profile or mention Active Directory credentials and click Next.
  • Now map the source and target mailboxes and click Next.
  • In the filter wizard, the user can apply the filters and click Next.
  • Now, Exchange 2010 to 2013 migration begins (User can opt for the migration of any Exchange version.

Yes, you can migrate all of them in one go. It doesn't matter how many .edb files you have. Hence, with Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool, there is no limitation on adding and migrating multiple .edb files.

Yes, this is possible with this tool. Shoviv Software facilitates the recovery of corrupted and inaccessible files and allows exporting in Outlook PST file format.

Besides Outlook PST, the software allows exporting data in HTML, EML, MSG, RTF, and vCard file formats.

Yes, by applying a filter, you can filter the specific desired data. For filtering, Message Class and Item Date options are given.

You can simply check the working efficiency of the software using the free trial version of the tool. The demo version of the software allows migrating the first 50 items per folder.