Shoviv Software Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the Shoviv Software Pvt. Ltd. concerning This Privacy Policy defines what information of users will be collected by the and how this information will be used. This is to make sure Shoviv’s users about their data and making assured for legal and defined use of their data.

Hereinafter terms “us”, “we” and “our” will be used for the

Read all the aspects of the Privacy Policy very sensibly to know the collection, use, and protection of the data when users use our services and get associated with our website.

When do we collect information?

  • We collect information when users place an online order. It is used to receive share the credential between the user and us. It is important for the purchase formalities.
  • We also use the information for technical support. Our technical team uses the email ID to respond to the queries of users.
  • After getting permission through the notification desk, we use the email id of users to inform them about the new updates, special discounts, new releases, and new changes in our product and services.

Why do we use users’ information?

  • The ultimate aim of collecting information is to provide better services and make improvements.
  • Using details like First name, Last name, Email address and Contact number, we try to provide the quick and perfect solution to users.
  • By collecting existing users’ contact information, it becomes easy to recognize users, the product they have, and the task they are executing and their purchase history for future references.
  • To determine the country of the user for trade compliance, security management, and other co-ordinations.

How we protect users’ personal information?

  • We never share or disclose users’ any information with any third-party site or with any other.
  • To protect and safeguard users’ data, we have security policies and checks.
  • We use industry-standard methodologies to protect users’ information from unauthorized access and disclosure.
  • We do regular malware scanning.
  • We always maintain our website updated and secured using all security measures.

Data we process if you use our Products:

  • We (Shoviv Software) use OAuth authentication to use Gmail, contacts and calendars service for the application on your behalf, which may include viewing and managing your Google mails, calendars and contacts.
  • We do not store any of your Google data. We only transfer and process information based on valid user requests to access or transfer their data. We comply with a complete list of security standards defined by Google.
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