Shoviv NSF Splitter Software

Shoviv NSF Splitter is a comprehensive solution which works for splitting large NSF files into multiple pieces of NSF files without changing their properties. The tool contains three different and special modes to work so that NSF files can be managed accordingly to split them. The software offers a very user-friendly GUI and maintains data integrity of NSF files professionally.

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Key Features

  • The software splits the large NSF files into multiple small NSF files.
  • It reduces the archive database for NSF files as per size, date, and sender’s email address.
  • It creates single or multiple NSF files according to need.
  • The software has simplified manner to split NSF files into various NSF files.
  • It offers the facility to save the new NSF file at the desired and selected location chosen by the user.
  • It works for earlier and older versions of Windows O.S. and IBM Lotus Notes.
  • The free version of the NSF Split software permits users to break first 50 items/emails of selected NSF folder(s). With this, users can understand how the software works to split NSF files and folders. Afterwards, a step to purchase the software can be taken.

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Features of NSF Splitter Software


Split NSF Database files

This is a professional tool which works to reduce NSF database with the easy process to split contacts, emails, and archive emails. It can be easily used to reduce the NSF files into different sub-files of various sizes.


Guaranteed Data Security

This tool will not alter any bit of data once the process to split NSF files gets completed. No matter it is the process to split NSF emails or contacts, the chances of changes in original data are nil, it keeps the data original.


3 Ways NSF File Split

There are three ways to break the huge size of NSF files into different parts. Users those are willing to divide NSF files into pieces can opt the one from options enlisted as “Split NSF File by Sender email ID”, “Split NSF File by Size,” or “Split NSF File by Date”.


Split NSF Date-wise

This option is helpful for the user when he/she wants the NSF files to be divided as per the particular time frame or for a specific date. If the time frame is defined then, data for NSF files will be divided for that range.


Split NSF Size-wise

This mode of the tool helps users to divide the NSF files as per the size defined. Let’s say, the user wants 50 MB NSF files and having 150 MB NSF file then, the process will divide the 150 MB file into three files of similar size.


Split NSF Email id-wise

Under this option, the users need to check all those email ids from where the emails are received and the splitting has to be done. The new NSF files after splitting will contain all the emails and contacts from the email ids selected.


Maintains Data Integrity

The software is very constructive and executes the NSF split operation in a very safe manner so that entire data will be preserved. The software widely supports to generate the unchanged data in NSF files after splitting.


Generating Separate NSF Files

All users defined and selected NSF folders will be converted into separate NSF files. The entire data of those NSF folders will remain same and preserved once the NSF files are being created.


Single NSF File Creation

For selected NSF folders, one NSF file can be created with the use of NSF Split tool. The NSF file generated by the tool will be saved at the desired location of the user without any hassle.


Simple GUI

Shoviv NSF Splitter comes with the very simple and straight GUI. The tool is built with the very user-oriented GUI that provides a simple cake-walk to users. Every type of user can use it effortlessly.

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Add NSF Files
Process Items First 50 items/Folder All Items(No Limitation)
100% Secure
Support all Microsoft Outlook Version
24x7 Free Technical Support (By - Live Chat, Emails, Contact-Us Form)
Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Launch the Shoviv NSF Splitter Software
  • Open the Software.
  • Click on the browse or search option to add the NSF files. Click Next.
  • To locate the target folder click on the browse. Select/de-select for the sub-folders.
  • Choose the required split option and click the next.
  • Process successfully completed a message will display, click on the Finish button.

Oversized NSF file becomes a factor of Data corruption, slow performance of the Lotus Notes, unfortunate data deletion, emergent deletion etc. That’s why one needs to split large size NSF file.

This tool comes with 4 ways of splitting the NSF file. You can split the file according to a time span, according to the size given to create new NSF files, according to the chosen email id, or by creating single/multiple files afterwards NSF division.

No, there is no limitation to split NSF files. You can use Shoviv NSF Splitter software to split and divide any NSF file into multiple NSF files of any selected size.

This tool doesn’t repair damaged or corrupt NSF file. But you can do it try our repair Software.

No, not at all expertise is needed to run the software. The software is built with a very simple GUI and any user can run it very easily.