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Upgrade and Downgrade PST files according to Need

PST Upgrade and Downgrade tool from Shoviv is the best solution you can use for converting ANSI PST files into Unicode and vice versa without damaging the attachments of emails. The data shift of email folders from ANSI/Unicode PST files to upgraded and downgraded PST files can be easily done. As well as this can also be done for other folders of PST files like sent items, drafts, inbox, Outlook. Meta data integrity will also be maintained once the upgrade or downgrade actions have been done.

  • Upgrades/downgrades PST files from ANSI/Unicode file formats
  • Upgrade or downgrade multiple PST files at one go in minimal time
  • PST data upgrade or downgrade for selected or all folders' mailboxes
  • Works for upgrading/downgrading oversized ANSI/Unicode PST files
  • Suitable to use with ANSI/Unicode PST files created in any version of MS Outlook
  • PST upgrade/downgrade process keeps the folder hierarchy undisturbed
  • Feature for Excluding deleted items & Removing duplicates in PST downgrade and updrade
  • Technically sound to work with all the editions of MS Windows

*Free Download allows to convert & save 25 items/folder from PST Upgrade & Downgrade.

More impressive features in PST Upgrade & Downgrade software

Flawless PST Upgrade and Downgrade

Flawless PST Upgrade process

High end algorithms for upgrading PST files from ANSI format to Unicode format along with transferring attachments and other items without making any changes in emails. This feature makes you able to access your PST files in most updated Outlook account by converting them into Unicode format.

Smooth PST Downgrade Process

Smooth PST Downgrade process

During any downgrade, when you need to access your most updated PST files into older edition of MS Outlook which supports ANSI format, our PST Upgrade and Downgrade tool will help you flawlessly. It makes you comfortable when you want MS Outlook 2016 data into older versions.

Works with any size of PST Files

Works for PST files of any size

Large PST files having lots of data within as emails, attachments, contacts, events, tasks, etc will be highly supportive with this easy to handle tool. With no data loss, this tool accesses PST files of any size to upgrade or downgrade them and for this, the tool does not take too much time.

Works with multiple PST files

Works for multiple PST files

Our software has endless support for multiple PST files to be accessed and converted to make them upgraded or downgraded at one go. The process of upgrade or downgrade will be done in no time with our powerful software so, you do not need to think too much when bulk PST upgrade/downgrade is needed.

Exclusion of Deleted Items

Exclusion of Deleted Items

With this facility which can be used while selecting Excluded Deleted Items, the deleted items and deleted folders of PST will be eliminated to be saved during PST upgrade or downgrade process. Selecting or not selecting this option is the whole sole choice of users.

Removal of Duplicate Items

Removal of Duplicate Items

With the help of selecting this option in our software, you will be able to eliminate duplicate copies of PST emails while saving upgraded or downgraded PST files. In this process, a smooth scan has been done to find out repeated PST emails and it helps you to avoid getting an oversized PST file in result.

Support All Windows

Supportive for MS Windows

All the editions of MS Windows Operating Systems are being supported by PST Upgrade and Downgrade software. The process is really smooth to be executed when you are using any version of MS Windows on your computer to use our Outlook PST downgrade/upgrade tool.

Support All MS Outlook Versions

Supportive for MS Outlook

No matter which version of MS Outlook you are using so long, you do not need to change that as our PST Upgrade and Downgrade software has supportive system for MS Outlook. From earlier version of MS Outlook to older modes of this application are being supported by our software.

Retains PST folder hierarchy

Retains PST folder hierarchy

During upgrade or downgrade of MS Outlook PST files, you will not have to lose the order of folders. Each and every folder of PST files will be shifted in similar hierarchy as maintained in previous Unicode or ANSI PST files. PST up-grade or downgrade process will not make any changes in folder orders with this tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions


No, you will not face any kind of changes in property of emails as well as there will not be any changes in folder hierarchy once the PST upgrade process gets completed. The similar benefits you can enjoy with PST downgrade process of the software.
No, there is not any dependency to work with any specific mode of Outlook. Outlook for earlier and older versions are being supported by this PST Downgrade and Upgrade software so, you will not be restricted to use PST files created within particular version of Outlook.
Yes, this tool to upgrade and downgrade PST files has ability to exclude duplicate emails while saving upgraded or downgraded PST files. So, this retains the PST files in compact and concise manner to avoid any hindrance in future!
Yes, we have a team of technical and experienced professionals who are dedicated to help the users of our software applications. We have experts for all software and similar fact applies for PST Upgrade & Downgrade tool. So, start working with this tool without any hassle.
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