Terms and Conditions

It is illegal for any party to try to change the company's rights. All the products and other things have the company's trademark.


Copyright of The Content

Content published on the site of Shoviv is published under the company's copyright. If any party tries to copy or make changes in the content, then it will be considered as an illegal act.


If the user uses email as the way of communication with the site, then it gives the consent to contact the user via electronic means. This means that the company will tell its users about the various things by email or/and posting online notifications. This also fulfils the legal requirements.

Law Enforcement

By using the site, the users agree to abide by the law of India. If any user comes across any problem and is not satisfies with company's solution, then he/she can take the matter to the law courts of India. This will be considered as the standard solution.