Shoviv Exchange to office 365 Migration Tool

Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool (Aka Shoviv Exchange Migrator) is a one-stop solution to migrate Exchange to Office 365 effortlessly. It works on job-based processing and allows the creation of multiple jobs and running them simultaneously. Users can migrate Exchange to Office 365, Exchange to Exchange, Office 365 to Exchange, and Office Tenant to Tenant migration. Users can apply the filter to get only the required data in the target. This Office 365 Migration Tool keeps a convenient GUI that makes the Exchange to Microsoft 365 migration easy for everyone.

Demo: Process the first 50 items per folder for free.recovery-icon

Key Features

  • It runs on job-based processing and can create and run multiple jobs simultaneously.
  • Users can easily select between Primary Mailbox/ Archive Mailbox and Public Folder.
  • This software has a filter option on the date, folder, and item type.
  • It is boosted with the incremental export facility that resumes the process from the last stop.
  • Users can also schedule the migration after creating the migration job.
  • Being a professional utility, it professionally maintains the folder hierarchy and data originality.
  • The software is compatible with all versions of the Windows OS and Exchange Server.
  • It comes with a free trial version to get assured about the software skills and efficiency.

Exchange to Office 365 Migration

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Detailed Features of Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

migrate exchnage to office 365

Migrate Exchange to Office 365

This tool is a one-stop solution to migrate Exchange to Office 365 effortlessly. It allows users to migrate single or multiple mailboxes into the given target and provides many advanced features to make the migration process easy for everyone. Even non-technical users can migrate Exchange to Office 365 without any assistance or glitches.

office 365 to office 365 option

Office 365 to Office 365 Migration

This professional Exchange to Office 365 migration utility allows users to migrate Office 365 to Office 365 without extra effort. During the Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migration, this software efficiently keeps the folder hierarchy. Besides this, the software doesn't alter the original properties of the mailboxes. It also provides a folder mapping option to migrate data from one Office 365 folder to another folder.

Office 365 to Exchange Migration

Office 365 to Exchange Migration

Choosing Office 365 or Exchange varies from user to user/organization. Some organizations also want to migrate Office 365 to Exchange, and this Office 365 Migration Tool is best suitable for these organizations/users. Users can simply select Office 365 as the source and Exchange Server as the target and execute the migration.


Job-Based Processing

The tool runs on the job-based processing, and in a single job, users can add multiple mailboxes. This Office 365 migration utility allows the creation of multiple jobs, and users can run multiple jobs concurrently. You can easily edit the job as per the need.

migrate public folder

Migrate Public Folder & Archive Mailboxes

Shoviv Exchange to Microsoft 365 migration tool also allows users to migrate public folders and archive Mailboxes of Live Exchange/ Office 365 to another Live Exchange/ Office 365 Public folder and archive mailboxes. This customized migration allows users to specify if they need to migrate only the Public Folder or Archive mailbox other than a primary mailbox.

incremental option

Incremental Export

This software provides an Incremental Export facility that comes in handy to prevent duplicity and resume interrupted processes. It helps to resume the process from the last stoppage; hence no need to start from scratch. If you re-run the migration job, then this utility prevents the migration of already migrated items.

add large mailboxes

Add Large Mailboxes

You can add multiple and large source mailboxes for the Office 365 migration task. This migration tool for Office 365 is a reliable solution that lets the users add large source mailbox files for Exchange migration. Besides this, there is no bar on adding multiple mailboxes. Hence, users can add multiple and large-size mailboxes in a single job.

folder hierarchy ooption

Maintains Folder Hierarchy

With this migration tool for Office 365, users do not need to worry about data being scattered or altered in any way. This tool only works in reading mode. Hence, it efficiently keeps the folder hierarchy and maintains data integrity. It doesn't alter the original meta property during the migration. This feature makes it a picture-perfect software for crucial data migration.

filter option

Apply Filters

The filter option comes in handy when one has to filter the added source mailbox items. The filter facility allows to inclusion/exclusion of date range/ folder/items. This utility lets the user filter mailbox items according to their requirements. The filter option eliminates unwanted emails from the migration, and users get only the desired items.

free trial

Free Trial Version

This software comes with a free trial version, so whenever you have to migrate Exchange to Office 365, get the trial version of this tool first. The free trial version of this software will give you a fair idea of the features this tool provides. The free trial version allows users to migrate the first 50 items per folder. After being satisfied with the tool, you can easily upgrade the demo to a fully licensed version.

Client Testimonials

We purchase this software to migrate our Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 and do it effectively and hastily. And, now we’re using it for tenant migration between Office 365. Thank you for this multi-tasking utility.

Andrew Haines- United States

The tool has exceeded our expectations in every way. It has different source and target options and works in many migration scenarios. As a service provider, this utility is all I need.

Joedy Frape- Australia

Shoviv Developers are professionals and always provide the best utilities. Accomplishing tasks using this software is like a cakewalk too easy to use. Recommend this to every Exchange and Office 365 administrator.

Asif Hayat - Saudi Arabia



Shoviv Exchange Server Suite’s eDiscovery feature enables you to search particular items as per item property such as date criteria, attachment availability, recipient name, etc.Read More

Why do users migrate Exchange to Office 365?

why choose

Exchange users are increasingly turning to Office 365 for multiple reasons. Take a look at these five compelling reasons.

work from anywhere

Work from anywhere:

The primary reason for Exchange to Microsoft 365 migration is Microsoft 365 allows users to access their data from anywhere and anytime, even on smartphones. Hence, the best way to increase productivity.

always up to date

Always up-to-date:

Only a few users know that Office 365 upgrades automatically without extra costs. Office 365 users get all the enhanced and new features as soon as they are released.

data is secure

Data is secure:

Data is the priority for organizations, and Office 365’s security is much better than the on-premises environment. Also, with Office 365, Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime.



Office 365 is cost-efficient compared to the Exchange Server. Because Office 365 is a cloud server, it eliminates the cost of server maintenance. Also, you will only pay for the subscription plan.


Subscription plan for all:

As we all know, Office 365 is a subscription-based service with various subscription plans; organizations can choose a plan according to their needs.

Why choose Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool?

You have already read the tool’s features, so we think it’s unnecessary to mention them here, but besides the software’s features, this tool has a few extra benefits.

Security + Control:

As you know, the software is a desktop-based utility, and you can use it yourself. This Microsoft 365 Migration Tool provides complete control over the migration process and also eliminates the risk of data loss. Also, the tool doesn’t store a bit of data on our server, which makes it a secure solution for migrating priceless and crucial information.

Save Money & Time:

Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool comes with a perpetual license and one-year validity. Users can select the license type as per their needs and then can use it without any extra charges. Also, the software is one of the fastest in the market, and its new version is boosted with a 500-time fast fetching speed & and a 100-time fast filtering speed. Users get updates for free.

Automate Migration Process:

The tool is an automated tool that automates the Microsoft 365 migration from Exchange Server. By doing so, you ultimately get rid of human error chances and data corruption risks. No other human efforts, as well as prior technical knowledge, are required.

Free Upgrades and Support:

Shoviv Software is a renowned name in the email migration business, and we timely upgrade our technology with enhanced and looking-for features. Also, we have a dedicated free technical support team available 24 ×7 tto resolve your query related to the Office 365 migration tool.

why choose shoviv exchange to office 365

Scenarios Supported by Exchange to Office 365 Migration tool:

This tool is reliable to move users’ mailboxes from different Exchange versions. It will let you migrate Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 into Office 365 user mailboxes, public folders, and Archive mailboxes. This means migrating any Exchange Server versions into Office365 is no longer burdensome. The program makes it easier for everyone, even non-technocrats to move their Exchange mailboxes into Office 365 and get modern working environment facilities.

Below we’ve provided step-by-step guides to migrate different Exchange Server versions into Office 365 to make it easy for you.

Software Comparison

Features Demo Version Full Version
Supports All Exchange Versions
Add Multiple Exchange Mailboxes
Add Multiple Office 365 Mailboxes
No Mailbox Size Restriction
Exchange to Exchange Migration First 50 Items Per Folder All Items (No Limitations)
Exchange to Office 365 Migration First 50 Items Per Folder All Items (No Limitations)
Office 365 to Office 365 Migration First 50 Items Per Folder All Items (No Limitations)
Office 365 to Exchange Migration First 50 Items Per Folder All Items (No Limitations)
Compatibility With All Windows Operating Systems With All Windows Operating Systems
Free 24*7 Technical Support
100% Secure
Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Few Simple Steps to Migrate Exchange to Office 365 Mailboxes:

  1. Install and open the software.
  2. Connect Exchange Server as the source and M365 as the target.
  3. To connect, respectively click the Source Connection and Target Connection tab.
  4. After connecting source and target, click on the Create Migration Job.
  5. Select default mailboxes, give a job name, and add source and target project.
  6. Map mailboxes and apply filters and settings as per the need.
  7. Preview the migration job, and if all ok then click Finish.
  8. Click on the start button if you selected the run job manually; otherwise, migration will start automatically.

This tool is a professional utility, and it supports all versions of Exchange Server: Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

Yes, users can check the software skills before the purchase. This software comes with a free trial version. You can use the free trial version to check the software skills and compatibilities.

As we said, this software is easy to use. But if you face any problems during the migration process, you can contact our free 24*7 technical support team. You can mail us at

Yes, we update software with new technology and advanced features with time. You can install the updated version from Shoviv's website. We upload the product upgrade news on our news section and also inform customers regarding this.

You can migrate as much data as you want to migrate. There is no such restriction on the size of the data.