• Migrate Thunderbird to Office 365 - Step by Step Guide- cover

Migrate Thunderbird to Office 365 – Step by Step Guide

Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular cross-platform email client, and chat client. It uses the MBOX file format to store users’ data. In starting days, its demand was on the peak, and millions of peoples around the globe were using Thunderbird. Nowadays, time and requirements have been changed, and Thunderbird users are shifting from Thunderbird to […]

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office 365 migration checklist

Office 365 Migration Checklist- Steps to Check

Manually migration to Office 365 is not a cakewalk; it seeks perfection in all ways. Nowadays, many users of the On-premises Exchange are looking toward Office 365 because of its advanced features and advantages of cloud-based software as a service. Execution of manual method is like walking on the eggshells therefore any mistake can ruin […]

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Cover-Migrate Exchange Mailboxes to another Database Using New-Move Request Cmdlet

Migrate Exchange Mailboxes to another Database Using New-MoveRequest Cmdlet

The use of PowerShell Command-Line to migrate between one databases to another database is quite common. Using New-MoveRequest command Exchange Administrator can move mailboxes in the Active Directory forest from one to another database. With Exchange Management PowerShell users can migrate mailboxes in Exchange 2010/2013/2016/2019… Migration between the same Active Directory forests is termed as […]

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