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How to Fix “Sync G Suite for Outlook” – Complete Solution

Google with Google Workspace (G Suite) and Microsoft with its own Microsoft Suite dominating the market. In today’s world of communication, where emailing is one of the main communication methods, Google and Microsoft have the most extensive client base. Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook are being used by many organizations/persons. At the same time, many […]

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recover outlook password

Remove forgotten password from PST file Outlook 2016 and others

In this technological world, we are surrounded by numerous passwords; hence, forgetting passwords is obvious. Firstly, let’s briefly introduce the PST files: PST (Personal Storage Table) is one of M.S. Outlook’s data storage file formats. Users can save this PST file in their local storage/ system. PST file stores copies of the Outlook data. To […]

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How to Open BKF Files in Windows O.S – Shoviv

Windows Backup Utility creates the BKF file, but versions since Windows 7 are not coming with the NTBackup utility. The unavailability of the NTBackup utility makes the process of opening BKF files a concern. However, after following some steps with the NTBackup, including installation, you can open BKF files. But, if your BKF files have […]

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Google takout alternative

Best Alternative for Google Takeout Email Export tool?

Users use Google takeout to protect data and get better access per their needs. Google takeout allows you to export/back up/download data. But it is not as straightforward as it seems; many limitations and drawbacks are associated with it. In this blog, we will know why users are not opting for Google takeout and what […]

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