Money Back Policy

Shoviv is a well-reputed software company and we are confident about our product quality. We provide the fully-tested and secured software for the flawless run. Apart from other facilities and services, Shoviv also emphasises on providing its customers with money return guarantee with some term and conditions.

Customers are advised to read Money-Back Policy before placing any request for the refund. We always recommend using the demo version before making any purchase.

Term and Conditions that allows Money Refund:

1. If the working of the full version is different from the demo version, you can contact our technical support team. Our technical expert will analyse the situation and provide you with help to resolve the issue. To resolve the issue, you have to follow the technical team’s suggestions, if the technical team fails to resolve the issue then the customer can request for the refund.

2. Our Software always recovers the maximum data, but in case your maximum data doesn’t recover, you can contact our technical support team. Our technical team will try best to recover your data in our lab. If still, the problem doesn’t solve, you can request for the refund.


Term and Conditions that don’t allow Money Refund:

If the customer places the request after 30 days of the purchase, then it will not be taken into consideration.

If any customer purchases the product and then feels that he/she does not want it or want to use it, the company will not be liable to make any refunds.

If the customer files a problem and our team asks for some specific documents, but the customer fails to send them, then there will be no obligation on the company to make any kind of refunds.

If the customer buys the software, but later it fails to go with the system, then also the company will not be obligated to make refunds.

If user activates the software in more than one systems and software works properly even in any one of them then no refund policy will be applied in this case.

If the working of the demo version and the full working version is same, no refund request will be taken into consideration because it disobeys the terms and conditions that allow money-back.

Client working environment must be set up according to software prerequisites. In case if you request for technical assistance to our technical team, one must follow our team recommendation to set their working environment and operate the software accordingly. No “Money Back Policy” will be applied if working environment not changed as suggested.

If the customer refuses to follow the technical team’s suggestions, no refund policy will apply.

In case of delay in the license activation due to any technical problem e.g. Server failure, please let us know at or pin at our Chat-box. If without letting us know, if customer claims for money-back, in that case, no money-back policy will be applied. Our License Key generation module runs on an automatic system.


  • The customers who are eligible for the refund under the term and conditions can easily place their request at .
  • The entire refund process may take up to 15-30 days.