Money Back Policy

Shoviv is a well established software company. Apart from other facilities and services, it also emphasis on providing its customers with money return guarantee.

Conditions that allow money return

Shoviv money return policy is very simple and is provided under following conditions:

  • We provide 30 days money refund policy under which the customer, if not satisfied with the product, can place a refund request. This refund request can be placed only within 30 days of the purchase.
  • If the customer comes across any kind of problem while operating the software, then we will make sure that he/she gets help from our technical team. If the customer still feels unsatisfied with our services, then he/she can ask for the refund and place a request for the same.
  • If any malfunction in the product occurs and our technical team is not able to resolve it, then also the customers can place the money refund request.

Circumstances under which we do not allow money return

Below mentioned are some conditions that do not allow any kind of money refund to the customers:

  • If the customer places the request after 30 days of the purchase, then it will not be taken into consideration.
  • If any customer purchases the product and then feels that he/she does not want it or want to use it, then also the company will not be liable to make any refunds.
  • If after the customer files a problem and then our team asks for some specific documents, but the customer fails to send them, then there will be no obligation on the company to make any kind of refunds.
  • If the customer expects that they will get the refund after the problem has been solved, then they are wrong because under such conditions the company will not return the money.
  • If the customer buys the software, but later it fails to go with the system, then also the company will not be obligated to make refunds.
  • In case if the data is being recovered nearly upto 80%, no refund claim will be considered at all.
  • In case if the software license is activated in more than 1 system, client must show error/problem in that particular system where the issue persist.
  • In case if the software is working fine in any other system or computer, then No “Money Back Policy” will be applied.
  • Client working environment must be setup according to software prerequisites. In case if you are requested for technical assistance to our technical team, one must follow our team recommendation to set their working environment and operate the software accordingly. Else, we are not responsible for any mess-up happens to your environment. No “Money Back Policy” will be applied in such cases.


The entire refund procedure can take 15-30 days. The customers who are eligible for the refund can place their request on the company's website.