Shoviv Imap to Imap Migration

Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool

Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool is a user-centric solution to migrate emails from one IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) using email clients/servers to another. This professional utility allows migrating emails without restrictions on the size and number of mailboxes. This software solution runs on job-based processing and permits the creation of multiple jobs having multiple mailboxes. It is boosted with various advanced features, including filter options, incremental facility, scheduler, et cetera. Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool properly maintains the folder hierarchy and data integrity. This IMAP migration tool is compatible with all versions of Windows O.S. A trial version of the device is given below for free download; install the tool and have a demo.

Demo: Migrate the first 50 items per folder for icon

Key Features

  • Migrates data from all email clients that use IMAP, e.g. Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Zoho, et cetera.
  • It executes migration in a speedy manner hence a time-saving utility.
  • Users can create multiple jobs and include multiple mailboxes to migrate simultaneously.
  • This IMAP to IMAP migration tool keeps the folder hierarchy the same as the source.
  • Its incremental export facility resumes the process after the stoppage and prevents duplicity in the target.
  • You can easily filter the desired data for migration; hence selective migration can be done.
  • Users can set an upper limit of the failed items, after which the process will get stopped.
  • Its user-friendly GUI makes it an easy-to-use utility; hence no technicalities are required.
  • It supports all Windows O.S. and offers a trial version to be satisfied before purchasing.
Shoviv imap migration

Highlighted Features of Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool

Migrate from Any IMAP Email Client

Migrate from Any IMAP Email Client/Server to Other

This IMAP to IMAP migration tool works for all IMAP using email clients/servers. With this software, you can add any IMAP Email client/ Server as a source and Target. Examples are Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, iCloud, Thunderbird, Mailbird, et cetera.

No restriction on the Number and Size of Mailboxes

No restriction on the Number and Size of Mailboxes

Being a professional utility, this IMAP migration tool has no restriction on adding multiple mailboxes for a single go. The size of the mailboxes is also not a concern; the software works on all with the same intensity. It helps to migrate multiple mailboxes in a short span.


Job-Based Processing

Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration tool works on job-based processing. Users can install the tool in multiple systems, and in each system, users can create numerous jobs for the migration. In a single job, various mailboxes can be added per the requirements. Hence, the migration of multiple mailboxes can be done concurrently.


Run Multiple Jobs Simultaneously

To speed up the migration process and execute the migration of multiple mailboxes simultaneously, it runs numerous jobs concurrently. Users can migrate numerous mailboxes simultaneously with this facility of running various jobs concurrently.


Incremental Export

An incremental export facility is one of the most user-centric facilities that practically favour users. It allows us to resume the migration process from the last stoppage. So, if you run the migration again, then you will get only the not exported data; hence duplicity will be prevented in the target.


Filter Facility

To allow users to specify their required data, options to apply filters are given within the software. Users can filter the data based on the date range and folder criteria. In this way, users can do selective migration of emails, and only the required data will be migrated.



Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool offers scheduling of the jobs to process. Users can easily schedule for once only/ daily/weekly/monthly. Users also set frequency as well as duration for the scheduling. It eliminates forgetting migration if you regularly need to migrate from one IMAP server to another.


Simple GUI

Every user wants a straightforward solution to execute the process perfectly. By keeping it in mind, this IMAP to IMAP migration tool is developed with a user-friendly GUI. Its GUI offers easy-to-understand processing hence any technical/non-technical end user can perform the task.


Mailbox Mapping

A mailbox mapping facility is also available while creating a job for the IMAP migration. Users can easily map and validate the source mailboxes with the target ones. By mapping, users can ensure the target and source for the desired migration.


24*7 Support

Shoviv Software’s technical support team is available round the clock to provide real-time support to users. You can easily contact us via live chat or telephone or email us at


Free Trial Version

The best explanation comes from real-time experience. To provide a free trial, a demo version of Shoviv IMAP to IMAP is also available to download. Users can easily download and install the demo version of the software and explore it. A demo is just a restricted version of the licensed version that allows processing the first fifty items per folder.

Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to migrate my inbox from ProtonMail to Gmail, and I found Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool. Using this software, I migrated and easily filtered my required inbox with the folder filter facility. Running this utility is easy as pie, and it migrates in a very speedy manner. Shoviv Software amused me by all means, and I must recommend this utility to all."

Haema Macronji

"After surfing a lot on the internet, I finally encountered Shoviv Software, which offers everything I was searching for. I was looking for a solution that would not duplicate items when migrating again. Shoviv’s incremental export facility helped me in this as it prevents items if migrated once. Now, I can migrate one IMAP to another on a timely basis. Very user-centric software in practical means!"

Mike P. Walter

Frequently Asked Questions

Steps to migrate IMAP to IMAP are explained below:

  • Firstly, download and Install the Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool.
  • Open the software and click on the Source Connection tab to create the connection.
  • Click on the Add icon and create the project.
  • To create a project, provide the asked details.
  • Server Address (of IMAP account), Port Number, Mailbox email address, and password and click Ok.
  • Note: Some email clients require App Password to log in, read more…
  • Now, click on the Target Connection tab to create the connection with the target Email Client.
  • Create a project by following the same steps as in creating a Source Connection project.
  • Now, click on the Migration Job tab to create a job as per your need.
  • To create a job, first give a job name, select source, and target project.
  • Also, you can add new sources and target projects if needed. Click Next.
  • Now, Map the source mailbox to the target mailbox to specify. Click Next.
  • Now, you will prompt to the filter page. Apply filter based on the date range and folder.
  • Click on Next, and you will be prompted to the settings page.
  • Here, keep setting as per the requirements: Thread Count, Login/ Item retrieve attempts, et cetera.
  • By clicking Next, you will get two options: Job Schedule or Immediate Run.
  • If you want to schedule, then you can schedule the occurrence, frequency, and duration of the job.
  • Now you can preview the job properties; click Finish if all is okay.
  • If you want some changes, then you can edit by clicking on Back.
  • If you choose manually, then click on the start button present on the ribbon bar.
  • Job will start, and actual IMAP to IMAP migration will begin.

Yes, it is possible to migrate emails for the year 2022. You can specify the data using the filter options. You can apply the filter based on the date range and folder.

Yes, it is possible to migrate only the increased data. If you have migrated once, then only the increased data will get migrated the next time. This IMAP to IMAP migration tool is boosted with the incremental export facility that prevents duplicity of the items in the target.

The free trial version is just a restricted version of the licensed version. It only allows processing the first fifty items per folder. In working, both versions are the same. Licensed version has no such limitations.

Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool is easy to run because of its user-friendly GUI. But, still, if you need any assistance, you can contact us 24*7, and we will provide you with complete support. You can contact us via the live chat option/phone/email at