Shoviv PST Merge Tool

Shoviv PST Merge tool has a better appearance making functionality easier for everyone. No matter how much technical skill users possess, they can start merging their PST files by only following simple steps. This software offers users to merge multiple PST files, which will include ANSI as well as UNICODE. It allows the creation of a single PST file from multiple PSTs while maintaining the folder hierarchy. However, it gives three options to merge PST: Join PST, Merge PST, and Merge contacts. Users can run this software on any system with a pre-installed Windows Operating System.

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Key Features

  • Users can add multiple PST files at one time.
  • Various options are available to combine two or more two PST files. The options are: merge, join and merge contacts folder.
  • Make sure to maintain the Meta-data of the email when two or more PSTs are combined.
  • PST Merge tool merges the files without consuming much time.
  • It can merge the folders of PST as well.
  • The software has the ability to merge unlimited lengths of PST files.
  • Offers the option to users to save the new PST in an existing file and also allows forming a new PST
  • Capable of merging ANSI and UNICODE PST files.
  • A free demo version of the software also available to download
  • An easier User interface to complete the PST merge process quickly
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Other Exciting Features Of PST Merge Software


Add Multiple PST Files Simultaneously

Adding several PST into the software is more accessible due to its convenient user interface. The PST Merge software allows the merging of multiple PST files at a time. If you have more than one PST file to merge, users do not need to merge them repeatedly.


Merge PST Files with Ease

The PST merge software allows you to easily merge data of two or more PST files. It helps merge similar folders, such as calendars and contacts of multiple added PSTs, to create one folder.


Merge PST Files with the Merge option

Users can add their various PSTs into the software and choose its merge PST file option to merge several PSTs into one file. Also, the PST merge tool will ensure not to alter the folder hierarchy of any folders like contacts, sent, etc. The software can merge a large number of PST files to create one and combine all the data of similar folders into one with only a single folder hierarchy.


Merge PST Contacts

Using this merge PST tool, users can easily & quickly merge the contacts from multiple Outlook PST files into one file. With the use of this option, all the contacts present in different PST files will come together. No change in the Meta properties of the contact folder happens during the merge process.


Merge PST File with Join Option

Choosing this option will solve the problem of most Outlook users to manage multiple files. When users select this option, multiple PSTs will be joined, and a new PST file will be created. The user just needs to select the join option; the PST merge tool will create one PST. It will also make sure to join the data of the same folder into one with the original folder hierarchy.


Overview & Save Process Report

This PST merge Tool will provide an option for the user to save the complete process report after the end of the process. Users will find minute process details, including item count, processed item, target folder, failed items, filtered items, etc.


Merge both ANSI and UNICODE PST

If the users have both ANSI and UNICODE format of PST files, they can combine both files easily by only following a couple of simple steps. In addition, the tool will provide a similar set of features while merging any type of PST file.


Compatible with All Windows Versions

The PST merge software runs smoothly on all versions of Windows. Therefore, users can install it on their system. From earlier to the older version of Windows OS, users can use this software in order to merge their multiple PST files.

Client Testimonials

I did not need to research a lot on the web to find out the software to merge my multiple number PST, as I found it easily on my browsing. Thanks for creating such amazing software that handles the task with so much perfection.


Kudos to the Shoviv team for providing an excellent product at this price. It works wonders and helps me to do my required task quickly. Also, I would like to recommend it to others as well who are searching for an effective PST merge tool.


I found that purchasing this software is the right decision as it does all as it promises to do. It comes with an easy-to-manage user interface that helped me to do my job quickly.




Shoviv PST Merge tool works in all Windows Operating System versions and supports all Outlook versions. This utility comes with an excellent GUI, directly making it easier for all users to do their tasks quickly.Read More


It’s great and one of the best software to deal with the issue of multiple PST files. Users can easily merge and join their multiple PST files using this software.Read More


This PST merge software performs well no matter whether ANSI or UNICODE PST gets added to it. It offers a great user interface and a smooth experience for users while working on it.Read More

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Add Multiple PST Files
Process Items First 50 items/Folder All Items(No Limitation)
100% Secure
Support all Microsoft Outlook Version
24x7 Free Technical Support (By - Live Chat, Emails, Contact-Us Form)
Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Download and install the software
  • Now run, and Add the PST file to combine
  • Click on the add button, and search to get the needed PST files.
  • Then click on next buton
  • Now select the Merge option and click next.
  • The PST file will Merge, and now click on finish.

The PST merge software mere take the data from the file to merge with other files without defaming the original format of PST file. Its retains the originality of the data.

The PST merge software ensures no data loss at any cost, that’s the reason behind its origin, With the feature of real-time merging process previewer.

The size of new or existing PST File will remain in the safe limit to avoid corruption in the file. You can set the size limit.

The software has a very user-friendly graphical interface. Hence, there is no need any technical expertise during software operation. Though, we provide an instruction guide to operate it more excellently.

The condition of merging PST files is that it should remain in a healthy state. However, you don’t have to stress for the PST file size. You should try Shoviv PST repair software to repair damaged PST files. Then simply merge PST file with the software.

Kindly follow the listed method to merge the required PST file without duplicates:

  • Add the PST file to the tool.
  • Click on the Merge PST option and then select Exclude Duplicate Items.
  • After choosing them, the software will start the merge process.
  • Wait for the resultant PST file until the process doesn’t get completed.

You can simply open the PST merge tool and, after that, add the required PSTs. Once done, kindly select the Join or merge PST file option. After that, the software will start merging two files into one.