Shoviv gmail backup & restore Tool

Shoviv Gmail Backup Tool

It is an excellent Gmail backup tool to backup Gmail emails. Also, you can restore Gmail emails and other OST/PST files to Gmail. The software performs Gmail backup and restore operations on the granularity level- from whole mailboxes to individual items. Its convenient GUI enhances the user experience and makes the backup process simple and desired. Its highly advanced algorithm eliminates the data loss or damage caused by human errors and other factors.

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Key Features

  • The software lets you backup Gmail accounts in batches and has no restrictions on mailboxes number.
  • Provides filter options on the include/exclude date or folder basis to backup only required and specific data.
  • Users are enabled to schedule the Gmail email backup process daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Doer can create and run multiple backups & restore jobs concurrently and without hitches.
  • It has a default incremental backup feature to resume the interrupted process.
  • The Gmail backup tool allows running several threads to maximize the processing speed.
  • It backup Gmail account in PST format and offers a split option to create PST of the desired size.
  • The software is a windows-based desktop utility and is compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • It is available with a free version so users can examine the skills and compatibility of the software.
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Key Features of Shoviv Gmail Backup Tool


Backup Gmail to PST

This Gmail Backup tool is a combination of advanced features and a convenient GUI. It ultimately eases up the Gmail backup process and makes it a cakewalk even for non-technocrats. The software backup/Export Gmail emails into PST format to store them in the local drive and eliminate the data breaching and data loss risk.


Default Incremental Backup

Nothing can be worse than a process interruption as users have to restart the interrupted process. By keeping this in mind, Shoviv Gmail Backup software has a default incremental feature that enables users to resume the interrupted process. Hence users don’t have to worry about the process interruption.


Multiple Job Creation

Gmail is the email service with the most active users worldwide, and Shoviv understands that there can be a scenario where an organization can have thousands of Gmail mailboxes to backup. For maximizing the processing speed and backup thousands of Gmail mailboxes concurrently, the Shoviv Gmail Backup tool allows users to create multiple backups & restore jobs.


Automate Backup Process

Shoviv Gmail backup software lets users schedule the backup process and make it completely automated. Users can schedule the backup process on a daily, weekly, and monthly period. Also, users can select a date and time to create backup automatically. The scheduling process is one of the top-notch features of this tool. The software will backup Gmail emails even if you don’t have launched the software.


Backup Specific Items

We use a single Gmail account to access different platforms, and because of this, we can have unwanted emails in the Gmail mailbox. With the Shoviv Gmail Backup tool, users can exclude these unwanted emails by selecting a Date Range or Folders Name. Also, users can include only specific items to backup them in the PST file.


Backup of Desired Size

As mentioned above, this Gmail backup software backups Gmail emails in PST format. And you may know that the PST file has a size restriction in Outlook. The software offers a split option to create a PST file of the desired size. If the user’s mailbox contains 80GB of data, and users select a file size of 20 GB for PST files, then the software will automatically split the 80 GB mailbox into 4 PST files of 20GB each.


Import PST to Gmail

The software is developed with a highly advanced algorithm that makes this tool one of the best Gmail Backup tools in the market. Along with creating a Gmail email backup, the software can import PST files to Gmail accounts. The software has no bar on adding numbers of PST files to import into Gmail mailboxes.


Import OST to Gmail

With the Shoviv Gmail Backup software, users can also import OST files to Gmail mailboxes. The software efficiently reads the OST file and enables users to import OST to Gmail mailboxes.


Prevent Duplicity

We have developed the software by keeping users need in the middle of the development process, and we know duplicate items can cost you extra dollars for storage. That’s why the Shoviv Gmail backup tool has a prominent feature of preventing duplicate items from importing. It filters out items that are already available in the Gmail account.


Monitoring in Single Dashboard

The software is a multi-purpose utility that can backup Gmail emails to PST format and imports OST/PST to Gmail mailboxes. The best thing about the software is users can monitor both processes on a single dashboard. You can find all the necessary information about the process in the dashboard.


Advance Settings

While using this software, users get advanced thread count features by using which users can maximize the processing speed. The software enables users to run multiple threads for Backup jobs and mailbox items. By running various threads, users can increase the software processing speed effectively.


Free Version

Shoviv Software offers this Gmail Backup tool’s free version so users can examine the software for no charges. The free version has all the features of the licensed version. The only limitation of the free version is it can only process the first 50 items per folder.

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Add multiple mailboxes
Add large mailboxes
Filter options Resume interrupted process Prevent Duplicity
Backup and Restore Gmail items First 50 Items/Folder All Items(No Limitation)
Technical Assistance Free 24*7 Free 24*7
Compatibility With all Windows Operating Systems With all Windows Operating Systems
Free Download Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Backup Gmail emails hastily

  • Step1: Install and open the Gmail Backup software.
  • Step2: Then, Click on the Backup Jobs option.
  • Step3: Now, enter the job name and add Gmail mailboxes.
  • Step4: Next, create a backup directory to store backup files.
  • Step5: Apply filters to include/exclude desired items.
  • Step6: Next will be the scheduler wizard, schedule the backup process.
  • Step7: At last, set thread count and size to split PST files.
  • Step8: Now, click on the Create Backup job button.

To export contacts from the Gmail account, users can include the contacts folder in the filter wizard.

You can use the same software to restore Gmail backup. Below is a step-by-step process.

  • Install and Open the software.
  • Click on the restore/export option.
  • Enter the job name and choose backup directory/files.
  • Then enter the server name and map backup files with Gmail mailboxes.
  • Now apply filters to include/exclude items and click on the Next.
  • Last will be the advanced option and then click on the Next button.

No, the Shoviv Gmail Backup tool is a standalone utility that works without Microsoft Outlook installation.

No, the software has no such type of restriction, and also, large-size PST files don’t affect the software skills.

Yes, the software is compatible with all Windows Operating System and Outlook versions, including Outlook 2019 and Windows 10.