Shoviv g-suite backup & restore tool

Shoviv Google Workspace (G Suite) Backup Tool

Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool offers a complete backup and restore solution for G Suite mailboxes. Shoviv Google Workspace Backup and Restore tool can backup all your G Suite data, including emails, contacts, and calendars. You can backup your G Suite mailboxes in the well-known PST format to keep them secure on the local drive. This G Suite backup solution also facilitates backup in MBOX, MSG, EML, HTML, and MHT. Users can also restore/export the PST /OST/MBOX/MSG file format to the G Suite mailbox. A default incremental facility to resume the process and prevent duplicity is also enabled. Also, it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to backup and restore their G Suite data.

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Key Features of Shoviv G Suite Backup Tool

  • Users can backup numerous G Suite mailboxes using super administrator credentials in a single procedure.
  • This G Suite backup utility allows you to save backup data in the PST, MBOX, MSG, MHT and HTML file formats.
  • This G Suite email backup tool has a filter option that allows you to include/exclude items from your G Suite mailbox based on criteria.
  • You can make a backup file of any size you like; the recommended size is 20GB.
  • A scheduler option is embedded to schedule the backup process for periodic and timely backup.
  • An advanced facility called Incremental Backup is also present; it resumes the process and prevents duplicity.
  • Users can also control the failed items count, above which process will automatically stop.
  • Users can create and run multiple jobs concurrently without affecting the speed.
  • An evaluation version is also available to test the software's functionality and compatibility.
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Features of Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore tool


Backup multiple mailboxes

Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore software allows you to backup multiple mailboxes at once; useful for businesses with numerous employees who use Gmail accounts. For backing up multiple mailboxes, log in as a Super administrator and pick the mailboxes you wish to back up. The number of mailboxes has no restrictions on software. You can add as many mailboxes as you want to backup.


G suite Backup in PST

Google is a reliable name, but it is not wise to rely on Google only. You need to have a backup of your G Suite emails in case you lose access to your email account or if Google's server is facing downtime. This Google Workspace backup tool by Shoviv offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to back up all your data in PST (Personal Storage Table) format, so it's there when you need it. Also, the backup becomes a life saviour when the need to recover lost and deleted emails arise.


Backup G Suite in Multiple File Formats

This G Suite mailbox backup software is not only limited to the PST file format. Moreover, it offers backup in some other prominent file formats like MBOX, MSG, EML, HTML and MHT. Users can simply select the file format in which they want to backup Google Workspace mailboxes. This option allows users to access their email data in various email clients rather than Outlook.


Export/Restore PST/ OST Files to G Suite Mailbox

As its name clarifies, this tool is also proficient in restoring/exporting email data from file formats to G Suite mailboxes. Users can easily restore data from very popular file formats of MS Outlook. I.e. PST (Personal Storage Table) and OST (Offline Storage Table). Using this feature, users can easily export data to mailboxes whenever needed. I.e. data of orphaned files will not remain orphaned anymore.


Export/Restore MBOX/MSG/EML/vCard/ICS

Not only PST/OST are allowed to export/restore to G Suite mailboxes; moreover, users can export MBOX, MSG, vCard, ICS and EML-like file formats. You just have to select the file format you want to export and follow the process same as the PST/OST file format. Now your orphaned file will get a space in the mailbox.


Scheduler for Periodic Backup

Shoviv G Suite email backup tool can execute scheduled or event-based backups, so you will never forget to back up again. You can set up the software to perform backup tasks regularly without user intervention. You can schedule the backup process daily, weekly, and monthly. When you schedule a backup, Shoviv G Suite automatically backups for you. It lets you never worry about losing your data again.


No impact on End Users

This G Suite mailbox backup solution has been designed with the end-user in mind. Backups will be quick and easy and can be scheduled to occur at a time that suits you, and it can be done daily without any impact on the end-users. The entire process will take a few hours to complete, and you can run it in the background without disturbing your work.


Incremental Backup

An advanced incremental backup functionality is given within the software. It only backup the changes made since the last backup. It saves storage space and is much faster than full backups because only the items of mailboxes that have changed or been created since the last backup are backed up. Also, the software effectively filters out duplicate emails/items of G Suite. It also comes in handy if the process gets interrupted for any reason (like a connectivity issue).


Job-based Backup/Restore Process

A new backup and restore feature has been provided in the Shoviv G Suite Backup utility. This new feature is a job-based backup/restore process that allows users to make the G Suite connection once, and consequently, they can run the backup job anytime. This feature saves users from repeating the same task.


Set Timer for the Large Items

This G Suite email backup tool also offers control over the time spent on large-sized items. You can simply set the time between 2 to 30 minutes for the large-sized items. It will prevent long stuck on large-sized items and save your time overall. Using this feature, you will not get stuck into a single item for a long time.


Set Limit for the Failed Item Count

No one wants to have many failed items in the result. To get rid of this issue, this G Suite mailbox backup utility has an option to set the bad item count. If you set 50 as the bad item count, the software will automatically stop the process after crossing the 50 failed items number. It helps to get a result with a minimum number of unsuccessful items; the final process report will have all the details regarding this.


Item Filtration

This G-Suite Backup tool has a filter option on the include/exclude Date, Folder, and Item type based. It allows you to select the folders and the content of mailboxes to include/exclude when backing up or restoring your data. You can use filters only to include the most relevant emails. It is helpful to select only the desired messages from your G Suite account.


Advance Settings

Shoviv G Suite offers advanced settings that can help you customize your backup. You can set thread count for the mailboxes as well as items. It is especially useful if you have many mailboxes to backup or you need to limit the size of your backups. Also, you can set mailbox login and item retrieve attempts in case of network failure.


Prevent Duplicate Items' Export

One common problem while exporting OST/PST files into the G Suite mailbox is duplicate items in exports. But with the Shoviv G Suite backup utility, you do not need to worry about it, as the software automatically filters out duplicate emails/items from OST/PST files. Also, its interface is neat and simple, with no complicated configurations that make it easy to use for everyone.


Full Control over the Process

With the Shoviv G-Suite Backup and Restore tool, you have full control over the process. You can set a scheduler for your backups or choose between a Full Backup and an Incremental Backup. Also, you can stop and start the process as you please. Besides this, when the software runs the backup/restore process, it generates a live log report. Users can examine details about the process in the log report.


Evaluation Mode

You will need to download the free trial to evaluate Shoviv G Suite Email Backup and Restore. The evaluation version will allow you to explore all of the features of this software with the restriction of processing the first 50 items per folder. After the evaluation, you'll need to purchase a license if you are interested in using the Shoviv G-Suite Backup and Restore tool.

How does Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool work?

It is an advanced utility developed by keeping the real-time need of users at the center of the development process for G Suite backup and restore tasks. Users get both backup and restore facilities in a single dashboard. It works on the job-based processing and allows creating and running multiple jobs simultaneously hence a time savior. Users can take a backup in PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, HTML, and MHT and vice versa for restoring into the mailbox, including OST file format. Its highlighted features include incremental backup, a scheduler, a filter facility, and a timer for large items.

    Simple steps for G Suite Backup:

  • Step 1: Install and launch the Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool.
  • Step 2: Create a connection with the G Suite and create a backup directory.
  • Step 3: Now, make a selection for the backup file format.
  • Step 4: Create a job and apply the settings as needed.
  • Step 5: The backup process will start as job creation completes.
  • You will get a complete report of the process that you can save for future reference.


Client Testimonials

I found this G Suite backup and restore tool from Shoviv while searching for G Suite backup solutions. After using this utility, I can confidently say that it has all the features that come in handy while processing with the best result. I must appreciate the Incremental feature as it helped me to resume the process when a network interruption occurred.


This G Suite Email Backup utility by Shoviv is a picture-perfect tool for G Suite backup-related tasks. I want to especially thank the technical support team of Shoviv, who was always there when I needed it. Also, the filter option helped me specify the dates of which backup I required. I will definitely recommend this Google Workspace backup solution to all.

Mike O'Brien



To backup G Suite mailboxes into prominent file formats like PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, and HTML, Shoviv's G Suite Backup and Restore Tool is the most featureful utility. With backup, it also offers to restore/export PST /OST/MBOX/MSG files to G Suite mailboxes. Backup and Restoring are just in a few clicks with advanced options.

Google Workspace Backup Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Add Multiple G Suite Mailboxes
Restore Multiple OST/PST Files into G Suite Mailboxes
Export G Suite Mailbox item in PST Files First 50 Items/Folder All Items(No Limitation)
Incremental Export
Multiple Filter Options
Scheduler for Periodic Backup
100% Secure
Support all Microsoft Outlook Version
Run Multiple Jobs Concurrently
24x7 Free Technical Support (By - Live Chat, Emails, Contact-Us Form)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Install and Open the software.
  • Connect G-Suite mailboxes for backup.
  • Choose a Backup directory to store files.
  • Select mailboxes you want to backup.
  • Add/select existing/new backup directory.
  • Apply filter and other settings as per need.
  • Use Scheduler and click Create Backup Job button.

Shoviv offers two types of backup options: Full Backup and Incremental Backup. Also, you can backup your data into a local drive or remote location.

When other backup tools offer G Suite backup, they are limited to one or two functions. Shoviv has no such limitations; it does granular data backup, differentiating it from its competitors.

We don't have any day’s restriction for the free trial; you can use it even for months or years. You can download the free trial version today to make sure the software meets your expectations before committing to pay for it.

Shoviv is an excellent G Suite backup tool for any size of business. By using our backup software, you can rest easy knowing that your G Suite data is safe and sound even in the event of a disaster.