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Shoviv PST Splitter Software

Split PST In Small Size To Work Flawlessly

Outlook PST has the file size limitation, the size limit of Outlook 2003 and 2007 is 20 GB, and it has been increased to 50 GB in the latest versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010. Because of this size limitation many times; users of MS Outlook face the problem of corruption or latency in its operation. The solution of this problem is only one and that is to keep the PST file as small as possible, to do this, Outlook users can take the help of a highly efficient tool, PST splitter software. Have a look at what it can do:

  • Split the large PST file into small files
  • Keeps the meta properties of email as it is
  • It quickly works on any size of PST file and safely split it
  • Offer four splitting options 1. Split by size 2. Split by date 3. Split by year 4. Split by folder
  • Any length of PST can be flawlessly split by this wonderful tool
  • A new PST file is created by the software after splitting
  • The PST splitter tool smoothly works with both versions of Outlook file that is UNICODE and ANSI.
  • The software smoothly runs on Windows and it is supportive to all Windows versions
  • It is supportive to all the versions of Outlook PST file as well, starting from Outlook 97.
  • It has very easy interface and perform the task in fewer steps.

*Free Download allows to convert & save 25 items/folder from PST Splitter.

Some Intrutive Features Of PST splitter Software

Split Large PST Files

Execute Flawless Splitting Of Large PSTs

The software efficiently breaks the large PST file into smaller ones irrespective of its size. It is a highly efficient tool and split PST extremely fast without damaging the dignity and accuracy of PST files.

Split PSTs By Year

Split PST File By Year

If a user wants to separate the PST file year wise, then the PST splitter offers this option of splitting. It splits the PST year wise after asking for a date range. The newly created PST can be further accessed in Outlook.

Split PST file By Date

Split PST File By Date

If a user wants to split the large size PST file in small fragments date wise, then this software offers this option. It gives options to users to select multiple date range to split the file based on that.

Select Folder

Selected Folder Split

In a situation where a user wants to split PST file based on selected folder, the option exists in this tool. This option allows the user to split the file based on selected folder. For e.g. if a user selects the folder inbox, sent mail, contacts, calendar, etc. to split PST files, then the software will create a separate folder of PST for each folder and folders will be created in sequence.

Split PST by Size

Split PST File By Size

The software also helps users in breaking the large size PST file based on size. The Shoviv PST splitter tool. If the PST is of older version of Outlook, which had the limit of 2 GB, then it can be broken into MB and PST of the latest versions of Outlook, which has the limit of 20 to 50 GB can be split into GB. However, the option of splitting PST in MB and GB is available for both types of file.

Single PST Select Forlder

Single PST for Selected Folder

When a user need to save particular folder in single PST, then this option is of great help to them. If a user select folder like inbox, sent item, task, calendar, etc., then the software creates the single PST file.

Protect Meta Properties

Protect Meta Properties

No change in meta properties of software takes place while splitting the large PST in small size. The meta properties like date, time, To, from, subject, attachment, all remain unchanged.

Simple GUI

Software Has Latest GUI

PST splitter software has the latest Graphical User Interface, which made it really easy to use even by a non-technical person. So, one needs not to learn how to work with it before purchasing it, it is simple and unique.

Supported all versions

Support for Outlook Versions

The tool has power to work with all the editions of MS Outlook application so, no matter if you are working with earlier or older edition of this emailing client over system installed with Windows computer system.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The software has been designed by the technical experts and it is being integrated with all latest features, which allow it work faster. It can split PST file of 50 GB within few minutes.
Yes, the new PST file created after the split process could be accessed in the new version of Outlook without any hiccup. It works for all the editions of MS Outlook.
PST splitter software work with the healthy PST file only. The software helps users in protecting the large PST files from corruption. To split oversized PST file, which is damaged also, first repair it using PST repair software from Shoviv and then it can be broken down by PST split tool.
Software picks the data from PST file, it does not alter its format. Thus, the original PST file remains as it is without any changes or alteration in it.
At time, the software allows the uploading of only one file, regardless of its size. If you have to split more than one file, then it is not an issue, as the software execute the task very fast.
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