Migrate Gmail to Office 365: A One-Stop Solution

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Gmail to Office 365 migration is on trend as many aspects accelerate this issue. Office 365 is a cloud-based software as a service that is attracting the market by providing a one-stop solution. For every user, the reason may differ, but the search for an efficient way to migrate is the same. You have landed on the right post if you are also seeking a perfect solution to migrate Gmail to Office 365. This write-up will cover all the vertices of this task.

Before moving for the way to migrate Gmail emails to Microsoft 365, it is wise to know why migration is needed. However, for everyone, reasons vary depending on the current requirements and plan. Still, some probable reasons are:

  • Most users are familiar with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other products of Microsoft. Familiarity gives a sense of comfortability; hence, users find themselves more comfortable with Office 365 than any other platform.
  • Microsoft has the first mover advantage, and because of this, Microsoft has several helping documents, a customer help/support center, and other user-centric services.
  • As a subscription-based software service, Office 365 plans are more user-oriented and offer a better pricing model.
  • Reasons like company switching, acquisition and business decisions also initiate users to migrate.

How to Migrate from Gmail to Office 365 Manually?

Pre-requisites for Migration:-

To migrate Gmail mailboxes to Office 365, users should first follow certain requirements. To connect O365 with the Gmail account, create the app password for all Gmail accounts. After that, you need to follow certain procedures to make a successful migration.

Phase: 1 Verification of a Domain

The first and foremost step that requires fulfillment by the users is to verify that they own a Gmail domain before starting the migration.

Phase:-2 Creation of Users in Microsoft 365

It’s your choice to add single or multiple users at the same point in time. However, creating the mailbox and assigning a license to each user is important. Later on, you will be required to connect each of the Office 365 mailboxes with Gmail to share data.

Phase:-3 Preparation of a list of Gmail Users to migrate

Now, after creating the Office 365 mailbox list, kindly prepare a list of all Gmail mailboxes for migration. It would be better if you could make an Excel sheet with the details each mailbox requires to migrate into Office 365. Also, please add an app password for each Gmail user; otherwise, the normal password will not work.

Note: – You do not need to migrate all mailboxes simultaneously; it is better to migrate in small batches. Also, the maximum number of mailboxes you can migrate is up to 50,000. We have shared the step-by-step process for how you can create a list of users, which is as follow:

    • Kindly login into the Google Workspace admin console. Make sure to only use the admin credentials.
    • Once you successfully log into the account, make sure to visit the user section.
  • log into the account
    • Check each Gmail user’s email address before preparing a list of them. Also, ensure to not down the email address of every user you select.
  • Check each Gmail user's email address
    • Visit the Microsoft Office 365 admin center. Go to the User section and explore active users.
  • Go to the User section and explore active users
    • Now it’s time to launch the Microsoft Excel application.
    • In Excel, kindly form a three-column with an email address, username, and password. After that, enter the required details in the right column.
    • The last step is to save the file in a CSV file format.

Phase: 4 Connect Office 365 with Gmail

To migrate Gmail emails to Office 365, the user should create a connection between the source with the target. In addition, Microsoft 365 uses the migration endpoint to make the connection. So we have explained the process to do the same, which you can check below:

  • Quickly open the EAC (Exchange Admin Center).
  • Once opened, click on Recipient>>migration and click on the More setting option.
  • Click on Migration endpoint, and then click new + to form the new migration endpoint.
  • Now you must choose the IMAP option from the select migration endpoint option.
  • Kindly mention the required details on the IMAP migration configuration page.

IMAP Server: imap.gmail.com

Server Settings: By default

  • Later on, make sure to press on Next button. Here the services of the migration will utilize the system to make the connection with Gmail. Suppose the connection works; then the new page will open up, known as “Enter general page information”.
  • Here, mention the name of the migration endpoint.

Phase: 5 Creation of the migration batch

Start creating the migration batch consisting of the Gail mailboxes.

  • Log on to the Office 365 admin centre and then click Admin centre. Move ahead by hitting on Exchange.
  • Now navigate to the Recipient>Migration.
  • Click on the plus sign and select Migrate to Exchange Online.
  • Choose IMAP migration and move further after clicking on Next.
  • Select the user will appear where you will be required to specify the user you are looking to migrate, which can be done by uploading the file containing the list of user mailboxes with the help of the browse button.
  • Once done with the above process, Office 365 will verify the list uploaded and display the list of all mailboxes. After that, click on Next.
  • Select the migration endpoint window will now open. Select the already created list and click on Next.
  • Now the configuration page for IMAP Migration will open. Choose out the already selected values and press the Next button.
  • Also, mention the name of the migration on the Move Migration Page.
  • In the Start Migration Batch page, kindly select the required option and start the migration.

Once done with the above-explained procedure to migrate Gmail to Office 365, make sure to follow two more steps:

  • Updating the DNS Record to make sure to route new emails directly to Office 365
  • Stop synchronization with Gmail

Migrate Gmail to Office 365 – Professional Way?

Search for an efficient way for the Gmail emails to Microsoft 365 migration is in trend. For this task, going with the professional third-party tool provides the best work experience for the professionals. No manual method offers a satisfactory way to migrate G Suite to Office 365. Hence, we need an advanced utility, and Shoviv Software offers Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration tool for the same. With the utility, users can speedily and effortlessly migrate emails/calendars/contacts from Gmail.

Simple Steps to Migrate Gmail Mailboxes to Microsoft 365

Migration of Gmail to Microsoft 365 is easy as pie with Shoviv’s utility. You have to follow these tasks:

  • Install and Run the tool.
  • Create a connection with the Source.
  • Create a connection with Office 365.
  • Click on the Migration Job and create.
  • Do mapping, apply a filter if needed, and settings.
  • Verify the job details and click finish.

What does Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool offer?

Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool offers a professional migration method. This software is developed by keeping the users’ requirements at the center of the development process. Some of its prominent features are:

  • This utility runs over job-based processing, and a user can create multiple jobs and run them simultaneously.
  • Users can add multiple mailboxes without any restriction on the size and number. Hence, this utility is a time savior if you migrate Gmail to O365.
  • If the job stops or you willingly stop, you can resume the G mail to Office 365 migration process from the last stop. It benefits the users when they re-run the job and get only immigrated items in the target.
  • This Gmail to Office 365 migration utility also offers the scheduling of the migration process. Users can set the migration process daily/weekly/monthly depending on their needs.
  • The software properly maintains the folder hierarchy and preserves the data integrity.
  • To get only the desired results, this Gmail to Microsoft 365 migration utility offers the filter facility too.
  • To have control over the failed items, this utility also offers to have a limit on the failed items count.

A Detailed Migration process using Shoviv Software:

Now, we will learn the tool’s works in detail. All steps with the images are explained below:

  • Firstly, download and install the software.
  • Select the Source G Suite option from the dashboard to connect the source.

Select the Source G Suite option

  • To create a G suite project, provide a name to the project, provide the email address and Service Account ID, and browse the P12 file path. If you still need to Service Account ID and P12 file path, click the read more option for the help guide.

provide a name to the project

  • Now click on the Target Office 365 option available on the dashboard. Go with the Modern Authentication option and enter Tenant IDClient IDClient Secret Key, and Admin User Email. If you want to know more about these credentials, click Read More.

click on the Target Office 365 option

  • The next step is creating a job. Provide a name to the job, add the G Suite project, check G Suite mailboxes, and add Office 365 project. Click Next.

Provide a name to the job

  • Now map the source mailboxes with the target mailboxes. Also, confirm mailbox type: Primary mailbox/Archive mailbox/Public folder. Click Next.

confirm mailbox type

  • In the next step, apply a filter if needed. You can add a particular date, folder, and item type. Click Next.

apply a filter if needed

  • Do settings as per the need; here, you can set the thread count and attempts, and users can schedule the job for the future. Users can also set the limit for the failed items to count above which process will be stopped. For now, we are moving ahead the immediately run the job.

you can set the thread count and attempts

  • Here, you can preview the job; if you want to edit the job, click back and edit the job; otherwise, click Finish.

you can preview the job

  • With clicking Finish, the migration will start. You will also have a complete report of the process that can be saved for the future.

With clicking Finish, the migration will start

This is how you can migrate Gmail to Office 365 with this advanced utility.

Final Words:

Gmail to Office 365 migration is in trend, and various reasons are behind it, and they vary from user to user. For this migration task, the search for an effortless way is obvious, and users get a satisfactory result with the Shoviv G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool. This tool has numerous user-centric options that make the migration a cake-cutting process. A free demo version of this tool is also available to download, which allows users to migrate the first fifty items per folder. Download the software and migrate Gmail to Office 365 in a speedy way.

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