How to Import EML to Outlook 2019/2016 Accurately?

EML is a file extension for an email message. EML file contains the content of the message, subject, sender, recipients, date and time, etc. Window Live Mail (EML) files contain the plain ASCII text for headers and the main message body as well as hyperlinks and attachments. We can import EML files in various programs such as MS Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. But nowadays, due to the increasing demand for Microsoft Outlook instantly migrating from multiple email clients to Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is a most popular email client which can be used worldwide.

Microsoft Outlook stores its data in PST (an acronym for personal storage table) file format. The Outlook is flexible as compared to EML. Many of the organizations are willing to convert EML to Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010. Due to any issue that occurs in the network connection, problems will start generating while working with applications that support EML files. Therefore, there are many reasons why organizations are shifting from EML to Outlook. But, now the question arises on how to Import EML to Outlook. This article will surely provide an instant solution to the problem.

As there are many ways to Import EML to Outlook. Firstly, discussing 2 manual methods.

  1. By using window live mails
  2. By using Microsoft Outlook application

 Using Window Live Mails

Follow the below-given steps:-

  1. Firstly, start the Windows Live Mail application in your local system.
  2. Open window live mail, select file tab>>highlight export option>>email messages.
  3. Select MS exchange as an export option and click “Next”.
  4. Now, the dialog box appears with all emails that will be exported to MS Outlook / MS Exchange. Click “OK”.
  5. Select a suitable option. Either the users can select “migrate all your email folders” or select only necessary folders to export the files. Click “OK”.
  6. Hence, the dialog box appears in a window screen with the export complete wizard. Click on “Finish”.

Another Manual Method is Using MS Outlook Method.

  1. Open the MS Outlook.
  2. Now, move your cursor to the location where the EML files are saved and then select the EML files.
  3. Then, drag the selected EML file and drop it into outlook application.

Now, we can open and view EML files in Outlook. Besides that, these manual methods are not suitable in case of large EML files. Besides that, there are many more drawbacks of manual methods are:-

  1. The manual method does not guarantee the users to return the same data as before the migration. There is a high chance of losing data during the Import of EML to Outlook.
  2. The manual method sometimes gets failed due to the occurrence of any human error. It becomes a quite lengthy difficult task for the users to keep the whole process in their minds.
  3. If in case, there are a large number of files to Import EML files into Outlook. Then, choosing the manual method is considered to be a bad option to perform. This method is only suitable in the case of migrating few EML files.
  4. The skipping of any step in the manual method will lead to an error. Therefore, this process is quite difficult to perform and considered a very time-consuming method for the Import of EML to Outlook.

Automate Solution for Import EML to Outlook

To Import EML to Outlook, here is also a professional method known as “SHOVIV EML to PST converter”. This professional method provides an instant and error-free solution to its users. It can effortlessly Import EML to Outlook. This EML converter comes with multiple numbers of prominent features and works perfectly:-

  1. There is no file size restriction to Import EML to PST.
  2. The EML converter contains an easy and fast procedure to complete the task.
  3. Maintains the integrity of email data.
  4. It supports the easy migration of large EML file and split it into small PST. Along with it provides the facility to save the PST file by setting the password.
  5. This EML converter can easily support all the versions of Microsoft Outlook.

  Here are the steps to run the software.

  1. To Import EML to Outlook, Install the Shoviv EML to PST converter in your local system.
  2. Click on the add button at the ribbon bar.
  3. Locate the drive, then click on search or add a button for EML file. Click “OK”.
  4. Here, the user can easily view the content present inside the EML file. Then click on the Outlook PST option at the taskbar.
  5. Now, select the export type, browse for target location, select the filter criteria and also have an option for split PST. Then, Click on “Export”.

Note:-With the help of PST split option, one can split the resultant PST into small size by giving the size limit. We can also set passwords for security.

  1. Here, the process gets completed successfully.
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At the end of the process, we are now aware of the best EML Converter and also how one can convert EML to Outlook easily, swiftly and accurately by using Shoviv EML to PST Converter.

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