Common Reasons for PST File Corruption

Last updated on June 29th, 2023

PST file corruption can be caused due to various reasons about which we are going to know in this blog. PST (Personal Storage Table) is Microsoft Outlook’s data storage file format and stores copies of messages, calendar entries, journals, and appointments on the user’s system. It provides easy access to data and also easy to port hence very important for users.

Reasons for PST file Corruption:

We can categorize the causes of PST file corruption into two categories:

  1. Hardware Issue
  2. Software Issue

Hardware Issues:

  • Data storage device problem: Hard disk can be a cause of PST file corruption. If your PST file is stored in bad sectors of your hard disk; you may face PST file corruption. It can cause an error in viewing data: completely or partially.
  • Power failure: If you are accessing PST files and sudden power cut happens; it can also cause damage in PST file.
  • An issue in network: The Outlook PST file remains on the network server and while accessing it from a client’s system via network links if there is any problem with Server, interface cards, network hubs, or any type of hardware issue; PST file corruption may happen.

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Software Issues:

Virus attack: Virus attack is a common reason behind all types of corruption and PST file corruption is not an exception. It is recommended to use high-quality antivirus.

Incomplete File System Recovery: Sometimes after the supposed to be complete file recovery, some PST file remains corrupted /overwritten, which makes other corrupted.

Abnormal Termination of Outlook: Abnormal and sudden shutdown/termination of Outlook can also make PST file prone to corrupt.

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How to get rid of corrupted PST Files?

To repair corrupted PST files, a manual way, an inbuilt utility “Scanpst.exe.” is also available but it doesn’t come handy in most of the cases as it has some limitations and drawbacks too:

  • Scanpst.exe. fails to repair severely corrupted .pst files.
  • If you have password-protected content, Scanpst.exe. will not come handy; it might fail to recover and repair.
  • Using Scanpst.exe. can cause some altering and it can lead to data loss.
  • In case Scanpst.exe. is not able to read the data after several trials, Tool can delete the content.

Users can also repair Outlook PST files without using Scanpst.exe Tool. Using Shoviv PST Repair tool users can repair corrupted PST files with ease. The third-party tool offers a perfect and proficient way with many user-oriented features.

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