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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Outlook Mailbox Corruption

Last updated on May 18th, 2023

If we say that Microsoft Outlook is a very important part of our professional lives, it would not be wrong. It is the greatest email management application ever built. It deals with our calendars, notes, contacts, tasks and manages thousands of emails every day. Like every other email clients, the Outlook application stores its data in a particular format. The format used by MS Outlook is PST format(Personal Storage Table) to store the data in the local system. The most common reasons why people prefer MS Outlook Windows over other email clients is its data storage capacity. However, there are two sides to everything and we must know that even PST files are prone for corruption. Outlook mailbox corruption is real and today we are going to learn how to deal with it like experts do.

PST files size: The Main Culprit behind Outlook Mailbox Corruption?

You should know that MS Outlook uses two types of PST files to store your data. For Outlook version 2002 and earlier, files were stored in ANSI PST format which would save up till 2 GB of data. Furthermore, Outlook versions 2003 to Outlook 2007 would use Unicode PST files which had a larger storage capacity of up to 20 GB. Meanwhile, in the latest 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions of MS Outlook, the Unicode PST files can store up to 50 GB of data per file.

Check Out the Common Reasons for PST File Corruption

So why are we talking about file sizes while dealing with Outlook Mailbox corruption?

These specific size limitations are a major cause of Outlook corruption since working with an oversized PST file often leads to crashes and corruption of the database. If a PST file has crossed its maximum size, it is very likely to be corrupted. However, there are more reasons for PST file corruption. The most widespread or common ones are sudden shutdown, power failure, abrupt closing of Outlook application, software issues, hard drive failure or viruses.

Here are the top 5 ways to prevent Outlook Corruption

Are you a mac outlook user who cannot afford to get your PST files corrupted? Many people believe there is nothing you can do to prevent Outlook mailbox corruption. If you want to know how to prevent Outlook PST corruption, you are in luck. You should go through these points and you will know how to safeguard your files against Outlook PST corruption.

Keep the PST file size within limits

Since we have already mentioned that PST files have specific size limitations, it is best to not cross the size limitation. We know that most outlook operations are slowed down by large PST files and they are the most prone to corruption. So if we want to avoid Outlook mailbox Corruption, we should keep the PST files within limits. Microsoft Outlook 2002 and earlier PST files need to be kept below 2 GB. Outlook 2003-2007 PST files need to be kept below 20 GB. Outlook 2010-2013-2016 and later version files need to be kept in sizes below 50 GB.

Do not save PST files on network drive or server-based systems

We know that PST files can be of large sizes and that is one of the reasons we should not depend on network or server drives. Storing your PST files in a network server may cause Outlook mailbox corruption and the slowing of your Outlook app due to connection speed. Additionally, when we use network based servers and many users work on the same files at the same time, there are chances of Outlook mailbox corruption. So it is considered to be the safest bet to store your PST files in your physical hard drive.

Backup PST files regularly

The best way to not lose something is to keep a solid backup. This keeps your data safe at all times, even if it gets corrupted in the application. That is why we always recommend you to get back up your PST files at a regular interval. This helps you keep your peace of mind and gives you the confidence to work freely without the fear of Outlook PST mailbox corruption.

Close Outlook properly/Turn off computer properly

One of the most common reasons why people get their PST files corrupted is abrupt or improper closing of the Outlook application. Many times you are working on a large PST file when the power goes out or you close the Outlook improperly. This results in the corruption of the whole PST file that you were working with. So it is best to ensure that you have a power backup to avoid sudden crashes. You should always wait for the application to fully close before shutting down the system.

Work on a limited number of mails at once

The experiential limit of MS Outlook is 10,000 mails. However, it is recommended to work on only 1000 or less emails at a single time to avoid the possibility of corruption. If you select, copy, move or delete a very large number of email files, there are chances of your Outlook doing into a lockdown. So to avoid this form of Outlook mailbox corruption, keep your one time file use limited.

Now as you knew that how to prevent Outlook mailbox corruption, we will talk about what to do if your Outlook PST files get corrupted. There is only one solution, i.e. to repair PST files.

If your Outlook PST files have already been corrupted, the only chance to save them is by repairing the PST files and then restoring them back to their uncorrupted state. The common method is using the PST repair tool. It is also called scanpst.exe, a utility inbuilt by Microsoft Outlook. It works in cases where corruption is minimal. However, it can be a little complex since you have to find the executable files yourself. So if you are not well acquainted with this or you have severe Outlook mailbox corruption, you are going to need a reliable third party tool.

Repair PST files to reverse Outlook Mailbox corruption

Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool is a certified PST repair tool that works at high speeds and automatically detects and repairs the damaged PST files in multiple formats.

  • Quick and easy to use so that all Outlook windows users can repair corrupt PST files in just a few clicks
  • You can even export the new healthy PST files to multiple clients like Office 365, Live Exchange, Novell GroupWise, and Lotus Notes
  • There is no limitation of file size and you can convert even large databases with 100% surety of complete database preservation
  • You can restore the recovered PST files to multiple formats like EML, MSG, RTF and HTML etc
  • You can even repair large sized PST files and restore them in smaller split PST files
  • Since it can work with all Outlook versions, you can repair even old corrupted PST files with ease and precision

Now this PST repair tool is there to help you out of difficult situations.

Free demo version

Before you get the software, we suggest you to try its free demo version. Once you are sure that the tool works well for you, you can upgrade it to the full version that comes with endless benefits. The full version of the Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool is easily affordable and provides the best support experience. You even get free updates for life. Hence, your Outlook mailbox corruption issue now fully sorts.

To download and test the free trial right now, click here.

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