5 Reasons Why Organizations Migrate from Exchange to Office 365

Migration towards best is an obvious thing and for the same, Office 365 migration from Exchange is highly practising. However, Exchange to Office migration is a little bit complicated if you go manually. Professionals mostly prefer to go with a professional third-party tool for the Office 365 migration from Exchange. Let’s know about the reasons why organizations migrate from exchange to Office 365.

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Why Migrate Exchange to Office 365:

  1. Access from Anywhere-Anytime

Being a cloud-based system, Office-365 allows working from anywhere at any time. What you need to access to your data is PCs, Macs, Android devices or IOS with a stable internet connection. Office 365 provides full space for the productivity of an organization.

  1. A Unified Solution

Office 365 comes with a number of flexible services. It has great business plans and offers users to choose the plan as per requirement. Office 365 comes with the user-centric services like Skype for Business Server, Exchange Server and Share Point, One Drive for business. Enterprise Social Network (Yammer) is also an attractive feature for the organizations.

  1. No Downtime

Office 365 updates automatically without any extra charge. Users will always enjoy the upgraded and updated version. Because of automatic updating users will get rid of downtime that likely happens at the time of updating. Along with other features, there is no maintenance cost or any other hidden costing with Office 365.

  1. No Security concern

The security of data is always a major concern for any organization. No one wants to risk the security of data. Microsoft cloud service is considered the most reliable for data security hence with Office 365 there is no security concern.

  1. Cost-Efficient

Office 365 is much-more cost-efficient in all means. When it comes to the subscription plan, Office 365 allows users to choose the plan as per the need. In other words, we can say it will grow with your business, with the growth in business users can expand the plan.

Final Words:

As there are many reasons for the Office 365 migration from Exchange but it is always advised to go with a Professional Third-party tool for the migration. The manual method doesn’t provide an appropriate way for this.

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