5 Best Outlook Management Tools

5 Best Outlook Management Tools

If you are one of those who thinks Outlook management is a complicated task, then this blog is for you. Here we will cover the best five Outlook management tools that help users with Outlook management.

Outlook is an email client that includes calendaring, contact managing, task managing, Note-taking, and many more facilities. It has more than 200 million monthly active users. Outlook is a complete application by itself, but sometimes Outlook seems to be the worst application when users encounter abnormal problems. These problems make Outlook management a complicated task and arise a need for automated Outlook management tools. 

Shoviv PST Splitter:

One of the most common issues in Outlook is Oversized PST files. For this, Shoviv Software provides a PST splitter tool. This tool keeps a convenient GUI and makes the PST splitting a cakewalk. Some of its key features are:

  1. Efficiently keeps the data integrity and folder hierarchy during the process.
  2. It allows users to splits the PST file by date, size, folder, and yearly basis.
  3. Allow users to search and add unlimited PST files in a single process.
  4. The software supports both types of PST files (ANSI and UNICODE).

Shoviv PST Merge

Sometimes, due to unknown circumstances Outlook automatically creates another PST file. And when many PST files are lying around, it is hard to manage them, for this PST merging is the best solution. Shoviv PST merger allows users to merge multiple PST files into a single PST file with ease. Some of its prominent features are:

  1. It allows users to search and add multiple PST files in a single go.
  2. Users can join multiple PST files in a single PST file and exclude deleted items.
  3. The software offers exclude deleted and duplicate items option while merging PST files.
  4. Allow users to merge contacts of multiple PST files into a single PST file.

Shoviv Outlook Duplicate Remover

Almost every Outlook user faces a duplicity issue once. If you are one of those who receives thousands of emails in a day, then this is a big issue for you. As you have to scroll through unwanted duplicate emails to find the needed email. Shoviv Software provides Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool to eliminate duplicate emails in PST files. Some of this tool’s features are:

  1. Allow users to add multiple PST files in a single process.
  2. Users can remove duplicates across the folder and within the folder.
  3. It provides different criteria to check item duplicates such as Subject, sender name, body text, and many more.

Outlook Password Recovery

Outlook allows users to encrypt PST files with a password, and applying a password to protect your crucial data from ransomware attacks is a good move. But sometimes, users set a complex password and forgot; it can happen to anyone. Shoviv Outlook Password recovery Tool provides instant recovery of PST files password in just two clicks. It doesn’t matter how complex the password is; the software will provide three passwords to unlock your PST files; use any of them.

Shoviv PST Compress and Compact Tool

If you use Outlook frequently then you already know that it has a size limit of 50 GB. Once the PST file reached that size, you cannot send or receive emails in Outlook. Sometimes users split the over-sized PST file into multiple small size PST file. But sometimes, users need to store data in the same PST file for this users compact and compress PST items to make space in the same PST file. Manually compacting and compressing is a time-consuming task, as you have to compact and compress each email individually. Shoviv Compact and Compress Tool allow users to upload multiple PST files in a single process. Some of its highlighted features are:

  1. Allow users to separate PST attachments and store them in the target folder.
  2. The software stores the attachments in the selected target and leaves a text message (Storage location) of attachments.
  3. The software can also replace the attachments with .rar file and can protect them with the password.
  4. Provides Exclude duplicate and deleted items option while compacting and compressing the PST files.

These are the five Outlook management tools by Shoviv, which helps to manage the PST files/items and save users from crucial data loss. 

Different Needs, One Solution

Finding the right tool to fulfill all your Outlook related requirements is overwhelming, but what if you find a single tool to manage your Outlook profile.

Shoviv PST Management Tool offers all the above tool and caters to almost every Outlook related requirement. This multi-functional tool developed by Shoviv is an astounding solution for Outlook Management. This software is a pack of 5 different utilities to simplify Outlook management, and don’t worry about the technical expertise, all the tools included in this software have a convenient GUI. Must check the free trial version of this tool. 

(Note: All tools come with a free trial version and compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System as well as Outlook).


Outlook users often face a different type of issues in Outlook. In this write-up, we have described different solutions for different issues, and then you will find an astounding all in one Outlook Management tool to manage Outlook PST files effortlessly.




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Jenniffer is a Microsoft-certified professional and has helped thousands of clients with their Outlook and Office 365 problems. She loves to write about email clients and data recovery. She always remains enthusiastic about providing all the latest information, solutions, and advancements to readers.

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