How to Recover Exchange Server mailboxes data from EDB file?

Last updated on November 28th, 2023

Need to Recover Exchange Server mailboxes data from EDB file occurs when EDB file become inaccessible due to the reasons like corruption and damage. EDB (Exchange Database) file is the database file of the Exchange. Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes and items like emails, contacts, tasks, journal, notes etcetera gets save in the EDB file. For the smooth processing of Exchange; a healthy PST file is a must.

Behind the corruption and damage of the EDB file, there might be reasons like Virus attack, huge data size, storage failure, network failure etcetera. An unhealthy EDB file restricts to make new changes to the user’s Exchange Server account and also in achieving old emails and data. Working with corrupt EDB files may lead to data loss.

Commonly, if Exchange Server EDB file gets corrupt, all the data save in the form of two database file:

Priv1.edb – Priv1.edb file stores the in-progress and non-SMTP messages.

Pub 1.edb – It stores the Public folder for the non-SMTP formatted data.

Corruption can occur to both files but mostly either the Priv1.edb file corrupts or Pub1.edb file corrupts.

Reasons for the EDB file corruption:

There might be a lot of reasons for the corruption of EDB file; some are given below:

  • Server failure: For the failure of server many reasons may be responsible; O.S. stop issue, communication error, processor chip/motherboard/backplane failure. Server failure may lead to system, hardware, network issues.
  • Anti- Virus Programs can also lead to the issue like EDB corruption. An anti-virus program installed on the server can delete the log file.
  • Accidental/Force Shutdown may also lead to corruption in the EDB file.
  • Due to the oversized data file of the database; corruption may occur.
  • Hardware Issues: Issues such as overheating and motherboard failure can lead to damage of the hard drive sector; here file store. This may cause permanent data loss.
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How to Recover EDB File?

To recover Exchange Server Mailboxes data from the EDB file can be done by the manual method as well as by using the third party professional tool. The manual method’s working is limited it comes handy when to solve minor glitches. Let’s know-how about them:

Manually Recover Exchange Server Mailboxes: 

Users can manually recover Exchange server mailboxes by methods such as Eseutil switches and Isinteg utility. Eseutil is a built-in-tool, and useful only when to solve minor EDB problems and Isinteg is ideal only when to catch and eliminate any errors in public folders and mailbox database at the application level. These manual methods are not professional nor handy. They are too much complicated, time-consuming and there is always a risk of failure. Due to the limitations of manual methods need of a professional and advanced Exchange EDB Recovery tool rises.

Professionally Recover Exchange Server Mailboxes:

To recover Exchange Server mailboxes efficiently from the EDB file, we have an advanced solution: Shoviv Exchange EDB Recovery tool. Let’s get familiar with this:

  • It swiftly recovers corrupted, dismounted Exchange EDB items from Exchange Data Base.
  • After recovering, it exports recovered file into the Outlook PST format.
  • The software saves recovered items in the various formats such as MSG, EML, HTML, vCard and vCal.
  • Shoviv Exchange EDB Recovery Tool properly maintains the hierarchy of the folder and the structure of emails after the recovery and export.
  • It scans and recovers EDB files rapidly without the concern of file size.
  • Working with the software is very easy, its GUI is user-friendly.
  • The Software also permits to convert and migrate the recovered EDB file into the Microsoft Office 365.
  • For a better understanding of the Software’s working, it also provides a demo/trial version which allows to export and save first 25 items per folder.

By going through the article we can conclude that there might be many reasons behind the corruption of EDB file. The manual method is not reliable nor handy to recover Exchange Server mailboxes data from EDB file. For the smooth and professional recovery of the Corrupted EDB file; Shoviv Exchange EDB Recovery is a picture-perfect solution.

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