The Best Outlook Migration Tool to Migrate Outlook to Office 365

Nowadays, many users are searching for the Outlook Migration Tool to migrate Outlook to Office 365 because of the user-centric services offered by Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 has a lot of features especially for the businesses; Skype for Business Server, SharePoint, hosted Exchange Server etcetera. Let’s know about all:

Why Migrate Outlook to Office 365: 

  • Being a cloud-based service, Office 365 is easily and widely accessible. Microsoft Office 365 is cost-efficient, it provides several features to the user; just in subscription of Office 365 suite.
  • In   Office365, there is no need to concern about the safety and security of the data as Microsoft is taking care of the data.
  • Service like Enterprise Social Network (ESN), Yammer, also attracting several users.
  • Features like Skype for business, Share point are some of the important complementary features, the user are getting with the Office 365 Suite.
  • Users will always get updated Office 365 services, no need to manually update and wait for the next updated version; everything will happen automatically.
Download a trial version of Shoviv Exchange Server Suite (Outlook Migration) to know in a better way.

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Why the need for Outlook Migration Tool rises? 

To migrate Outlook to Office 365, the perfect reliable and user-friendly Outlook Migration Tool is a must. The most important thing for any organization is its data and during the migration, this is what we migrate and its safety is utmost. Users may go with the manual method which maybe Microsoft Office 365 Import service or Network upload Method but there are many drawbacks of manual methods because of which need of professional Outlook Migration Tool raises.

Concerns with Manual Methods: 

  • In any migration process, the utmost priority is the data, but in manual method, the data is not fully secure. There is always chances of data loss.
  • The manual methods come with the long series of technical steps and to do them properly need of technical expertise is a must.
  • The chances of human-error are very high and a single mistake can lead to the failure of process and also the possibility of data loss.
  • Processing of manual method also comes with the limitation, the size of mailboxes that are migrating is not boundless; restriction on the migration of a large number of mailboxes.
  • Manual methods are time-consuming and tedious as well, any professional user will not prefer manual method in anyhow.

The all above-written points are the main reasons why users are escaping the migration with the manual methods and moving toward the third-party Outlook Migration Tool.

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Professional Outlook Migration Tool:

For an easy to do migration of Outlook to Office 365, we have an excellent multi-tasking Outlook Migration Tool; Shoviv Exchange Server Suite. It is advanced software that is embedded with many features and fulfills the need of a perfect Outlook Migration Tool. Have a look at its features:

  • The Software is capable to add multiple sources with no limitation on size, to migrate and export into other platforms. It provides complete recovery of the EDB, PST and OST files.
  • It can also add corrupted or non-corrupted OST & PST files to recover and migrate, healthy PST files can also be added and migrated to Office 365 and Live Exchange.
  • To boost the working experience of the migration process, it provides options like eDiscovery (Search), Filter option based on Date and Item type and Mailbox Mapping at the time of migration.
  • In Source, added mailboxes can be EDB files, Office 365 and Exchange Server.
  • The Software is capable of exporting healthy Outlook PST files into Office 365 mailboxes, Live Exchange Server mailboxes, Configured Outlook Profile Store and new Outlook PST files.
  • Software is also embedded with the advanced feature of Incremental Export/Backup in .pst files.
  • The Shoviv Exchange Server Suite fully maintains the integrity and hierarchy of the data.
  • The software also provides the option to save items directly into the local directory in several formats like EML, MSG. vCal, vCard and RTF.

The above-written features of the Shoviv Exchange Server Suite make it a perfect Outlook Migration Tool. The Software comes with the user-friendly GUI so running it is very simple, any novice user can effortlessly complete the task.

Wrapping Up:

To migrate Outlook to Office 365, a professional Outlook Migration Tool is the market’s need. The manual method fails to complete the task genuinely and thus the requirement of third-party Outlook Migration Tool rises. Shoviv Exchange Server Suite is a picture-perfect multi-tasking tool and best suitable for this scenario. It comes with many useful user-centric features. To check its working and efficiency, a free demo/trial version of the software is also available which provides the migration of first 50 items per folder.

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