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Migrate from Exchange to Office 365

Last updated on January 4th, 2021

Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager is the complete solution to migrate from Exchange to Office 365 and vice versa in hassle-free manner. Beside this, the software also helps to restore entire mailboxes or select items from the available backup in case of exchange database corruption circumstances. Along with these, lots of other benefits are provided with this remarkable recovery manager tool.

Get the best service every time you migrate from Exchange to Office 365

With Exchange Recovery Manager by Shoviv you can get the services not only of Exchange recovery and to migrate from Exchange to Office 365, but you may also avail some  additional facilities such as instance search, import/ export and recover entire/ select mailboxes from EDB files and Live Exchange servers as well.

If your EDB files are inaccessible or have gone corrupt, this tool will salvage them in the intact form. It will migrate from Exchange to Office 365, add Exchange server, Office 365 and Outlook profile as a source. Further, you can export added source, EDB files and source mailboxes to Outlook PST, Exchange Server, Office 365 and Outlook profile stores. It can also add the source mailbox items into various file formats like MSG, EML, HTML, RTF etc.

The features which set Exchange Recovery Manager apart from usual tools

With this tool you can recover all kinds of EDB files, migrate from exchange to Office 365 and do much more. To ensure that the user has an easy time doing all this, we provide a bunch of features that make the entire process quite comfortable.

Adds Live Exchange mailboxes and Office 365 as a source

You can migrate from Exchange to Office 365 by accessing the admin rights. The software lets you add Exchange server mailboxes through Active Directory. The user is given Windows server credentials which let the user access other mailboxes as well. Access to other mailboxes lets the users export added mailboxes to Live Exchange, Office 365, and the option to export into PST.

Archive folder and public folder of Outlook profile can be added as well

With this feature, the user can add Live Exchange/ Office 365 folder and export it to another Live Exchange/ Office 365 public folder and archive mailboxes. You can in the same manner migrate from Exchange to Office 365 without any hurdles. Thanks to the user-friendly Graphic User Interface, you can add Outlook stores and migrate them into PST, Live Exchange, and Office 365.

Preview source mailbox items before the final step

The convenience of previewing mailbox items is also provided by this software. Before you migrate from Exchange to Office 365 or export the mailbox items to Office 365, Live Exchange, and PST, you can easily preview them. This step reassures the users regarding the contents of the files. The user can cross-check the source mailbox items and check their accuracy and integrity. The MAPI tag can be used to fulfill this purpose.

Exports in Live Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook profiles

The added source mailboxes can be exported to various formats including Live Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook PST. One can migrate from Exchange to Office 365, migrate specific date range items and select message class. The automatic and manual mapping feature makes mapping from source to target mailbox quite easy. The folder hierarchy remains undisturbed throughout the process.

Conversion of EDB to PST

Once the EDB files have been rescued, you can convert them to the PST format. It is upon you to choose whether you want to save them in existing PST files or new ones. With this software you can also migrate from Exchange to Office 365, import/ export mailbox items, transfer emails, contacts, and do much more.

Capable of splitting PST files

Depending on the command of the user, this tool can split the PST file into any number of files. It is predesigned to produce a single PST file for a single mailbox. This feature often comes in handy as the PST format is quite popular for saving files.

Easy Exchange migration

This tool is the easiest and safest pathway to Exchange migration. Mailbox migration from Offline EDB, Live Exchange Server, and public folder to another Live Exchange server is convenient with this tool. The auto-mapping option lets the users map source mailboxes to target mailboxes. Thus, the process of migration is easier than you would have imagined.

Easy search and filter of added mailboxes

You can search out for contents easily with this tool as it provides a quick search service. You can utilize the several criteria made available to bring out files. Use semicolon to separate multi-value searches and browse files using criteria like CC, BCC, From, To, item type, Attachment name, etc. The filter option on the other hand lets the user include and exclude source mailbox items and filter messages based on date ranges.

Instant recovery of Exchange EDB files

This tool would instantly recover corrupted as well as non-corrupted EDB files, be they public or private. It can migrate from Exchange to Office 365 and also restores all kinds of details. For instance, it will efficiently restore EDB mailboxes, folder hierarchy, and items like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, etc. The original content remains unaltered through all this.

Multiple file formats available for saving source mailboxes

Once you have processed the file and have completed the steps to migrate from Exchange to Office 365, you can save the files many options such as – MSG UNICODE, CAL, RTF, HTML, EML, etc. Also, the bulk conversion method makes the process super-fast.

Saves report status in HTML format

The most preferred format for saving files once the client is done with the process to migrate from Exchange to Office 365 is HTML. It gives an ordered appearance to the files. So this tool provides the convenience of saving the report status in the HTML format as well.

24*7 Free technical support

We have a team of experts ready to serve you at our technical support panel, contact us 24*7 for any kind of inquiry or suggestion. It is extremely safe to migrate from Exchange to Office 365 and associated tasks, try out this tool if you cannot afford to lose your files.

To get the free trial version of the tool right now, you can click here.

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