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Last updated on May 28th, 2020 at 07:20 pm

Do you need to migrate your GroupWise data to PST format? Get rid of the complex steps involved in the conversion by purchasing Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook Migration tool. This tool has got the latest technology which supports the most sought-after features. Not only PST, this GroupWise to Outlook converter can also migrate data to the MSG and EML format. It is faster than the usual methods since it converts multiple mail files at once. Also, it is valid not only for emails but also for calendar, tasks, contacts, attachments etc. So, it is an all-in-one tool which would need the user not to bother about any aspect of GroupWise migration.

The best GroupWise to Outlook Migration which caters to all of your needs

You would not need to look for a GroupWise to Outlook Migration any longer, the perfect one which gets all your needs is already here. The GroupWise to Outlook Migration by Shoviv migrates GroupWise archive data to Outlook PST file. Also, it is careful to migrate all kinds of files, even the trash folder as well as Unicode files. The other convenient formats like EML and MSG can also be chosen to convert the data files. Also, the GroupWise data can be migrated to new as well as existing PST files. Even password protected PST files are created by this tool. There is no limitation upon the size of the PST files either. No matter which version of GroupWise the user is using, this GroupWise to Outlook file Migration handles it all.

The most noticeable features of Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook Migration setting it apart from usual converters

There is no lack of GroupWise to Outlook converters out there, but if you want to be served with the best ever GroupWise to Outlook conversion, try the one by Shoviv. This tool supports all Microsoft Exchange server versions. Also, it is much more than a GroupWise to Outlook file migration which is evident in the quality and quantity of features it provides.

Download a trial version of Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook Migration to know in a better way.

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Multi-option to add GroupWise mailboxes

With this GroupWise to Outlook migrator, one can migrate GroupWise data to PST via several options. Multiple options including online login, default login, cache mailbox login, remote login, are available. You can choose from whichever option you find more convenient to your needs.

Exports mail data from GroupWise to Outlook PST

This GroupWise to Outlook migration takes no time to scan and export data to Outlook PST. Also, it is careful to migrate data items like attributes, metadata, attachments etc without altering anything about the data.

PST file spit option

Generally Outlook has the limitation of 50 GB with PST files. But for the users of this GroupWise to Outlook migration, no such limitations exist. This tool splits the large GroupWise files to smaller files. This procedure avoids any kind of damage to PST files. The user is free to split the PST files into any number they want.

Smooth conversion with user-friendly Graphic User Interface

This GroupWise to Outlook migration has got quite a user-friendly GUI too. This means that the user would not have to struggle with any phase of the conversion. Having only basic knowledge of technology would be sufficient to carry this process.

Migrates multiple GroupWise mailboxes in a single go

The secret behind the fast speed of this GroupWise to Outlook migration is its ability to add multiple files at once. Multiple mailboxes of GroupWise are added at once and migrated. This saves a lot of time and saves the user from the repetitiveness of the process too. The proxy user feature is quite useful in case single users want to perform the migration task from GroupWise mailboxes to PST. Thus, with this tool, you are guaranteed to obtain faster results.

Data preview facility available for users

For the peace of mind of the users of this GroupWise to Outlook migration, the preview option is also added. This feature ensures that the results are always free of error and carried according to the wish of the client. Before the final step of the review, the user can check the emails and the related files for accuracy. Even the attachments can be cross-checked with this tool.

Converts data in multiple popular mail file formats

With this GroupWise to Outlook migration, you would be enjoying much more than conversion of GroupWise mails to Outlook PST format. This tool would let you choose from two other widely used formats- MSG and EML. The user of this GroupWise to Outlook migration can expect uninterrupted conversion to those two other formats without interruption.

Selective migration of GroupWise data files

This GroupWise to Outlook migration by Shoviv also allows you carry selective migration. Selective migration is the advanced feature which lets you carry selective migration of data from GroupWise to PST, GroupWise to MSG, and GroupWise to EML.

Safe for non-English content as well

Usually, in the process of migrating GroupWise to PST manually, users have to face a loss of data. The most frequent victim of data loss are the files having such unique content as foreign languages and languages with double-byte characters. But with this GroupWise to Outlook migration, that problem would not exist. It recognizes all languages along with English which means that the files would be migrated in their intact form. Also, trash folders can also be migrated by this tool. This means that one can recover trash folder data which has been deleted accidentally from GroupWise mailbox.

24*7 technical support available

Though this tool is sufficient in itself as a GroupWise to Outlook migration, we understand that technologically inexperienced people still may face some problems. So in case you are stuck anywhere in the GroupWise migration process, do not hesitate in contacting our experts at the technical support desk. Help and support is free for all users and we can be contacted via chats as well as mails. Download the tool from the link given below!

To download the free trial of the tool right now, click here.

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