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Migrate Exchange to Office 365 with 100% Accurate Results

Last updated on May 17th, 2023

For whatever reason you need to migrate Exchange to Office 365, the Shoviv Exchange Server Migration makes it automatic and easy. The migration is effortless with sources like EDB files, Outlook stores, Live Exchange mailboxes, Office 365 mailboxes into Live Exchange, Office 365 as well as Outlook PST file format. The service is very fast and the user gets the results hand-in-hand.

Salient Features of Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool

  • Choose multiple Exchange files as the source for Exchange to Office 365 migration
  • Capable of recovering private and public, corrupted and inaccessible EDB files in no time.
  • The size of the source files does not affect the migration process.
  • Users have reassurance regarding the final data since they have access to the easy preview facility.
  • The source mailboxes or Exchange source mailbox can migrate to the Live Exchange Server.
  • Resultant data can be saved in various formats like PST, vCard, MSG, RTF as well as HTML, EML, etc.
  • The source files can be mapped into the target mailbox via automatic as well as manual mapping.
  • The filter facility lets the user filter messages based on message class and item date.
  • Search feature to search outsource mailbox files instantly according to several criteria.
  • The features of the software can be tested with the free trial version.

Migrate Exchange to Office 365 with the Advanced Features:

To migrate Exchange to Office 365 without the least of trouble, you will need these technologically advanced features coming with the Exchange to Office 365 migration tool.

Instant migration of source mailboxes to Outlook PST:

The PST format is quite popular and in-demand among people who migrate Exchange to Office 365. This tool lets you save your files in this format without any struggle. The process to migrate the added mailboxes to Outlook PST format doesn’t compromise the safety of the files. In addition, the number of files the user wants their PST files split into is also decided by the users.

Easy way to migrate Exchange to Office 365:

Using this tool one can migrate Exchange to Office 365 with simple and easy steps. The GUI of this tool ensures that the user doesn’t face complications in the process of Exchange to Office 365 migration, be they, beginners or experts. One can additionally also choose to move single or multiple files, whatever their need is. It also allows the migration of single or multiple source mailboxes to Office 365 or the migration of Office 365 to Office 365.

Migration of Live Exchange/ Office 365 to the public folder:

The public folder is especially sought after when one has to migrate Exchange to Office 365. This tool lets you do the same in an extremely simple way. Migrate Live Exchange/ Office 365 public folders/ and archive mailboxes. This rare feature lets the user migrate which folder they would want to move the data.

Adds large source mailboxes easily without complications:

While you migrate Exchange to Office 365 you can choose to move files in bulk.  So you can add source mailboxes without any limitation of the size of the exchange mailboxes.

Keeps the folder hierarchy arranged properly:

You do not have to worry about the process to migrate Exchange to Office 365 disturbing the hierarchy of the files either. This software would arrange the files in the proper order of hierarchy once the process to migrate files is over. This feature makes sure that the user has easy access to data files at all times.

Preview facility lets the users view final data easily:

As the name itself of the feature suggests, it lets you preview data before the final step. You can preview your items before you click on the final step to migrate. Using this feature you can see item body, attachment files, property, recipient, etc. This feature assures users about data accuracy.

Filter facility for added source items:

In the process to migrate  Exchange to Office 365 one often comes across the need to filter out data items. This feature lets you perform the same without having to deal with the entire database. Users can filter out the mailboxes they need easily with this feature.

Search added items with search facility:

You would not have to deal with a mess when you have to search out any particular file either. With this feature of the tool, you can find out the file you need from any property you remember regarding it. The criteria allowed including CC, BCC, attachments, message class as well as message date, subject, etc.

Saves files in the famous HTML format:

Migrate Exchange to Office 365 and then easily transfer them into the HTML format using this tool. This feature is loved for the convenience it provides and we provide that comfort to you.

Full license and lifetime free support:

Once you purchase the tool you would get the full license of it as well as free customer support. If you face any complication in the process, you can contact the client support service anytime you want. Also, you get the opportunity to check these features out for free with the trial version of this tool. Get the trial version and the full version from the link below!

To download the free trial, click here.

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