Exchange to Office 365 migration

Exchange to Office 365 Migration

Credibility and Precision in Automated Exchange to Office 365 Migration and Recovery:

Exchange to Office 365 migration and repair of EDB files are complex processes which need one to be technologically adept. So why not leave it with a trustworthy automated tool?

Exchange Recovery Manager by Shoviv is guaranteed to provide you with high-quality results every single time. Not only does it provide simple Exchange recovery and repair of the EDB files, it comes with several advanced features which make the management of the entire process of Exchange to Office 365 simple and easily obtainable.

The best ever Exchange to Office 365 migration service:

If you are the user of the Exchange Recovery Manager, you are bound to get the best Exchange to Office 365 migration service. This software rescues the whole Exchange environment and repairs and recovers EDB files. Other than that, the client is in control of the process all the time. They get the facility of restoring entire mailboxes or individual items from available backup. Exchange to Office 365 migration is fully automated and the user is guaranteed a smooth ride.

The best features of the Exchange Recovery Manager:

The Exchange Recovery Manager is a professional software for Exchange to Office 365 migration, recovery and backup which makes search, import/export and recovery of mailboxes automated hence, easier and uncomplicated. It can be completely trusted to recover intact as well as corrupted EDB files. Other than that, it can add Exchange Server, Office 365 and Outlook profile as a source.

Automated and fast recovery of added Exchange EDB files:

Those EDB files inaccessible in Exchange server can be easily obtained through the Exchange Recovery Manager. While doing that, this Exchange to Office 365 migration tool also takes care to maintain folder hierarchy. Regulation of files like emails, contacts, calendars, journals from all kind of EDB files it the responsibility of this software.

Option to add Live Exchange and Office 365 as a source:

Active Directory (AD) can be used to add Live Exchange and Office 365 as the source. This capacity to add Office 365 mailboxes to other mailboxes gives the user power to migrate & export the added mailboxes to the desired mailboxes. The mailboxes can be migrated to other target mailboxes such as Live Exchange, Office 365. Export the files to PST format is also available.

Add public folder. Archive mailboxes and Outlook profiles to other ones without hurdles:

Exchange to Office 365 migration and ability to add Live Exchange, Office 365 public folders, archive mailboxes to another Exchange/ Office 365 public folder make this software quite comfortable. The Outlook files can be migrated to PST, Live Exchange, and Office 365 without damaging the proper folder hierarchy.

Facility of previewing items:

This feature in Exchange to Office 365 migration is essential for a hassle-free experience. Ability to preview the items prior to Exchange to Office 365 migration gives the users the reassurance of knowing that the product is accurate. After that, the user can export the source mailbox to PST, Live Exchange, and Office 365 without any worry.

Several options available for the export/ migration format:

The user gets plenty of options to export the added source mailboxes. They can be migrated into Live Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook profile. The option of choosing between automatic and manual mapping is also available to the users. The integrity of the mailbox remains unaffected in the whole process of Exchange to Office 365 migration. The target mailboxes can vary from Live Exchange to Office 365, whichever the user finds convenient.

PST conversion of EDB available:

This Exchange to Office 365migration tool is noted for its capacity to converting damaged and corrupt EDB files to intact PST format. This feature is relevant for emails as well as contacts, calendars, and other such items. The tool can extract and convert the mailboxes selected by the client into new PST files without any hindrances.

Splitting of PST files:

The PST files can be splitted according to the wish of the clients. The user gets to export the source to multiple PST files. This software is designed to provide a single PST file for every single mailbox. And in case the limit of the PST file size is predetermined by the Outlook, this Exchange to Office 365 migration software will split the files automatically after reaching the specified size limit.

Restores EDB files:

This Exchange to Office 365 migration software is reliable for a safe and accurate service in extraction and restoration of damaged EDB files. It doesn’t need any additional support and restoration of EDB files take place without any kind of obstruction. No matter what the size of the files, they are recovered easily.

Auto-mapping facility:

This facility aids in Exchange to Office 365 migration, mailbox migration from offline EDB, Live Exchange, and public folder to another Live Exchange Server, public folder, and Office 365 mailboxes. Thanks to the auto-mapping facility, users can map the source mailbox to the target mailbox when both the mailboxes are similar.

Instant search and item filter option:

Wasting time searching out files would not happen to you if you are the user of this Exchange to Office 365 migration software. Searching out files takes nanoseconds, as the user can search out files using several criteria- subject, to, CC, BCC, item type, name of the attachment, etc. Also, the filter option lets the user search out messages based on date range. So searching out files is overall quite easy.

Various file formats available to save the final mailbox items:

This Exchange to Office 365 manager lets the user choose from a variety of options for the saving process. The options available are HTML, EML, CAL, RTF, MSG UNICODE, VCAL, VCard, etc. Also, bulk export of files to various file formats is also available.

HTML format for exporting and saving resultant reports:

Once the export of source mailboxes in several mailboxes is finished, the resultant reports can be saved to HTML format.

These features when combined together under the Exchange Recovery Manager provide the most flawless recovery service. Try it out today and let us know your experience.

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