Best Outlook Converter to Convert PST to Office 365

In the recent past, it came to see that demand of Outlook converter raised. Users are converting their preference from Outlook to Office 365. The reason is simple: more user-centric features offered by Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 has many attractions for the users, mostly for businesses like Skype for businesses, Hosted Exchange Server, SharePoint, Microsoft planner etcetera.

Why Convert Outlook PST to Office 365?

  • Office 365 is a cloud-based service and it is easily accessible from anywhere. It is the biggest advantage that you can work from anywhere if you have an internet connection.
  • There is no need to worry about the security of the data; Microsoft itself is caretaker. Security of data is very supreme in Office 365. For the security, features like Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA), Mobile device management and Encrypted email are doing best.
  • Collaboration feature of Office 365 is a boon for companies where working in a team is a part of work culture.
  • For big organizations, services such as Enterprise Social Network (ESN) and Yammer are also very good.
  • Users will always get the latest upgraded version of Office 365 with no additional charge. No need to uninstall and reinstall Office 365 on the system.
Download a trial version of Shoviv Outlook Converter to know in a better way.

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Why Outlook Converter is needed? 

For any organisation, data is the most important asset and no one wants to risk the data. To convert Outlook PST to Office 365 a user-friendly professional Outlook Converter is a must. To say, there are also some manual methods like Import Service Method or Network upload Method but they all have many limitations and concerns. Let’s see:

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Why Manual Method is not preferred?

  • The centre of the process is the data and in the manual method, it is not fully secured.
  • To proceed with the manual method technical knowledge is a must because it comes with the long-series of technical steps.
  • Manual methods are size bounded and don’t allow to proceed with a large number of files in one go.
  • Manual methods are very time-consuming and no professional user will ever prefer it.
  • There are always a chance of human error and a single mistake can lead to data loss.
Professional Outlook Converter: 

A professional Outlook Converter is the requirement of users. Everyone looks for a user-friendly tool with user-centric features and for the same: Shoviv Outlook Suite is the best. The Software comes with the number of features and facilitates the best practice that any Outlook Converter can provide.

  • The Software is a multi-tasking software, it can export multiple numbers of Outlook files in Office 365 and Live Exchange.
  • This Outlook Converter can add and recover multiple numbers of OST/PST Files( Corrupted or not- corrupted)
  • It also allows exporting Outlook Profile Stores (Mailboxes) in a new Outlook Profile Stores (Mailboxes) with the mapping.
  • The Outlook Converter also offers to save Outlook Profile Stores (Mailboxes) and Outlook database file OST/PST in file items in HTML, MSG, EML formats.
  • Options to merge PST file, Split PST file and compact and compress PST file is also given in this Outlook Converter: Shoviv Outlook Suite.
  • A user-friendly option for the Item preview just before proceeding and eDiscovery (search) option in OST/PST File and Outlook Profile Stores is also facilitated in the Shoviv Outlook Suite.
  • The Software also allows to filter and exclude already converted items during the conversion.
Final Words: 

PST to Office 365 is in the demand and need of perfect Outlook converter is rising day by day. Manual methods for this doesn’t come handy and fails to provide the user-friendly option. For this, Shoviv Outlook Suite is a best-suited Outlook converter. It is embedded with many features and comes with user-friendly GUI. To check its processing it also provides a free demo/trial version that allows converting the first 25 items per folder.

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