All you need to know about GroupWise Archive to Office 365 Migration

Administrators have to do GroupWise Archive to Office 365 Migration separately because the Archive folder is separate in Novell GroupWise; it contains the mailbox archived by the user. It is in trend because it provides a more user-friendly, secure, and fast platform to users.

Why GroupWise Migration?

  • Being a cloud-based service it provides access from anywhere and anytime in the availability of a stable internet connection.
  • For Office 365, there is no need for an on-premises server. It eradicates the cost of maintenance and management of any physical server.
  • It is easy to handle and comes with the user-friendly interface.
  • Being a product of Microsoft, it comes with the best security features and reliable to use.
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How to do GroupWise Archive to Office 365 Migration:

For the GroupWise Archive to Office 365 Migration, users have the option to go with the manual method but it comes with limitations and not worth it for the professional use. To do this task users also have a wise option to go with the professional third-party tool. Both are described below:

Steps for the manual way:

  • Log in to your account by providing your Username and Password into GroupWise.
  • Before moving for the further steps make sure that all your current emails in GroupWise have already been migrated to Outlook because these emails will be deleted from GroupWise in this process.
  • Now, delete all the current e-mails in GroupWise except the Archived ones.
  • At the upper left corner of the Window click on the “online” button and then select the “Archive”. By this, you will be moved to the existing archive Folder.
  • In the Archive folder, un-archive all the items by manually proceeding.
  • From the left side, select a folder and select all the emails by CTRL+A.
  • On any of the highlighted emails make a right-click & Uncheck the checkbox titled as “Archive”.
  • Drag and drop all un-archived emails into a new folder, give a unique name to it.
  • Now for the GW Archive Folder to Office 365 migration, do a re-migration of the account into Outlook.
  • If the above-written method doesn’t work you, then go with the below given professional tool.
The Proficient way for GroupWise Archive to Office 365 Migration:

To facilitate the GroupWise Archive to Office 365 migration with ease, Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 migration is an advanced tool. It permits to migrate all GroupWise emails to Office 365 in a hassle-free manner. It offers a lot to users, let’s have a look:

  • The software comes with a user-friendly graphical interface and provides a fast and safe migration process.
  • The Software provides the mailbox and folder mapping option to the users. With this option, users can easily migrate from GroupWise mailbox to Target Office 365 mailbox.
  • Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 migration tool facilitates multiple connectivity. To establish the connectivity with GroupWise, it offers various options to add GroupWise Mailboxes (online mode, include proxy, remote mailbox path, cache mailbox path, default). Users can choose as per the need.
  • Apart from the GroupWise Archive to Office 365 migration, the tool also aids to export single or multiple GroupWise mailboxes into Outlook PST in one go. It also allows saving the data in two different formats i.e. EML & MSG, into the local directory.
  • While exporting GroupWise to PST, the option to split the PST file is also given. By this, user can set a size limit for the large-sized PST file to split into small user-given sizes.
  • To enhance the working experience, the software allows a quick preview of data just before the migration.
  • For the GroupWise Archive to Office 365 Migration, the Shoviv software is very compatible as it allows to work with the all versions of MS Outlook, Novell GW as well as Windows Operating System.
Final Words: 

GroupWise Archive to Office 365 migration is in trend because of the user-centric features and accessibility of O365. It is not an easy task if go manually. The manual method asks for superior technical expertise and comes with risk too. For the professionally GroupWise Archive to Office 365 migration, Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 migration tool comes with the number of features that are described in this article. To check its processing and working efficiency free trial/demo version of the software is also available which allows migration of the first 50 items per folder.

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