How to do Hosted Exchange to Office 365 Migration

If you are a Hosted Exchange user and want to execute Hosted Exchange to Office 365 Migration; you are in right place. This article is going to put light on this. 

What Office 365 is?

Nowadays Office 365 is the preference of many users thus migration toward it is in high trend. Moreover, Office 365 is Microsoft’s line of subscription which has cloud-based software as a service product like Skype for Business Server, Share Point, etc. Being cloud-based, it is very scalable and easily accessible from everywhere, as well as Office 365 is cost-efficient too.

Users need to arrange and maintain both: Source and Destination for the migration from Exchange Admin Center.

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Prepare Source Hosted Exchange Environment by following given steps:

  1. Firstly create a new account for the migration and granting full access rights to each mailbox for that account. Run the PowerShell cmdlet to execute the process.

 Get-Mailbox-ResultSize unlimited / Add-MailboxPermission-AccessRightsame> Full Access-User< the user account name>  

  1. Provide the imitation right to the user. For a large size migration, it is a must thing. Go with the cmdlet.

   New- ManagementRoleAssignment-Role ApplicationImpersonation User<username> 

  1.    Export the mailboxes to a CSV file.

Now, Prepare the Destination Environment by following steps: 

  1. Firstly, Setup the user account to receive the mailboxes from the Source.
  2. Create a new admin account having all the permission of the mailboxes.
  3. Next step is of creating a new Exchange Powershell session to execute the migration.

New-PSsSession-ConfigurationNameMicrosoft.Exchange- ConnectionUri $cred-Authentication Basic-AllowRedirection

  1. Grant the migration permission using following cmdlet:

Get-Mailbox-ResultSize Unlimited / Add-MailboxPermission- AccessRights Full Access-Automapping $ false- User<username>

  1. For the Administrator account disable the throttling.
  2. Must verify if the Administrator account is accessible in EWS.

If message attachment size is larger than 10 MB; change some settings:

  1. Increase the maximum message size limit, accepted content length, receive message size, and maximum accepted request length.

Execute the Hosted Exchange to Office 365 Migration Process: 

The Administrator of Office 365 can start the migration using the E-mail migration wizard of Exchange Admin Centre. An administrator can control the migration process as well as has the right to create multiple migration batches. Doer can run multiple migration batches concurrently.

Steps to create migration batches using the E-mail migration wizard:
  1. Firstly, Sign in to Office 365 using the administrator credential.
  2. Admin Option > Exchange Option.
  3. Make a click on Migration Option, and move to select the New (+).
  4. Go with the option of Remote Move.
  5. Select the users to account by clicking the Add (+).
  6. Get the Hosted Exchange Administrator Account, provide the username as ‘domain name/Administrator’.
  7. Next step is of creating the Migration Endpoints and creating migration batches with a new name.
  8. Provide the destination domain and target credentials.
  9. Now, start the batch migration. 

After the completion of the process; once crosscheck. 

What does this manual method lack?
  • Proper know-how of the process is required to execute it seamlessly.
  • A single mistake can create big trouble consequently technical expertise is a must; chances of human error.
  • It requires numerous changes in both: Source and Destination ends.
  • Manual Method is a very time-taking process.
How to do Hosted Exchange to Office 365 Migration effortlessly?

Effortlessly Hosted Exchange to Office 365 migration can be done using the third-party professional tool. Hence, Shoviv Exchange Server Suite is the best suited advanced software to execute Hosted Exchange to Office 365 migration proficiently. The Shoviv Exchange Server is built with the user-friendly GUI and many handy features. A free demo/trial of the software is also available that allows migration of first 50 items per folder to make you able check the processing of the Software.

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