Can I Import MSG to EML and Microsoft 365 Using Single Tool?

Many email clients use the EML file format as a standard. This format looks like a text file that you can open in Notepad or another text editor. As a result, many users are interested in learning how to convert MSG to EML online. Email clients, on the other hand, are unable to access MSG files containing email material, assignments, meetings, and appointments.

Microsoft Outlook is the only application that can open MSG files.

Users can need to convert MSG to EML files for a variety of reasons. To learn more, read the following reasons:

  • To view the contents of an MSG file in Thunderbird or other email clients. EML files are compatible with a wide range of email clients, so users must convert MSG file data to EML.

On the other hand, users can import MSG to Microsoft 365. Microsoft Outlook uses MSG files to save single email message information. It’s a file copy of an email message that only works with Microsoft Outlook. Both users now prefer the cloud platform to email or exchanging messages. Office 365 is the most advanced and recommended cloud application for emailing among all users.

Yes, users can import MSG to EML and MSG into Office 365 with the help of a single tool like Shoviv MSG to Office 365 migration tool. Throughout this article, we will study the best approach to import MSG to Microsoft 365.

Why import MSG to Microsoft 365?

Both users now prefer the cloud platform to email or exchanging messages. And for emailing purposes, Office 365 is the most advanced and recommended cloud platform among all users. MSG files cover a range of important data, but they are only available on the computer where they are stored.

  1. We all know that technology advances at a speedy pace. Every day, new ways of interacting with one another emerge. The majority of users choose to move from a desktop-based email client to a cloud-based mail application for this purpose.
  2. Switching to cloud-based software, on the other hand, gives users the ability to securely access, scan, and store data in the cloud, allowing them to collaborate and connect from anywhere and at any time. That is why importing MSG files to an Office 365 cloud account is important.

We also want to point out that users cannot import MSG directly into Office 365. But don’t worry; in the next section, we’ll go through the best way to import MSG to Microsoft 365 account.

Rapid Solution to Import MSG to Microsoft 365- Shoviv MSG to office 365 Migration tool

As, there is no direct method to import MSG to Microsoft 365 account, so the best way for users to complete this process by using Shoviv MSG to Office 365 migration tool.

It is a professional tool for efficiently migrating MSG to Office 365. The software offers many features, including the ability to export MSG files to Live Exchange Server. Users can easily convert MSG files to PST and EML files with this tool. This software has a lot of user-friendly functionality and gives users a lot of organizational ability.

  • The software designed with an easy-to-understand and run processing, as well as a user-friendly graphical user interface. Software configuration is so simple that any user (technical or non-technical) can import MSG into Microsoft 365 with ease.
  • Using the software’s user-centric tools, users can easily add multiple. .msg files and migrate them to Office 365 mailboxes.
  • This tool adopts an advanced algorithm to preserve data integrity.
  • The software has a feature to convert MSG files to Outlook (PST), Office 365, and Live Exchange. Since it is specialized software, it expertly preserves data originality and does not change it.
  • After completing the process, this tool generates a process report.
  • A trial version is available for users to test and check software before purchasing it. Users can process the first 50 items per folder in the demo version.

Wrap Up

We have provided a solution to import MSG to Microsoft 365 in this article. Users can complete this process without difficulty by using professional software. While this is a professional tool, it does not require any technical knowledge to use. You can test the tool feature and results with a free demo version.



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