Best PST Repair Tool 2024 – 5 Factors You Should Consider

File corruption is undoubtedly a nightmare for any Outlook user. And if you don’t repair the PST file in time, you’re likely to lose all your important emails and other mailbox data. Luckily, there are many vendors in the online marketplace today which provide Outlook Recovery software. But a wide range of options can definitely make your head spin. I’m sure you’re familiar with this feeling of having too many choices. This article will walk through the top 5 factors for choosing the best PST Repair tool 2021.

It’s always hard to choose the best solution when you have too many choices.

As a computer user, choosing a new software application means you stand at a crossroads. Not only are there so many options from which to choose, but making the wrong decision can result in additional problems instead of fixing the real issue. Moreover, new vendors are rapidly becoming available in the online marketplace, making it even more challenging to determine the right solution.

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Outlook Mailbox Corruption

Almost no computer file is immune to corruption. An Outlook data file, commonly known as PST (personal storage table), may become corrupted at any time due to any reason. Although Microsoft provides the Inbox Repair tool scanpst utility to handle corruption and repair PST files, sometimes it may fail in the case of severe corruption. In such a situation, Outlook experts and professionals always recommend using a 3rd party Outlook Repair tool. But how would you choose the best PST Repair tool?

Generally, a user takes the help of a search engine like Google to meet the searching needs. Google always uses an advanced algorithm to provide the best search results. Let’s suppose if you search “PST Repair tool” or “Outlook Recovery software” on Google, it then returns the most relevant results to your search. There are 10 results per page in Google search which means you have 10 different options. You can’t say that the option shown on the top is the right solution for you. You need to be sure before choosing any solution. Narrow down your choice to the one that aligns with your values the most.

Choose the best PST Repair tool

Whenever I find multiple suitable options, I choose the one with the highest potential in terms of features, functionalities, and, most importantly, user-friendliness. Being an intelligent user, you should always consider more than just price while choosing something needful. The PST Repair tool provided by Shoviv Software is regarded as one of the best solutions to repair PST files and perform an effortless Outlook email recovery. There are many factors that an Outlook user needs to consider when choosing the best PST Repair tool.


Before purchasing any 3rd party software, you must learn about the nature and complexity of the product. Make sure the Outlook Recovery software you’re choosing should have the following characteristics:

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Efficiency

The Outlook Repair tool provided by Shoviv Software is a standout amongst the most. If we talk about the features, it has many, making the Outlook email recovery task easy. Below are the most prominent features of this PST Repair tool:

  • No size limitation, i.e., you can repair PST file of any size;
  • Complete recovery of emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, etc. from the corrupt PST file;
  • Batch recovery of multiple PST files at a time;
  • Smart preview of the recoverable data before saving;
  • Recover deleted emails from the corrupt PST file;
  • Save all the recovered data into a new file of PST, EML, MSG, HTML, RTF formats;
  • Export new PST files to Office 365, Live Exchange, Novell GroupWise, and Lotus Domino

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The word availability simply means that something is easily obtainable and ready for use. There are many software download sites on the Internet to download software applications. Generally, vendors upload the executable (.exe) file of their software applications on such download sites to download the software with ease. Also, many of the vendors provide free demo versions of their software applications. So it’s strongly recommended to download the demo version for a free evaluation. Using the demo version, you can check the software’s capabilities before purchasing its licensed version. And if you’re satisfied with the demo version, then only you should buy the software.

The PST Repair tool provided by Shoviv Software is available with the demo version. The demo version is available on almost all software download sites like CNET and Softonic. Using the demo version, you can scan the corrupt PST file and check the preview of your recoverable data. The saving feature is disabled in the demo version. To save the recovered data into a new PST file, you need to purchase the licensed version.


This is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to choosing a 3rd party software. A software application should be designed with usability in mind for maximum efficiency and ease of use. A user-friendly interface isn’t overly complex but instead straightforward, providing quick access to the standard features. Shoviv Outlook Repair tool is one such solution that contains an intuitive interface and requires a minimal explanation for how to use it. Unlike other unreliable products, it doesn’t malfunction crash.

Support & Compatibility

Since we’re discussing “how to choose the best PST Repair tool” here, we just can’t skip this significant section, Support & Compatibility. Microsoft has released many versions of its Outlook client, i.e., from 97 to the latest 2016. The Outlook Recovery software should support PST files (both ANSI & Unicode) created by all the Outlook versions. Also, software compatibility plays an important role here. Make sure the Outlook Repair tool you’re choosing is compatible with all Windows-based operating systems. And the PST Repair tool from Shoviv Software is one of the best solutions for support and compatibility.


Pricing is one of the most important factors, so never overlook it. Generally, the price of a software application and its value can be faulty sometimes when it comes to quality. Never purchase a software tool just because it has a long list of extra features. Maybe many of those features might not even be required. You should always prefer a solution that meets your requirements at an affordable price. To avail of the best PST Repair tool, you just need to spend $49, a cost-effective price.

Important note:

A professional PST Repair tool is a great way to fix corrupt PST files and recover your data from them. However, it ain’t 100% guaranteed that you’ll be able to recover maximum data from it. Moreover, a lot of time and manual effort is required. Therefore, I recommend you take a backup of your Outlook data file to prevent any loss due to corruption or accidental deletion.

Unlike other similar software products, the Shoviv PST Repair tool contains a solid feature set, convenient user options, and a straightforward user interface with many positive reviews.

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Corruption can ruin your crucial Outlook data. So it’s better to fix corruption by using a professional Outlook Repair tool. Having too many options always makes it harder to choose. The article explained the top 5 reasons you should be considering while selecting the best PST Repair tool. The PST Repair tool of Shoviv Software is the best solution in the category of Outlook Recovery software.



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