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Fix and Repair Oversized Outlook PST File The Best Way

Last updated on September 11th, 2020

The MS Outlook is a renowned email client that comes with effective and user-oriented features. And most of us utilizing the MS Outlook to perform the daily events and official tasks. But sometimes we have to face some minor problems due to our flaws. It may be due to the oversized Outlook PST file about which we will learn here.

If you think for the scanpst.exe utility to repair corrupted PST files, you are right. It’s a feature provided by MS Outlook but many times it’s not a picture-perfect solution for all situations. Anyway, here we are discussing all that you need to know about the oversized Outlook PST files and its solution. So, read it out to get emphatic and responsive tracts which settle your problematic situation, firstly we will discuss what PST is.

What is Outlook PST File? And the Nature of PST?

As we know the Microsoft Outlook is renowned for giving user-centric and advanced features or can say in a word it’s coherent of the best features. MS Outlook email application consists of a contact manager, task manager, calendar, note-taking, journal, and web browser. It builds an Outlook data file, which is known as Outlook PST File.  PST file stands for personal storage table and it is a file that store emails and other databases included contacts, task manager, calendar, note-taking, journal, and web browser likewise the equivalent attachments.

We find two natures of Outlook PST file, one is ANSI and the second one is UNICODE. Both utilize in different versions like the older versions of Outlook 2002 and the previous versions utilize ANSI format to store Outlook PST File. And Unicode utilizes for the 2003 and later versions to yet. Both Outlook PST File format has different quantum, 2GB is the limitation fixed for ANSI to store content mailboxes even you can store more than 90% and more in Unicode format means you can 20GB store content mailboxes in the Unicode format Outlook PST File well it extent at 50GB in Outlook 2010 and newer versions.

Reasons and Effects of Oversized Outlook PST File:

Mainly the oversized Outlook PST file being risky and being fact behind prone to corruption. The size limitation problem is considered as the main reason for corruption.

Most of us doing execution as an active Outlook user, we implement send and receive a large number of emails every day that makes a large number of mailbox data which increase the Outlook PST file quantum. On one final day, it will reach its maximum quantum and when it reaches this maximum quantum, we’re likely to stand before intense issues that impact badly on MS outlook execution too. Whenever the PST file crosses its maximum limits, exactly we will surround of worse issues.

Some are the error messages given below, you may encounter while you make an effort to open deprave or corrupt Outlook PST File.

  • The filename.pst is not from a personal folders file.
  • The filename.pst has reached its maximum quantum limit.
  • An emergent error fend ingress to this file. Utilize Scandisk to examine the disk for errors and flaws, and then try utilizing the Inbox Repair tool again.
  • The set of these folders can’t open.
  • Can’t extend the folder right now.

Anyway, the above-shown error will not frustrate you more. If you’ll deal perfectly with the oversized Outlook PST File, even you have a too large Outlook PST File, you should satisfy the need to rescue your PST database file from being oversized and get deprave.

Divide/Split Oversized Outlook PST File:

If you’ll do some of the easy execution you won’t have to face big errors in the future, and it is also a useful trick to rescue your PST file. If you get that the Outlook database file has reached it maximum quantum, you can divide those file into several aspects. By accomplishing this execution you’ll get two or more than a PST File.

Compress Oversized PST File:

You can also compress Outlook PST File determine to get more space to stock more mailboxes content. You can utilize the built-in feature of MS Outlook to clamp or can use a professional tool to compress and compact PST file.

Delete Duplicate Items:

Duplicated items are the most responsible factor behind an oversized Outlook PST File. Obviously, duplicate items have occupied most of the space of the PST database file which can be a factor of making PST file oversized. Deletion is the perfect option to get an oversized Outlook PST File into a healthy state. Do these tracts to mend the oversized Outlook PST database.

Readily get an oversized PST in the healthy state with backup:

Most of the time, backup comes auxiliary in getting out from the problematic situation as the same assistance backup us while doing execution with an oversized Outlook PST file. Mostly admin keeps a permissible copy and guarantees backup as an option, so they can execute while getting an error. It is considered as the best way to rescue corrupt and deprave PST file. Whenever admin gets an error message or alert regarding the Outlook PST file while opening the PST File database file; there are chances that the file is corrupt. If you are also doing the same the mostly admin does and keeps a backup of your Outlook PST file database file. Simply you can restore the PST file from your backup drive.

Do this if you are careless with backup:

Well, if you’re careless about doing backup execution and not keeping valid backup copies, don’t worry, you can utilize the utility provided by MS Outlook i.e. scanpst.exe application. But to perform the scanpst.exe tool, you must reside in its performable file.

Third-party option to repair PST file:

If you have a vast PST file to repair you can’t execute the task with the scanpst.exe. Scanpst.exe doesn’t work for the PST files of more than 2 G.B. Also PST files don’t come handy in repairing major issues. That time you will free to choose the third party options from which you can repair your PST Database file. Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool is an advanced and user-oriented tool to repair and recover Outlook PST file. A free demo version of the software is also available with which users can check the working efficiency of the tool for their task.

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