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Root Cause of OST File Corruption and Way for OST Recovery

Last updated on May 18th, 2023

Are you in trouble due to the OST file corruption issue and searching for an efficient way for OST Recovery? If yes is your answer, then this blog is for you.

What is the OST file?

OST file is the MS Outlook data storage files. OST is the abbreviation for Offline Storage Table, and it stores an offline copy of the Outlook data, which is stored on the Exchange Server. The OST file allows us to make changes even in the absence of connection, and when connection establishes, it synchronizes with the server and makes changes. Along with the OST file, Outlook also has a file format called PST for storing data. Outlook users must know the difference between the OST and PST files.

Factors behind the OST file Corruption:

OST files store essential data of users hence very crucial for users. Corruption in the OST file can be a disaster for an organization or any individual. Several factors cause the corruption issue in the OST file, and a user must be aware of these factors. We can divide these factors into the Hardware Issue and Software Issue.

Hardware Issues:

Sudden Electricity Cut: Sudden electricity cut often parlous for devices and the system hard disk and stored data too. Sudden PC abolishing during synchronization, maybe a big factor of corruption in OST files. So, we should assure and prepare a recovery panel to escape from this problem.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD): Strong factor behind the corruption of OST files can be the existence in the bad sector of the hard disk drive. These OST files may become corrupt, and you can’t read the mailbox content.

Network Connection: Many times bad network connection harms OST files when synchronizing with Exchange Server. This happens due to the bad network connection or due to erroneous network devices like network cables, routers, NIC or network interface cards, and other devices used for the internet connection.

Software Issues:

Virus Invasion & Software Malfunction (Negation): There are many software issues responsible for corruption in OST files. Software malfunction means when a software application starts working abnormally or crashes/collides with other applications installed in your system. From the invasion of viruses and malicious software, downloading the OST file can be inaccessible or out of your reach.

Emergent Cancellation: Whenever your Outlook application gets abolishing cogently or with emergent termination due to cause of anything such as electricity deduction, this can be a factor of OST file corruption. Be assure before accessing, working, or synchronizing the OST files that you have to avoid termination of Outlook client from Task Manager too.

Incapable workload: If you have a lot of data and taking more work than the capability of your device. That assigns itself as a factor for the OST file corruption.

Synchronization Error: We should not forget this factor, synchronization is the procedure of updating OST files to Exchange Server in which you’ve recently made changes. If any kind of interruption like reducing files quantum or increasing of file quantum will happen, it can make your OST file corrupted.

So, these were the common factors responsible for the OST file corruption. If due to any reason your OST files get corrupted, you must go for the OST recovery with a reliable tool.

Shoviv Exchange OST Recovery- An Advanced and Reliable Tool

For OST recovery, a professional and proficient tool is a must, and the Shoviv Exchange OST Recovery tool tops the row. Shoviv OST Recovery Tool comes with various advanced and user-centric features and makes the software a professional utility. Some of its salient features are:

  • It expertly recovers any size of OST files in a single attempt without any restriction on size and number.
  • After recovery, it offers to convert OST files to file formats like PST, EML, HTML, MSG, vCal, and vCard, etc.
  • Search options based on the “Subject”, “From”, “CC”, and “BCC” et cetera criteria are given within the software for the users’ ease.
  • Shoviv Exchange OST Recovery provides features to export OST file items to the Live Exchange Server and Office 365.
  • A preview option that allows viewing data after recovery before conversion is also available. It helps to get assured about the data.

Final Words:

OST file corruption is a matter of concern for the Exchange users. There may be several reasons behind the corruption of OST files. Users must be aware of these factors. If your OST files get corrupted, you must go with the professional third-party tool; Shoviv Exchange OST Recovery Tool. Users can check the working of the software by downloading the free demo version of the software. 24*7 technical support is also available with the software.

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