Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration Steps to Follow Before You Start

If you are planning to Migrate Exchange server to Office 365, then it is good to know some pre-migration tasks. These steps will help you to smoothly migrate Exchange server to Office 365 without having any trouble. Let’s know about the Office 365 migration steps:

Office 365 Migration Steps: Know Your Current Environment:

To migrate safely, have accurate information about your current environment. You must have the information on the given points:

  • Details of exchange user accounts (user name and email address).
  • Details of Exchange mailboxes and their sizes (Shared mailboxes, Archive Mailboxes etc.)
  • Be aware of Intranet sites, instant messaging systems, file storage locations, and online meetings.
  • You must have the information about your existing network settings.
  • You should be aware of the client machine versions and configurations (Browser, OS, MS Office application)

Check Potential Blockers:

  • A lot of factors such as Active directory parameters, network settings, and hardware requirements etcetera features of Exchange Server infrastructure can play an important role at the time of migration. So, it is good to manage them efficiently.
  • Prepare active directory accounts, directory objects, attribute values, have the UPN name of the accounts at Office 365. Equate the Active directory DS UPN with the Office 365 UPN.
  • Try to estimate the bandwidth of your network and check the possibilities if it can carry extensive data to Office 365.

Set up Office 365 Account:

Before commencing the Migration process, you must have an active Office 365 account. Below are the basic steps to create an Office 365 account:

  • Sign up and go for Premium Pack:           
  1. Go to the Microsoft product site and select Office 365 plan as per your need.
  2. Follow the given steps and add a domain and a new user.
  • Install MS Office:
  1. Go to the Admin Portal of Office 365 and click on “Go to Setup”.
  2. Go with the “Get Started” under the “Install your Office apps”.
  3. Now choose “Install now” under the “Microsoft Office Professional Plus”.
  4. Click Install.
  • Set up Outlook:
  1. Set up the Outlook account by following File>Info>Add Account.
  2. Provide the Office 365 credentials and click connect.

Go with the Reccomended Office 365 Migration Steps/Method:

After managing all the Pre-migration tasks, now you are ready for the migration. There are many methods to migrate exchange server to Office 365. We have Cutover Migration method for the small migration, for the older versions like Exchange 2003 we have Staged Migration, and the Hybrid Migration when you wish to keep both Exchange and Office 365. As well as there is professional and multitasking Office 365 migration tool for the ease of the process. So, to migrate Exchange Server to Office 365 choose migration method wisely.

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By performing all the Office 365 migration steps, you may be quite ready for the Office 365 migration. But going with the manual method will be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Any minor mistake can lead to failure. To migrate Exchange to Office 365 professionally and safely, a handy tool Shoviv Exchange Server Suite is the best solution. It has many user-centric features and provides numerous benefits to the users such as adding of multiple mailboxes as a source, Filter options, mailbox mapping option etcetera.


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