Know How to Open MBOX File and Import into Gmail

Many users on the internet are seeking a reliable method to open MBOX files to Outlook. This write-up is created to sort out users’ how to open MBOX files query. Let’s elaborate.

MBOX is a file format used by multiple email clients such as Eudora, Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, and many more. But the bitter truth is you cannot open the MBOX file in Outlook directly. Hence if you want to open MBOX files in Outlook, there is the only workaround that is perform the conversion process.

Here, we’ll convert MBOX to PST using the Shoviv MBOX to PST converter tool to open MBOX files in Outlook. It is a recommended utility that keeps a convenient GUI that makes it accessible for everyone.  

How to open an MBOX file in Outlook; recommended solution:

The road to open an MBOX file in Outlook depends on few factors. Like which way/software you are using, MBOX file size, or types of items available in the MBOX file. If you use the suggested solution, then you do not need to worry about these factors. Shoviv MBOX to PST converter is developed to convert MBOX file to PST format; without any restrictions. 

Step by step process to use Shoviv MBOX converter: 

  • Firstly, install and launch the software.
  • Secondly, click on the Add button.
  • Now Browse the MBOX files folder and click on the Add folder button.
  • Now select any MBOX file from the folder view (left pane) and click on the Outlook PST option on the ribbon bar.
  • An export in PST wizard gets open, Check/uncheck the files, and ensure the export type.
  • Now browse the target folder to save the resultant PST file. Users can apply passwords on the PST file and split the PST file into multiple small-size PST files.
  • After that, use the filter option as per need. The filter option is based on include/exclude Subject, From, and To.
  • Now click the Export button. After that software will provide you Trim folder option, select as per need and click the Ok button.
  • Now the software will start the conversion process. Once the conversion process gets completed, the software will provide you a log report. Users can save the log report for later use.

It is the process to convert MBOX to PST format using the Shoviv MBOX converter. Once users convert the MBOX file in PST format, they can easily access and import it in Outlook. In case you only want to see the MBOX file data, then use the free MBOX viewer tool by Shoviv.  

Import MBOX into Gmail

Gmail is the most successful webmail server. It provides a backup file (in MBOX format). Sometimes users’ need to restore the MBOX file. But the problem is there is no direct method to import MBOX into Gmail. That’s why there is many users’ query how to open MBOX file in Gmail. So here is the solution.

Users can import MBOX files into Gmail using the manual approach. Manually users have to convert MBOX into PST and then import PST file into Gmail using the GAMMO tool by google. Let’s show you how?

  1. Import MBOX to PST: As we mentioned above, there is no direct manual method to convert MBOX to PST. So use the Shoviv MBOX converter to convert the MBOX file into PST format. After converting the MBOX file into PST format, import PST into Gmail.
  1. Import PST to Gmail: To import PST into Gmail, pursue the following steps:
  • Firstly, download and install the GAMMO tool by Google. Import MBOX into Gmail 01
  • Secondly, sign in to Google workplace and allows permission. Import MBOX into Gmail 02
  • Now click on the dropdown menu in the user profile wizard and choose from the PST files option. Import MBOX into Gmail 03
  • Then select the PST files you want to import and check the other option as per need. And click on the Next button. Import MBOX into Gmail 04
  • Now the migration setting wizard gets open, select the data you want to export into Gmail and click on the Migrate button. 

Final Words:

This write-up is describing an automated tool to sort out users’ how to open MBOX files query. Besides this, the write-up also keeps a manual way to import MBOX into Gmail. We hope it helps.

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Carlie Hanson

I love that Shoviv MBOX Viewer does what the professional suggests. There aren’t frills or minced words. Shoviv works and does exactly what it was designed to do.

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