How to migrate GroupWise to Office 365 – Step by Step

How to migrate GroupWise to Office 365 – Step by Step

The world is moving at such a fast pace that it is essential to keep up with developments in technology. One such development is cloud-based email management. Earlier, people used to love server based email management, but times have changed.

Why Migrate GroupWise to Office 365?

As time passed, email users realized that with cloud-based email services, they would be able to access their mailboxes from anywhere with the required credentials.

This is one main reason why most people are moving to Office 365, including the organizations that use GroupWise. The benefits of GroupWise to Office 365 migration are endless and that is why most GroupWise users can be found asking how to migrate GroupWise to Office 365.

GroupWise VS Office 365

Novell GroupWise is an on-premises email management platform which works flawlessly on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. It has been designed to help users in managing their emails, profile data, calendars, instant messaging, tasks, and other personal information.

Office 365 is an online subscription-based service which does more than just managing emails. Its benefits outweigh the Novell GroupWise features. It gives you control of Microsoft Office applications, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and Microsoft Web Apps.

How to Migrate GroupWise to Office 365- step by step guide

There are two ways to Migrate GroupWise to Office 365. The most convenient way is to use the Shoviv GroupWise to Office 365 Migration tool. However, we will also share the older method which was to manually move the database so that you can understand how far we have come. The manual GroupWise to Office 365 migration process is quite lengthy and you need to have previous knowledge to perform it effectively. Here is how you can migrate GroupWise to Office 365 manually in steps.

Prepare the Source Environment

  1. You need to Enable the SOAP endpoint by starting the GroupWise ConsoleOne>GroupWise Agent Settings>select the Enable SOAP to get access.
  2. You can then generate the user list through your GroupWise ConsoleOne portal.

(To migrate GroupWise, you are going to need both the username and the email address)

  • Single POA (Post Office Agent)

For one POA, you will make one user list and then move all users from a single Shoviv mailbox project.

  • Multiple POAs (Post Office Agent)
    1. Multiple POAs are not linked in this process
    2. Generation of an individual user list is necessary for each POA
    3. These lists are then used to add users to each Shoviv mailbox project
    4. You will then generate multiple source endpoints, individually for each POA with the IP address of the POA as a part of the GroupWise SOAP URL. The format will be as follows: <http/https>://<IP address>:7191/soap
    5. Multiple POAs are linked in this process
      • Here you need to generate a single user list and will include all users from all POAs.
      • Go ahead to use this list and add the users to a single Shoviv mailbox project.
      • Here you need to generate only one source endpoint which includes the external IP address of the POA as part of the GroupWise SOAP URL which falls under
      • You will create only one Source endpoint and include the external IP address of the POA as part of the GroupWise SOAP URL. It will follow this format: <http or https>://<IP address>:7191/soap
    6. If you want to migrate from GroupWise using admin credentials, you have to create a Trusted Application Key
    7. If the Source is GroupWise 8 SP1 or later:
    8. Register a Trusted Application key named “Shoviv” using the GroupWise GUI.
    9. Make sure that the app name is given “Shoviv”
    10. Duly note the key number for the app key textbox.

If the Source is earlier version than GroupWise 8 SP1

  • Use the command line tool to create the Trusted Application Key.
  • Go to the desired GroupWise server>Log in as an admin>verify your access and credentials to get full access to the domain folder>extract the ZIP files in a local temp folder
  • You need to then run the EXE while keeping the GroupWise database folder as an argument.

Prepare the Destination Environment

  1. To begin the migration process, you need an admin account in Office 365. You can also use the global admin account for the tenant.
  2. You will set up accounts on Office 365 with licenses. There are many ways to do it
    • You can do it manually, one at a time.
    • You can also perform a bulk import, via CSV file.
    • One can also do this via PowerShell script.

DeploymentPro Steps

  1. Launch the DeploymentPro

1) Follow with All Products>DeploymentPro and then follow the instructions

2) You can select a customer by clicking on customer name

3) Here is how you can configure the customerDeploymentPro module:

  1. Enter the Domain.
  2. Select the Destination endpoint.
  3. Select the Auto-populate option to go forward.
  4. You can then upload your company logo and enter support text in the client interface configuration.
    Save and continue.
  1. Activate the Deployment Pro module for users.
    1. Here you can select either user individually or all the users at once
    2. Click on to select the Schedule Cutover
  2. Manage the profile cutover date to set the date and time.
    • Go on to set the desired date/time for the Outlook Profile Configuration and select the Schedule Cutover button
      Once this happens, users will be guided through the reconfiguration of their Outlook profile.

Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook 365 Migration

If you are a GroupWise user who needs to Migrate GroupWise to Outlook 365 in an easy and flawless manner, this is the right tool for you. It was designed after years of research so that even inexperienced users could migrate GroupWise to Outlook 365 without fearing data loss.

It is designed to work flawlessly on all versions of MS Outlook, Novell GroupWise as well as all windows operating systems.

Why use this GroupWise to Office 365 migration tool?

If you want to migrate GroupWise mailboxes to Office 365 and MS Outlook without any restriction of size or fear of data loss, this is the best tool for you. If you want to enjoy total control over your GroupWise mailboxes, you are going to love the fact that it is not limited to a single operating system or GroupWise version. You also get an assurance of high-speed results and no data loss during or after the migration.

Here are some of the best features of the Shoviv  GroupWise to Office 365 tool:

Migrate GroupWise to Office 365

You can easily shift your database without needing any experience since the tool offers a user-friendly interface that clearly explains the process. However, you need to have Office 365 user credentials (Global Admin Rights) to extract all the mailboxes.

Folder and Mailbox Mapping Facility

If you are going to change the source/target as well as the name of the folders during migration, you are going to love this tool. This feature allows you to map the source of GroupWise mailboxes to target Office 365 Mailboxes either automatically or manually. One can also migrate from GroupWise Mailbox to Office 365 Public Folders & Archive Mailboxes along with the ability to migrate to Office 365 and PST while mapping all folders.

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Multiple Connectivity

With this tool, you can establish connectivity with several options to add GroupWise mailboxes (Default, online mode, include proxy, cache mailbox path, remote mailbox path). You can freely utilize and enjoy this feature as per your requirement.

Export from GroupWise to Multiple Formats (PST, EML & MSG)

With this tool, you can export multiple GroupWise mailboxes to PST format in just a single one time process. You can even save the data in EML and MSG formats in your local directory. This gives you a lot of freedom and control over the data so that you can convert it to the format you want. You can also preserve the Unicode status of the data.

PST File Splitter Option

If your Novell GroupWise to Office 365 migration leads you to a situation where you need to convert to PST, you can manage the size of files too. If your GroupWise database is large, you can convert the resulting PST files into smaller bundles for better management.

GroupWise to Outlook Profile Transfer

Want to migrate GroupWise data to a particular email client or Outlook profile? This tool offers the chance to migrate to Office 365 Outlook profile with 100% assurance of total data safety. You also get to migrate the data to the public folder or archive mailboxes.

Filter Item Facility

You can now filter all items and details on your own discretion based on the time and item types with this tool. This applies for all export and GroupWise to Office 365 migration tasks when you want to keep track of your data and what you are moving.

Data Screening for 100% Efficiency

The tool gives you an option of previewing your email files before you finally convert them. This ensures that no files are lost or missed before the conversion begins. With this GroupWise to Office 365 migration tool, you are in total control.

Support and Assistance

You also get 24×7 assistance in case you need any help or assistance. The support team is friendly to assist you in any problems that you might face.

Want proof of what you just read? Get a free trial today

If you want to test the free demo of the Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook 365 migration tool, you can do it right here. The free demo gives you an idea about the performance and results of the tool.

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