Fix Microsoft Outlook Error – Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook 2016?

Last updated on July 27th, 2023

Often, email clients user face some of the undesirable flaws and errors while operating the MS Outlook application which utilizes in most of the organization. Might you are also utilizing the MS Outlook application and facing the equivalent problem, and you have a question likewise many posted. let’s know briefly about the Microsoft Outlook Error.

“Cannot start MS Outlook 2016” or “Outlook won’t open problem”

Well’ calm down and get a refreshing beverage to refresh yourself and read it out while having your beverage. Certainly, you will fix two things at one time, you will refresh your mood and also aware of how to settle this problem. This article will help you find the best settlement in clear phrases.

The reason behind is the error in the Outlook window:- Sometimes when you get the call to send the relevant mail regarding a new project. And you start your PC and reach the MS Outlook and try to open by double-clicking on the MS Outlook icon. Then your PC show an error message such as “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook” or “Cannot open the Outlook Window” in your system. The reasons behind the error are as mentioned below:

  • Microsoft says that the error exists due to corrupted Navigation Pane setting File-xml. The MS Outlook profile is the same name in “profilename”. If its size is minimal in kb, the flaw may be corrected.
  • The error rate enhances the compatibility mode. While utilization of MS outlook in Compatibility Mode, you can face the error message that “Cannot open the Outlook Window” on your system.
  • If you are utilizing an old profile on an older version of MS Outlook, then MS Outlook can relapse to open the MS Outlook on your window.
  • Most of the time the reason behind not opening of MS outlook is irrelevant to uninstall and reinstall of the application on your PC.
  • If you have deleted any setting or MS Outlook file have damaged, certainly it will profane and
  • left impact on the whole MS outlook application and can a cause to not open.

Recovery tract for the script “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook 2016”

1st Tract: To mend the Navigation Pane settings file.

You get a repaired Navigation Pane setting by doing readily execution of a given process.

  • First click on the Start button, and type outlook.exe/resetnavpane.
  • Choose the file then launch the Outlook application.

Now it’s completed, let’s go to renovate the with the second tract. 

2nd tract: Make a New profile for the MS Outlook

Creating a new Outlook profile and move all your stored data from the previous profile to the newer will solve the Outlook problem.

  • A tract to create a new Outlook profile:
  • Find start, then got to Control Panel and select Mail.
  • To create a new MS Outlook profile, in the Mailbox, click on Data Files> Add.
  • Frame your new profile as a default profile for Outlook.
  • And re-launch the MS Outlook. It will open the new profile.
  • For moving the old database into the new profile, open the MS Outlook window.
  • Click on file then click open, then click Import and then click Import from another program.
  • Select the older database file and just click on Next.
  • When you get the process is accomplished, click finish. 

3rd Tract: Change Compatibility Mode in MS Outlook

When you’re MS Outlook not work in compatibility mode, then change it choose the opposite to disable the mode. Procedures to change the mode of Outlook is:

  • First, click the start button and type exe in the search tab.
  • Do Right-click on the Outlook.exe file.
  • Then click the Properties tab, select Compatibility.
  • Deselect the compatibility mode check-box and press OK.
  • Then re-launch the MS Outlook application.
  • If you get compatibility mode is still enabled, then search for the PST file.
  • Select Restore previous versions.

4th tract: Start Outlook in Safe Mode barring Add-ins

Frequently, add-ins make problem with Microsoft Outlook in Safe mode to resettle the problem “MS Outlook Cannot start”

The step of stating MS Outlook Safe Mode is here, have a glance, and learn it to fix your next problem of MS Outlook start.

  • Click Start, and type text Outlook /safe.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • When the message demonstrates the options and asks you to open MS Outlook in the safe mode, do Yes.

5th Tract: Restore Outlook File utilizing Inbox Repair Tool

By irrelevant previous version uninstallation, the PST file gets deprave and damaged itself, and it can be a cause to decline the command of opening the MS Outlook. To rescue the damaged file and corrupted file, do the same given below:

  • Start Windows Explorer, and navigate Program files and Microsoft Office.
  • Type exe and find scanpst.exe file in the search field.
  • When you get scanpst.exe file then double click on that and browse the residence of PST where the PST file located.
  • Do start to begin the scanning execution. Still, if you getting an error message for the PST file. Likewise, the given below:

Note: “Errors were found in this file. To repair these errors or flaws, click Repair”.

  • Do select the repair option and click on it.
  • After the accomplishment of the mending implementation of the PST file launch the MS Outlook application.
  • The repair tool coherent in Microsoft is proficient to restore the impure and deprave file.

The final words for the reader:-

Hopefully, it assists you to get your workaholic attitude back, which was lost due to the situation; you were facing during tremendous execution on MS Outlook. Finally, I hope, you have fixed all the problems of  Microsoft Outlook Error with the above given lucrative tracts and step-by-step processing. Certainly, you got the finest outcome this time.

In case if you still face the issues, you must try a professional solution like, Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool which would be an ideal solution to get rid of such issues.

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