How to convert GroupWise to Outlook – step by step

Last updated on May 17th, 2023 at 06:32 pm

If you want to convert GroupWise to Outlook format without risking your email data, you should pay close attention. There are lot of tools that claim to convert GroupWise to Outlook files; however, most of them are online tools that offer to export GroupWise to PST for free. You should avoid such tools at any cost since they don’t provide you any security for your database.

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Most recommended way to convert GroupWise to Outlook PST files

Most experts recommend using certified or professional tools that are created to ensure safety for your email files during and after conversion. These tools are created in order to simplify the GroupWise to PST transfer process so that even a first time or inexperienced user can also easily convert GroupWise to Outlook files with accuracy. So, how can you find such a tool that works for you and is also easy and reliable?

Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook converter is here to save the day

Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook converter is a certified piece of software which was created to successfully export GroupWise to Outlook PST files without any risks. The best thing about this tool is that it is incredibly easy to operate. It can be installed quickly and works at high speeds without any lag. This tool is recommended by other GroupWise users and experts alike since it protects your GroupWise email files from data loss and gives you 100% surety of no data loss or modification.

Why choose this GroupWise to Outlook PST converter

  • It is incredibly fast and accurate
  • You can use the tool successfully without needing experience
  • It can be set up in just a few clicks without needing assistance
  • It comes with a user-friendly and attractive GUI that never lags
  • Allows to convert several GroupWise mailboxes to Outlook PST at a single time
  • Allows complete and efficient migration of GroupWise to PST. You get to move all emails, attachments, calendar events, tasks, contacts, profile info, and other meta details
  • You can successfully convert GroupWise archive data to Outlook PST format
  • With it, users can also convert the Unicode or non-English content with 100% accuracy
  • You get to export the deleted (Trash) folder with this tool
  • It also lets users convert GroupWise to multiple file formats like EML and MSG format
  • You can also migrate GroupWise email data to a new or an existing PST file
  • It provides complete assurance of data safety and result accuracy
  • It offers 100% assurance of no data loss or file modification
  • Export GroupWise to PST files in bulk with this GroupWise to PST converter
  • Save the converted PST files in your desired location
  • Lets you split the larger PST files to smaller ones for better management
  • It supports all GroupWise versions so that you have no limitations
  • It works flawlessly on all versions of Outlook
  • You can also password protect your PST files to safeguard your Outlook database
  • You get free support and free updates along with the tool

Some praiseworthy benefits of using the Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook converter

Smooth and interactive interface

The GUI of this GroupWise to Outlook converter software is made in the way so that all users can operate this tool without fail. The steps are self-explanatory and the user interface will guide the user through each step of the conversion to ensure the most accurate and error-free conversion. You can get 100% accurate results without needing any experience at all.

Multiple Mailbox conversion ability

This tool is incredibly powerful. It is substantiated by the fact that all users can migrate multiple mailboxes to PST at a single time. You can use the proxy access feature when you are a single user who wants to add and migrate multiple GroupWise mailboxes to PST. This feature provides a lot of control over the mailbox and many others.

PST file splitting feature

Outlook PST files are renowned for their storage capacity. They have the storage capacity of 50 GB which outlook allows according to its own ability. However, since GroupWise does not have such restrictions on size, the source GroupWise files may be large. This is why the Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook PST converter comes with a feature to split the large PST files to smaller sizes for better management. This ensures perfect and error-free conversion of even the largest database.

Data Preview Option

All of us like to be sure before doing something important. Similarly, a user might want to confirm the files that he wants to convert GroupWise to Outlook. For this, the tool offers a data preview option through which you can see all the chosen files before you convert them to PST format. This feature gives added security to the conversion and thus, gives you total peace of mind.

Multiple Options for GroupWise conversion

You can safely convert your GroupWise data to PST Outlook with multiple options such as “online login”, “default login”, “Cache mailbox login”, “remote login”, “online login” along with the proxy mailboxes. This feature gives a lot of freedom to you as a user.

Convert GroupWise to Multiple Formats

If you want a larger scope of availability for your GroupWise email database, then you can use this GroupWise to PST file converter to migrate GroupWise files to EML and MSG formats. This gives you the chance to access your GroupWise data in other formats.

Selective and Bulk Migration

You can even choose individual files and folders before you convert them from GroupWise to Outlook. The tool also offers a bulk conversion feature through which you can transfer your entire database at once. The conversion accuracy is guaranteed to be 100%.

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Free trial

If you are interested in testing the free demo of this tool, feel welcome to do so. The free demo of the Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook PST converter lets you convert 50 files from any folder for a limited time. Once you are sure, feel free to upgrade.

To download the free trial right now, click here.

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