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GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan

Last updated on May 28th, 2020

Have you been facing problems using the GroupWise server? The most usual problems working with GroupWise system are abrupt crashing, instable functions, and various other issues. This is the reason we recommend you to shift to the more reliable Exchange via GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan. If you want to learn how to do that yourself, read on.

Before you execute the manual method of GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan, we must warn it is usually tough. The process requires technical knowledge and is fairly elaborate.

Exchange migration project plan explained

  1. Begin by carrying pre-migration assessment
  2. Ready your Exchange mailboxes for migration
  3. Integrated GroupWise and Exchange mailboxes
  4. Then, build a migration baseline
  5. Begin with a pilot migration
  6. Create data storage
  7. Migrate your data and keep the track of the migration process

Once done with these primary steps of Exchange migration project plan, you will have to execute some more steps. For successful GroupWise to Exchange migration with project plan, undertake the following steps.

Set up a migration server

First, install Exchange Migration Wizard after running Exchange 2003 step-up program in this stage of Exchange migration project plan. To share and divide the load, you may also install extra migration server. As is evident, it will help you export multiple mailboxes at once and make the process faster.

Provisioning of Novell GroupWise mailbox users

Novell GroupWise users have to grant proxy access to GroupWise account at this stage of GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan. Then, perform the following steps to get the desired results in your GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan :

  1. Removal of users which do not exist on Novell GroupWise
  2. Clearance of old queues from old mails
  3. To fix any problems on conventional Novell NetWare volumes, execute the Novell VREPAIR tool
  4. To match time and to ensure network consistency, execute Novell Timesync tool.

Migration of data in Exchange migration project plan

Once the Exchange migration wizard has been downloaded and installed, migrate users and mailboxes from GroupWise to Exchange. If you want to execute the Exchange migration project plan according to your taste, you can change the options available in Exchange Migration Wizard according to your taste.

Personal email messages: The client can choose all the email messages from here to perform Exchange migration project plan.

Information to create mailboxes: Then during this stage of Exchange Migration project plan, you can create new mailboxes. A new mailbox will be made available to migrate desired data from GroupWise to Exchange format.

Calendar items: At this final stage, the user can migrate the items like notes, tasks, appointments etc. Also, the user will be given the option to select whichever file they find relevant.

Migrate Calendar information: Using the Exchange Migration wizard one can also migrate Calendar information by creating SCHEDULE+FREE BUSY public folder.

We must forewarn you that this whole manual GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan method is not safe for your data, apart from being evidently elaborate. So if you want to skip all the mess and want a simple, fast and secure method of Exchange migration project plan, we have got your back. We at Shoviv provide to you the GroupWise to Exchange Migration Tool.

The GroupWise to Exchange Migration Tool

This tool is the perfect alternative to the manual GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan which doesn’t put any load on the user. It not only migrates data to Exchange server but also provides a number of facilities which would not be available under a single roof elsewhere.

Fast GroupWise to Exchange migration

The user of this tool will not have to struggle with complexities of the manual Exchange migration project plan. Thanks to the user-friendly Graphic User Interface of this tool. It facilitates easy and fast Exchange migration solution.

Multiple connectivity options

The user can establish connectivity using different options made available by this tool- (a.) default (b.) include proxy (c.) remote mailbox path (d.) online (e.) cache mailbox path. The user can utilize whatever option suits their purpose with this Exchange migration project plan.

Migrates GroupWise to Office 365

Using this GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan method you can migrate your data from GroupWise to the convenient Office 365 format too. All one is needed to do is use Office 365 admin credentials to fetch all Office 365 mailboxes. Then it is to be ensured that all Office 365 mailboxes have full access rights of selected Admin user to perform migration. For easy copying of data from source mailbox to target mailbox, the mapping option is also available.

Migrate GroupWise to Live Exchange

This tool by Shoviv to execute the Exchange migration project plan also migrates mails from GroupWise to Exchange server. One only needs to map GroupWise mailboxes to target mailboxes and the task is done. The mapping can be done manually or automatically, whatever suits the purpose of the user.

GroupWise to PST

During the Exchange migration, one can also create PST files which are Unicode compatible. In case the GroupWise files are too large, the option of splitting PST files conveniently is also available. So, the user can split the PST files into any number of files they need.

Export GroupWise to Outlook profile

In case the user has an Outlook account, they can migrate GroupWise data into selected profile of email client. Also, the option of migrating to archive and public folder is available too.

GroupWise to EML and MSG

Using this tool as a method to execute the automatic GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan doesn’t mean you have limited options. In fact, you can save the data into MSG and EML formats too, not only Exchange and Office 365.

Data screening facility before migration and Items Filter

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have to preview data before you finish your Exchange migration project plan? We care for your comfort, that is why we provide the facility of previewing your data and its properties as well. Also, you can filter data using data range and item types with our tool.

So wait no longer, indulge in your GroupWise to Exchange migration project plan today. We provide a free trial version too, try it today!

If you want to test the free trial, click here.

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