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Easiest Method to Open MBOX File in Outlook

Last updated on October 30th, 2023

MBOX is a file format used in the number of email clients such as WebMail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, GNU, and more. All these email clients use MBOX format to store the emails and other data.  On the other hand, Outlook uses the PST file format to store all the crucial data of users.  MBOX file format is not supported by Outlook, if you want to open MBOX file in Outlook, you need to go through the conversion process. Here in this blog, we will dive you into the process of converting an MBOX file into a PST file, so you can easily open MBOX file in Outlook.

Why is it necessary to open MBOX file in Outlook? 

MBOX is an important file format used in various email services and also loaded with incredible features. But it has some major drawbacks. On the other hand, users give Outlook their first preference while choosing an email service. Due to its easiness and user-friendly features. Hence, the existing MBOX users migrate their data into Outlook and use it for better user experience. Let’s figure out some of the major drawbacks of MBOX.

  • Email clients that use the MBOX file format are not so advanced and nor handy for business communications.
  • MBOX file users encounter several issues such as file locking which confine them to access their data and it occurs frequently.
  • They are prone to technical glitches and get easily corrupted. However, the solution of recovering files way is too complex for users.
  • MBOX file format lacks flexibility and creates issues in the network files. Hence, it is not the best option to deal with a comparative world.

These are the common and main reasons why users want to migrate into Outlook. Outlook is quite popular on every scale whether it is for professional or personal users. Here are some of the best features of Outlook which give let you know why users prefer the most:

  • Outlook is a global email client used by individuals and by organizations for personal as well as official use. It has the latest features which help to boost productivity in workplaces.
  • Outlook has several useful features apart from just sending and receiving such as tasks, Journals, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, assignments, etc. This makes the user experience even better and unmatchable.
  • It offers a better security feature as compared to MBOX. Hence, the user data is more secure and safe with Outlook.
  • Outlook has various features and stopping spam emails is one of them. Its anti-spam feature works perfectly. It filters spam emails automatically and sends them into the junk folder.

The above-given reasons are enough to know how incredible Outlook is and why users from other emails switch into it.

Download a trial version of MBOX to PST Converter to know in a better way.

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Manually Open MBOX file in Outlook using Thunderbird

  • First, open the Thunderbird and configure your Gmail account via IMAP.
  • Create a new folder where you want to add the selective emails in Thunderbird and open in Outlook.
  • Choose the emails to open in Outlook and transfer them to the new folder. You can do this using the drag and drop to the new folder.
  • Now, open Outlook and choose emails to add in Outlook.
  • Drag picked emails to a new folder in Outlook. Now you can access those files in the new folder.

This is the simple and manual method to open MBOX file in Outlook and it is applicable in almost every version of Outlooks such as 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010. However, manual methods are not a trustable source of the opening file which includes crucial data. A small mistake can end up losing all the data and it required lots of steps that might be complex to perform for novice users. So, it’s good to choose the professional approach to open the MBOX files and Shoviv MBOX to PST converter can easily do this task for you.

Open MBOX File in Outlook with Shoviv MBOX to PST Tool

  • First, download and Install the software.
  • From the Source file window, pick either one from the selected folder or selected file and press on the Browse
  • Choose the MBOX folder and click on OK.
  • From the next window click on Finish.
  • Now choose a particular folder you can check all the folders and click on Save.
  • Now you need to ‘Select the output type to save the recovered data,’ pick PST file option, and tap on Next.
  • From the next Window apply filters if need from the drop-down menu
  • Now hit Ctrl key and pick multiple Items, pick a single item and click on Next.
  • A new window will appear where you can manage your recovered PST, now choose to split your file. You can also add a Prefix to your file, click on Next.
  • Now select the folder destination, Click on Browse.
  • Pick a destination, or you can make a new folder. Click on OK.
  • Click on Finish.
  • You will get a confirmation that the file is saved successfully, click on OK.
Features of Shoviv MBOX to PST Converter
  • Convert MBOX to PST without any size limit of files.
  • Allow you to convert MBOX to several other file formats like EML, MSG.
  • With its Preview option feature, you can view the data before the final conversion.
  • Free demo version to evaluate the tool’s effectiveness.
  • Free consultant service for data migration and other technical help.

In case, you need to open MBOX file in Outlook, Shoviv is the best tool to use. It is recommended to use the demo version to check the performance of the tool. However, you can go with the manual method, only if you are technically sound. Without technical skills, you might end up losing your data as the process is a bit complicated. Shoviv MBOX to PST converter tool is highly suggested by the experts due to its incredible features and user-friendly interface. Hence, using Shoviv MBOX to PST Converter can save your time, money, and valuable data.

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