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How Do I Convert OST to PST Without Outlook?

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023

OST and PST both terms denote the storage format of Outlook, which is one of the most reliable email clients nowadays. PST files stores Outlook data in the local drive and can synchronize with the different servers except for Exchange Server. In contrast, OST allows Outlook users to work offline and synchronize with the exchange server to make changes when the internet connection gets re-established. However, sometimes, users need to convert OST to PST without Outlook to synchronize their data with different platforms or create an OST file backup.

This write-up will demonstrate all the possible ways available for OST file conversion into PST format without Outlook.

Is it possible to convert OST to PST without Outlook?

Before answering the question, let me mention the types of OST files. Yes, OST files have two types, and most users don’t know this. These two types are as follows:

Orphaned OST files: These OST files are disconnected from Exchange Server, or users have deleted the Outlook profile of this OST file. The problem with orphaned OST files is that users cannot access them or convert them manually, even with Outlook.

Exchange OST files: These are the OST files connected with the Exchange Server; users can easily access and use these OST files. To convert these OST files, Outlook offers several inbuilt utilities. But if you’re looking to convert them without Outlook, then there is no method available.

So by understanding the OST files types, it is clear that users cannot convert OST to PST without Outlook or with Outlook if they are orphaned. You have to opt for a third-party OST to PST Conversion tool.

Download a trial version of Shoviv OST to PST Converter Tool to know in a better way.

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Can we open the OST file with other users’ profiles?

Actually, you can’t; OST files are tied with a specific MAPI profile, and if you try to open them with the other user’s profile, Outlook will refuse. This is because OST files stores an encrypted cookie generated from the Outlook profile’s unique ID. And every time you work in offline mode, Outlook matches the OST files cookie afterward, and if it can’t find the cookie, then Outlook will refuse to make any changes in OST, and there are possibilities that your OST will get corrupt.

Convert OST to PST without Outlook

The thing is, you can’t convert OST files without Outlook manually, whether they are healthy or in an orphaned state. Therefore, a third-party OST to PST converter tool is necessary to access your OST files in PST format or move them into your new profile or email client.

Microsoft OST to PST converter by Shoviv

When it comes to delivering email conversion, recovery, and management software that’s fully automated, Shoviv is the go-to expert. Microsoft professionals and our clients highly regard our OST to PST converter. We launch the software for users after testing them in several possible complicated scenarios, and in case users face any complications or errors, we solve that in no time and provide the upgraded version ASAP.

Shoviv OST to PST converter is no restriction tool. It allows processing several OST files without any size restriction and hassle. Also, we’ve embedded the software with several user-oriented features so users can have the desired results and an enhanced process.

What makes Shoviv OST to PST converter a picture-perfect solution?

  1. Use with all Windows Operating systems: Today, technology changes very rapidly, and users have to match with it; otherwise, they will miss the latest features. That’s why we have made the software compatible with all Windows and Outlook versions like you can use the Shoviv OST to PST converter in Windows XP to Windows 11 and Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2019.
  2. Create both types of PST files of specific size: The software is a standalone utility, and you can convert OST to PST without Outlook. Also, during the conversion process, the software allows choosing PST file type (ANSI and UNICODE) and size for the resulting PSTs. If you’re using Outlook from the very beginning, you might also be aware of Outlook file size restrictions, and that’s why we have provided the select size for PST file (Split PST) option.
  3. Recover corrupt OST and deleted items: As I’ve mentioned above, if the OST files get orphaned, you cannot access them; therefore, they’re corrupt. Our software effectively recovers corrupt OST files and deleted items to display a preview of them so users can choose which emails/folders to convert or exclude.
  4. Resume Interrupted process & prevent duplicity: Process interruption and duplicate items are the things no one wants to face. Fortunately, the Shoviv OST to PST converter tool allows you to resume the interrupted process with a single click. Moreover, the software automatically matches the items and excludes duplicate items from the process. Both features effectively increase the processing speed and save you crucial time.
  5. Allows processing only the required items: We have provided a filter option in the software. When users convert OST to PST without Outlook, they can exclude/include specific emails/folders from the process. The filter option is on the message class and date range basis.
  6. Works only in read mode (No alteration): Shoviv understands that data is the future and present for any organization and managing years of data is like Everest winning task. That’s why our software only reads the added OST file and keeps the hierarchy intact in the PST file.
  7. Perpetual license with lifetime free support: We have made the software as easy as possible to use and have tested it in several complicated scenarios. But if you still face any issues, we provide technical support that is available 24*7*365. Hence, you’ll always have access to the support of a trained professional whenever you need it. Also, you only need to buy the software once and can use it for lifetime.

So these are the few features that make Shoviv OST to PST converter a picture-perfect utility to convert OST to PST without Outlook. You can use these features by using the free version, and below is the process of the tool.

How to convert OST files into PST files without Outlook?

Step1: Open the free OST converter tool in your system.

Step2: Click the Add OST files option on the ribbon bar.

Step3: Add OST files and check the Advance Scan option.

Step4: Click the OST to PST option from the ribbon bar.

Step5: Check uncheck OST folder/subfolders for conversion.

Step6: Browse a path to save the resulting PST and use other options.

Step7: Use the filter options to make the conversion process desirable.

Step8: The software will start the OST to PST process and displays a live log report.

Voila! By pursuing the above steps in the demo version, you can process the first 50 items per folder and examine the software skills. I hope now you can convert OST to PST without Outlook effortlessly.

Final Words

The truth is you cannot convert OST to PST without Outlook manually. It doesn’t matter if they are corrupt or healthy. You have to go for a third-party tool. Shoviv OST to PST converter is a picture-perfect solution to accomplish your task in a hassle-free and error-free manner. At last, it is up to you; I hope you’ve got what you’ve looked for.



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