GroupWise to PST Converter – The Best Guide

From this day on, you can perform GroupWise to PST conversion on your own. The GroupWise to Outlook Converter by Shoviv Software gets you all without the usual complications. It is better than other methods for conversion since the user also gets luxury facilities unavailable elsewhere. GroupWise is a platform for emailing, calendar etc. But people often need to convert GroupWise to PST due to personal as well as professional reasons. Shoviv GroupWise to PST converter tool in discussion provides an easier conversion over the manual process which can be grueling for non-experts.

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The benefit of Shoviv GroupWise to PST converter

Shoviv GroupWise to Outlook Converter allows not only easier GroupWise to PST conversion but also has several benefits. It let us save data in popular formats like MSG and EML as well. The tool also offers other benefits as mentioned below:

  • Lets users carry GroupWise to PST export of multiple files at once. This means faster and more effective conversion
  • Migrate complete mailboxes to PST format. This includes emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc.
  • Capable of migrating GroupWise archive data into Outlook .pst file
  • Capable of migrating even deleted mail data/ trash folder as well as Unicode char from GroupWise to .pst file
  • Provides the facility of converting files into EML and MSG formats too.
  • GroupWise to PST conversion lets the users save the data in new or old PST files, according to their discretion
  • Permission for the creation of password-protected files. They can then be saved to the desired location in the directory
  • Supports all versions of MS Outlook without limitation
  • Lifetime free consultant service in data migration

Add multiple GroupWise mailboxes at once

Usually, tools like these are used for migrating GroupWise to PST without further expectation. But with this unique tool, you get the option of GroupWise to PST migration using several options- online login, default login, remote login, cache mailbox login, etc. One can use the option according to the need of the situation.

Export email data from GroupWise to PST without alteration

This tool thoroughly scans the whole database to execute export. This approach ensures that no data is left behind from the conversion. Also, after the conversion, all data elements are delivered safely without any being left behind. Even data elements like attributes, metadata, and attachments are kept safe.

Option to split PST files

Usually, the size of the Outlook PST files is restricted up to the length of 50 GB. However, there is no such limitation with GroupWise. So when the users convert GroupWise to PST with this tool, there is the option of splitting PST files accordingly. The user is free to decide the size of the files. The PST files are usually split into smaller files to avoid any possibility of corruption or damage of data.

User-friendly GUI ensures smooth conversion

The Graphical User Interface of the tool is designed to serve GroupWise to PST conversion for all sorts of users. So even people with minimum knowledge of technology can figure how to carry GroupWise to PST conversion and get results accordingly. Even though this tool is itself technologically updated, technical expertise is not required to get the desired results with it.

Multiple GroupWise mailbox migration

With this tool, users can accelerate the process of migrating. This is done by adding multiple mailboxes into GroupWise and migrating them in one go. To perform the migration of multiple GroupWise folders into the PST format, the proxy access feature can be used. This process is free of any kind of threat to data.

Data preview option for clients to reassure themselves

Throughout the process of GroupWise to PST, this tool ensures complete comfort for the users. It even lets the users have a final preview of the data before it goes for GroupWise to PST conversion. The users can check the emails and related data so that they have the option to make corrections if needed. This tool also helps to preview attachments.

Convert data into many popular formats

Deemed as a GroupWise to PST converter, this tool converts data to other formats too. So with this tool, you can migrate data files to popular formats like MSG and EML. These two formats are quite famous and widely used. The user can convert the GroupWise files to these two formats in as easy a manner as he/she can into the PST format. This tool is thus a multi-purpose software for multiple usages.

Allow selective migration of data

We understand that in the GroupWise to Outlook PST conversion not everyone needs to migrate the entire mailbox. With this tool, you can carry the conversion, GroupWise to EML conversion, and GroupWise to MSG conversion.

Ensures migration of Unicode data

Unicode means data containing such unique contents as non-English languages, double-byte characters, etc. Usually, in the procedure of conversion, this kind of files get left behind as they are complicated. However, this tool dedicatedly providing all-around service, so it migrates data in non-English languages without threatening the safety of the data. It even migrates the trash folder, so the users can salvage their deleted data in the process of GroupWise to Outlook conversion. Overall, it is a very safe and diverse tool.

Free trial version with all major features

Users can check all-features without t. It poses no restrictions in using these features and has got all the features available in the full version. You can export 50 items at once using this version while the full version has got no limit. It is also 100% secure and effective for all kinds of data. Also, the trial version, as well as the full version, supports all Microsoft Outlook versions.

Access these features and more by downloading the tool from the link provided below.

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