GroupWise mailbox to Office 365 migration using GroupWise to Office 365 Converter

Despite the immense popularity which has been gained by other emailing platforms over the year Novell GroupWise is able to sustain it continuity in services like easy administration and vast security features which do not make Novell GroupWise an ideal platform for the users. However, with the launch of Office365 by Microsoft has made it most accepted emailing platform which demand and popularity are increasing rapidly due to which many users are shifting their domain to Office365. Herein this blog, we will discuss the reason which has made Office365 a better emailing platform and the methods to convert GroupWise to Office 365 migration for better services and features.

Key features which has made the user migrate GroupWise to Office 365

Here are some reasons which have made Office 365 an outstanding email client.

  • Office365 provides a universal platform which means the user can work on it from any device, at any time, without the need to install any special setup or configuration.
  • Every user mailbox is allotted at least 50GB of storage space which means that the users are provided with ample of space so that there isn’t any need to clean up their mailbox.
  • The Office365 does not have an in-house setup so the user does not have to worry about the maintenance.
  • The Office365 provides cloud-based services which enhance business service and growth.
  • With Office365 the user can synchronize their emails, contact, and calendars to work together.

Though the GroupWise itself is an amazing email platform but the services which Office365 provides it users with are overwhelming and help the user to enhance their business and organization.

How to migrate GroupWise to Office365?

The above features made it clear about the vast services and features which are provided by the Office365 and reason to migrate GroupWise to Office365. However, it gets very difficult for the users to migrate Novell GroupWise 8 to Office365; no such manual methods are available for the migration which can effortlessly do it so if the user wants to migrate GroupWise to Office365 the need to use a professional software solution i.e. GroupWise to Office365 software is a must.

The GroupWise to Office365 is the professional software solution which not only is secure but can effortlessly export GroupWise to Office365 without using any additional tools. The software is safe and secure which comes with the enhanced features which swiftly process entire GroupWise 2018 to Office 365 without damaging or altering the original data. The software also shortens the process by offering a direct method to export all data from GroupWise mailboxes to PST format.

Effortlessly Migrate GroupWise to Office365 using GroupWise 8 to Office 365 software

  1. “Install” the program and “run” the setup
  2. After the program is launched go to the Add button and select the GroupWise mailbox file.
  3. Now Go to the ribbon bar and select export Office365 files. A pop-up dialog box will appear in which the user needs to check and uncheck the files.
  4. After the mailbox has been selected click “Next” from the dialog box to continue the process.
  5. After click on the next button, there will be an option for selecting Office365 based on “migrate in default”and “migrate in the selected mailbox” fulfill all the details and click “Next”.
  6. Now fulfill all the necessary information in the various criteria mentioned in the pop-up dialog box according to the user and click next to continue.
  7. After the necessary information has been selected to export the GroupWise file to Outlook PST and “Wait”till the process is completed.
  8. After the process is completed the user can “Save” the exported PST file and “Finish” the program.


Hence we would like to conclude that GroupWise 2018 to Office 365 converter software is the reliable and proficient solution which capably migrate GroupWise mailbox to Office365. The software has the most effective and accurate methods to effortlessly migrate GroupWise to Office 365 with adequate results. Therefore we suggest opting for GroupWise to Office converter software for exporting GroupWise mailbox to Office 365.


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