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How to fix the error message “Exchange is currently in recovery mode”?

Last updated on September 9th, 2022

The Microsoft is preloaded and fullest with the feature, but one of the gorgeous and the best features introduced to the user of Outlook by Microsoft is cached Exchange mode. It enhances the workability of its user give and offer to work in offline mode. The cached Exchange mode, Outlook creates a copy of OST database on the local system in the OST file outlay consist of all the items that already exist on the Exchange Server. The cached exchange mode prerequisite Offline working. Here we will learn How to fix the error message “Exchange is currently in recovery mode”?

Well, sometimes the users of Microsoft Exchange have to indulge in failure and have to see error message shown on their PC. Likewise “Exchange is currently in recovery mode” during synchronizing executions of the OST file with Exchange Server.

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Certain facts behind the Error “Exchange is currently in Recovery Mode” most of the reason given below:

  • If the cached copy of mailbox located in the different location than the one copy which already exists in MS Exchange.
  • In case the MS Exchange users made effort to reset the exchange, mailbox during enable Exchange mode, a new OST file is created MS Outlook and occlude the older Offline OST database file on the local system.
  • If the user has executed the mailbox migration process from the older version to another version of MS Exchange
  • Sometimes, slow and bad network connection amid the client and the server left an impact and being a cause of error message.
  • A reason behind the error message can be shown if puzzle with DNS configuration likewise DNS settings.

Settle your Error with these tracts:-

We can utilize three different tracts to repair the error. Here methods mentioned that can fix this error.

Very first you should be calm and disable the mode, and then enable the cached exchange mode.

Certainly, the first tract is the easiest tract than all another tract to fix this error is to disable and enable the cached Exchange mode. Firstly, the user of MS Outlook have to disable the Cached Exchange and then remove the Old OST database, and then re-launch the MS Outlook and enable the cached exchange mode.

To do perfect execute, follow the steps given below :

  • First, open Outlook then go to “File” and select “Account Settings.”
  • Then, choose the mail account and click on “Change” option. The window will appear on your screen with more setting options, there choose enable/disable mode.
  • Simply, disable the “Use cached exchange mode” from there.
  • Then go further, start removing the offline OST file from the mailbox of MS Outlook.
  • Now reach to Control Panel, select the Mail tab and press on profiles, and remove the irreducible profile.
  • Do restart Outlook and create your new profile.

New OST file creation:

You’ll have to execute the creation process of a new OST file if you transform Exchange Server. Because the irreducible OST file will not match relevantly with the new Exchange Server. Do the steps by step as same below to execute creation a new OST file.

  • Click the “Mail” option in the Control panel.
  • And choose “Show Profiles.” A window demonstrating 4 options :
  • Do click on the “Add” button to add a new profile. Type a name to the profile and click on the bottom of tab “OK.”

 Alert: Well, while the execution of profile creation remind yourself that MS Outlook should not open.

The third final execution and tract to get fix this error are given below:

Well everyone knows how crucial is OST file database for the Email client user of MS exchange server. If OST file database got damaged or depraved that means it left terrific tension and worry behind on admin, But don’t worry with us. We are here to solve and fix all of your problem linking to MS Outlook Exchange. So, take a deep breath and finish the whole post. Well, the OST to PST conversion software is preloaded of feature to help you with this problem.

OST to PST Conversion software is a proficient application which helps to resolve and fix your problem. This reliable software has the feature of two scanning modes. First is Standard Mode and second is Advance Mode.

We can utilize it with our need. For the minor corruption of OST file we can use Standard Mode, and for executing of big corruption in OST file we have to utilize the Advance Mode given within software.

Cessation: – Wish, that this article works fine in giving you gorgeous outcome and in disappearing the error message of “Exchange is currently in recovery mode”.

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