Tried and Tested Method for NSF to PST Conversion

Two email clients are most prevalent on the internet; Lotus Notes and MS Outlook. Both offer incredible features and are preferred by the users on a personal and professional level. But, Outlook is way more advanced and famous as compared to Lotus Notes. That’s the reason most Lotus Notes users choose to migrate to Outlook. However, shifting between both email clients is not a cakewalk process as both use the different file formats to store the data. To make it simple and easy for users, we come up with the two major methods which ease the conversion process simpler. So, sit tight and read the complete blog to get the solution.

Why Convert NSF file to MS Outlook? 

Several reasons play important role behind the conversion of email data from Lotus Notes to Outlook, some of them are given below:

  • Outlook is cost-effective than Lotus Notes.
  • Outlook allows users to configure multiple accounts but Lotus Notes confine you to a single account
  • Lotus Notes is complicated in use while MS Outlook is very user-friendly even appropriate for novice users.
  • Outlook has a better security feature, data Management and Calendaring than Lotus Notes.

Methods for NSF to PST Conversion:

Method 1 – Manually Convert NSF Files into PST Files

The manual method is divided into two parts, pay a glance at both of them for the successful conversion of files.

  1. Exportation of NSF files into Lotus Notes to CSV file
  2. Import the CSV file into MS Outlook

Export NSF Files to CSV

To export NSF files from Lotus Notes, follow the underneath section.

  • Open IBM Notes application and tap on the Open button to upload.NSF file which you want to convert in PST format.
  • Tap on the File menu and hit on the Export option.
  • Now choose a location on your device to store the new file and tap on save as type to Comma Separated Value (.CSV file) or Structured Text.
  • Name the file and save it and tap on the Export button.
  • Now the multiple types of the window will pop up as per your file format selection.
  • Select your options as per the file format and click OK to finish it.

Step II: Import CSV File into MS Outlook

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook program and Open & Export option from the File menu.
  • Tap on the Import/Export option and open the menu.
  • Now pick Import from another program and hit the Next button.
  • To Import a file, select file type as Comma Separated Values and hit on Next.
  • Now click on Browse to discover and pick previously exported .csv file.
  • Select one option as per your requirement and Hit the Next button.
  • Now pick the path to store all data after Import and Hit on Next.
  • Once the task is complete tap on Finish to close the Import window.

Barriers in Manual NSF to PST Conversion

The manual method might be handy in a few circumstances, but it has some limitations too. Few of them are given under:

  • It can be a complex method for a novice user.
  • Time-consuming process and required technical skills to execute the process.
  • It is not a safe way to convert files as it also involves the risk of data loss.
  • Manual method doesn’t convert calendar entries.
Download a trial version of NSF to PST Converter to know in a better way.

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Method 2 

Professional Solution for NSF to PST Conversion

As we discussed the manual method has some major drawbacks which might cause data loss. Hence, picking the automatic would be the best option and for this, Shoviv tool is the most renowned tool. This tool is loaded with remarkable features that make the conversion process simple and easy. Here is an overview of the Shoviv NSF to PST conversion tool.

Features of Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter

Faultless NSF to PST Converter

The conversion tool from Shoviv keeps the original form of data intact while converting data Lotus Notes NSF mailbox to Outlook.

Multiple NSF to PST Conversion

NSF to PST Converter is a time-saving tool, it lets easily convert the multiple Lotus Notes Files and export into PST files single attempt. It will convert NSF file of any size without any issue

Convert NSF to EML & MSG

This tool does not just allow NSF files into PST but it offers conversion in various other formats such as EML and MSG. Hence, users can easily convert their data as per convenience.

User-friendly Interface

The Shoviv tool has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily convert NSF files without technical knowledge. Even the novice user can handle the conversion task easily on this tool.

Data Preview before Conversion

Shoviv NSF to PST converter tool has a preview feature that lets you view all the converted data before moving to the final step. It will help you check the quality and let you make some necessary changes if required.

Demo Version 

The demo version of this tool comes with effective features and that allows first 50 items from each mailbox folder for NSF to PST Conversion. It gives you a complete overview of the tool.

Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook with Shoviv Tool
  • First, download and install the Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook converter tool from the website
  • Now click on add NSF file option.

Note: You can add multiple NSF files at the same time.

  • Pick the NSF file and tap on Export in Outlook PST.
  • Choose the required folder from the folder list.
  • Now, set the filter criteria if needed
  • Browse for the target

You can also set the password and split the PST file if you want.

  • Now click the Finish button and you are done

Shoviv Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool is a complete solution for NSF to PST Conversion. It is compatible with every version of MS Outlook. On the other hand, the Manual method will take lots of time and doesn’t guarantee a safe conversion. Hence, using this tool will give fast and effortless conversion of files.

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