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Office 365 Migration Checklist- Steps to Check

Manually migration to Office 365 is not a cakewalk; it seeks perfection in all ways. Nowadays, many users of the On-premises Exchange are looking toward Office 365 because of its advanced features and advantages of cloud-based software as a service. Execution of manual method is like walking on the eggshells therefore any mistake can ruin the process. Know-how of the manual method is a must thing and the pre and post Office 365 migration checklist is an essential step to follow.

What causing On-premises Exchange to Office 365 Migration?

Several factors are accelerating migration from On-premises Exchange to Office 365; mainly the advantages of Office 365. Few of them are:

  • Microsoft Office 365 is cost-efficient, easy to access moreover comes with the subscription plan with no manual set up.
  • Office 365 provides advanced services like Skype for Business, Hosted Exchange Server as well as Yammer.
  • Office 365 always remains updated and saves from downtime.
  • Being Microsoft’s product, the security level of Office 365 is very high; no concern about data theft.

Pre-Office 365 Migration Checklist:

  • Share Migration Plan 

Firstly, share the migration plans within the organization. It should be clear among the member of the organization that when migration will take place, how it will impact the work, and what resources are needed for the migration? Microsoft has also released a checklist for effective migration; you can make according to your need.

  • Listing up On-premises details

It is an essential step to prepare inventory for the On-premises Exchange. You should consider:

  • Mailboxes – Name, size, email addresses, and relevancy.
  • User Accounts- Details of employees.
  • Network Settings –DNS hosts, proxy and or firewall setting, bandwidth, etc.
  • Storage Details.
  • To do list- Check the meeting schedule, pending updates.
  • Browser, O.S.
  • Audit Current Environment 
  • Authenticate user accounts chronically
  • Synchronization of accounts
  • Licenses
  • Know-how training to end-users
  • Network compatibility
  • Router, Antivirus program, Firewall Check
  • Keep Data on Standby

Before migration, make sure data that has to be migrated is checked in all means. Check Active Directory, UPN, Archiving, Compliance needs, et cetera.

  • Office 365 Account Overview

In the Office 365 Migration checklist, setting up Office 365 Account Overview is a must to do step. So, start with the Office 365 subscription and verify the domain. Configure and check the permissions and try by the testing demo migration.

Above all are the steps that you have to include in checklist.

Post- Office 365 Migration Checklist:

  • After the migration, firstly redirect the users’ email accounts to Office 365. Assure the status “This Folder is Up to Date” for every folder.
  • Assign the licenses to the migrated mailboxes in Office 365 account. Without assigning a license agreement it will get disabled after the 30 days.
  • Configure Auto discover DNS record in Office 365 that will help in connecting mailboxes to the Outlook email client.
How to Avoid Manual Migration and its Tediousness?

To avoid time-consuming technical enrich steps of manual method, users can go with the professional third-party tool. Various other limitations and drawbacks are also associated with the manual method like the requirement of technical expertise, risk of data loss, unnecessary time-consumption, size limitation et cetera. Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool is an advanced tool and best alternate for the manual way because it provides an efficient, swift, and advanced way to execute on-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration. Various user-friendly features are associated with this tool. The best part of the tool is easy to understand GUI as a result it makes migration a cakewalk process.

Final Words:

Before the execution of the migration process, it is a must to go through Office 365 Migration Checklist. Office 365 Migration Checklist is an essential step to follow for flawless migration. Along with the manual method, many pre-requisites and a long checklist are also associated which makes the process very complicated. Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool comes as a professional tool with the proficient working. Users can easily check the working of the tool by downloading a free trial version i.e to clarify user’s doubt. However it allows the migration of the first fifty items per folder.

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