Office 365 Email Backup

How to do Office 365 Email Backup

Office 365 is a cloud-based software as a service, part of the Microsoft Office product line; developed by Microsoft. It comes with numerous user-centric services like Exchange Online, Skype for business, SharePoint, et cetera. It presents countless advantages to users. Now the question arises if Microsoft Office 365 is that much user-friendly, then why to take Office 365 email backup?

Office 365 is a great utility to increase the productivity of any organization. It doesn’t matter what is the organization size and turnover and offers some aids for every business. But the reason for Office 365 backup is, it does not provide the backup of data in the local disk. Office 365 offers geo-redundancy, which protects the user’s availability, not their data.

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What is Office 365 email backup?

Office 365 email backup is a way of data protection in a local machine, which secures email data by storing it. Office 365 email data can be recovered from the email backup if the original data is inaccessible due to data corruption, accidental deletion, Intentional deletion (by other), hardware malfunction, and by virus attack or due to Network problem. To eliminate these conditions email backup comes very handy.

Types of backup

There are various types of email backup in the technical field. Out of these Full backup, and Incremental backup are more significant.

  • Full Backup: It is the most basic and complete type of backup operation. A full backup contains the total copy of your organization’s data, including Files, Folder, Settings, Applications, and many other items in the storage file/devices.
  • Incremental Backup: Incremental backup means backup the only data which changed after the last backup (any type). It requires a full backup in addition to complete incremental backup recovery.
  • Differential Backup
  • Synthetic Full Backup
  • Mirror Backup
  • Incremental Reverse Backup

Reasons to take Office 365 email backup

Where is your data: Variety of applications and data structure all stored in the cloud. But where? Where is your data, and if you have to retrieve it, where will you find it? Many people don’t know that their Office 365 emails, Outlook files, OneDrive documents, SharePoint files, team conversations are different sometimes they store them separately. All of your data is stored in the Exchange Server. Manually backup is not an easy task, and sometimes it is nearly impossible, but using a professional and capable Office 365 email backup tool it is like a cakewalk.

Ransomware hackers: Data loss is possible in this new world of hackers and data hostage viruses. Many business organizations have faced the ransomware attack that took over their business. There is only one way to truly protect your organization from a ransomware attack, which is a complete backup of all your data.

Data is a priority: Your business cannot exist with the vast amount of data it creates, captures, stores, and uses every day. Ensuring access to that data is an important task of the complete data backup and restore policy. Data backup and archiving is like a good insurance policy against the risk of data loss. You have to ensure that your organization always has a full backup of data.

How to backup Office 365 emails:

There are two ways to backup Office 365 emails. One is by using a manual method, and another is by using a professional third party tool. Using the Manual method E-discovery, the user can backup Office 365 mailboxes to PST file format. Manual methods come free but come with drawbacks and limitations.

Steps for Office 365 email backup manually
  • Login to Office 365 using administrator credentials, and open the Office 365 admin center.
  • Click on the security and compliance option in the Admin center window.
  • Go to the search and investigation option then make a click on the content search, after that click on the + button to start a new search. Enter a name in the name field and then make a click on the Next button.
  • In the next wizard, choose Search everywhere and then select the Exchange option.
  • Use Custom location selection to export specific mailbox data. Now click on the + button and then add the mailbox.
  • Go to the required options to filter Office 365 data, filter option is based on emails, calendars, contacts, etc.
  • After the search wizard completes the background search, click on the Start Export option.
  • A popup window will appear containing multiple options. Choose the options according to your need, and click on the Start export option. (You can also include encrypted files).
  • The export process will start users are facilitated with Finish and download export report options.
  • In the end, an export key will be generated, copy this key. It will be required in the next step.
  • In this window, paste the export key and browse the location where you want to export the resultant PST file. Click on the start button to begin the export process.

The manual method is complex and has limitations, and a little misstep will lead you to lose all your Office 365 data. Therefore is recommended to use a professional Office 365 backup and restore tool for hassle-free and quick migration.

Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Software

It is a picture-perfect tool for Office 365 email backup to PST file format in a hassle-free manner. It works flawlessly and securely and comes with a user-friendly GUI.

Benefits of using Shoviv Backup and Restore Software:

Shoviv Backup and Restore tool works like a professional, and it offers many advanced features.

Backup in PST: This astounding utility by Shoviv allows users to take a complete Office 365 email backup (User mailbox, Archive, mailbox, and Public folder) into the PST file. As we all

Know, PST files are easy to port and access. PST format is the best alternate for Office 365 email backup.

Incremental Backup: By using the Incremental feature, the software doesn’t export the data if it is already exported and restricts the software from creating a new PST file for the same data. This option comes handy to eliminate already exported data and take the backup of data, which increased during the last exportation.

Filter option: This software offers filtering based on Date range, Message class, as well as Folder filter. This feature is useful to eliminate unwanted data and easily find specific files.

Periodic backup: Being a professional utility, it has a periodic backup option, which allows users to schedule the backup job. Users can schedule an automatic backup process by choosing Weekly, Daily, and Monthly options.

Final verdict

After reading this blog, you will be able to answer: does Office 365 backup your data? What is Office 365 email backup? And what is the best Office 365 email backup tool?

For hassle-free and secure Office 365 email backup, users should use Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool. At last, the decision is all yours, which way you choose. Must download the demo version of the tool to check the working of the software.

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