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Migrate your Lotus note to Office 365 without hassle

With each and every passing days, Office 365 goes popular due to its attracting feature and easy operation processes. User likes to execute their tasks freely within downtime and it proves auxiliary for the users.   Thus both type of entities even small or execute as large businesses desire to migrate to Office 365 from the current platforms, essentially those email client user which are utilizing the Lotus Notes email client. The motive behind migration desire from Lotus Note to Office 365 is mere not only arduous but also cause a diverse issue as well.

If you also wish to migrate from lotus notes to Office 365 and execute naively without facing hurdle and issue as you stuck often times. So, this articulation should read by you.

Here you will know how to migrate Lotus Note to Office 365 manually by utilizing IMAP. The tasks are simple and hassle-free. Hope, you’ll enjoy the service and the features of Office 365 without making lots of effort except for consideration during the migration execution from Lotus Notes to Office 365.

Manual migration process from Lotus note to Office 365

The manual migration process is given below, follow to migrate :

Step No. 1: Create a backup or duplicate file of Lotus Notes data

I always say, ‘data matters’. Here upon, the first thing I will recommend to take the valid backup of your entire Lotus notes .nsf file. This would prove an auxiliary step in case you lose your data while the implementation of migration. To avoid future hurdle this will the first best step because none of the manual tracts can be completely hard-bitten or fully accurate.

Step No. 2: Create new mailboxes for every individual user

Afterward of backup accomplishment, the next crucial step will be taken to create new mailboxes for each and every user, having an existing profile in Lotus Notes desktop email client.

  Step No. 3: Enable IMAP TCP/IP Port for all existing profiles

For enabling IMAP for all users, to enable follows the given steps:

  • Firstly, Open Domino Administrator in IBM Lotus Notes
  • Then, click on the Configuration tab
  • Next, open the Server document for the server that performs the IMAP service in the system.
  • Afterward, do click on the following tabs such as Ports – Internet Ports – Mail tab
  • Enable the default in the setting of IMAP TCP/IP Port. For enabling, you will have to alter the ‘TCP/IP port value status’ to ‘Enabled’ in the Mail (IMAP) column.
  • Ultimately, click on ‘Save’, icon and then exit from the current tab.

Step No.  4: Connect with IMAP Connector

Finally, utilize the IMAP Connector to synchronize emails from the Lotus Notes in Office 365 email client.

Limitation of IMAP Connector:

  • Well, it is notable fact that any manual migration and execution is not free from limitation except some. However, this procedure that utilizes IMAP Connector is not free from its limitations.
  • The limitation of IMAP Connector is given below, read before implementation off migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365.
  • There is a chance of no connection with internet if the Notes client is behind firewall and proxy.
  • The IBM Lotus Notes email client will not connect with IMAP if the Lotus Notes email client is in the disabled state.
  • Though the IMAP Connector restrains the migration of calendar entries, then one has to implement it manually.
  • The manual origination of calendar entries consume precious time and slows down the migrating process.
  • The migration utilizing IMAP protocol migrate mere online data to Office 365.
  • By utilizing IMAP protocol in the migration, you can merely migrate online data to Office 365 email client.
  • The IMAP Connector has a maximum limit of a 1 GB quantum of emails in the execution of migration.
Best option is alternative software:

The manual migration requires several filters that are complicated and cost effective too. Therefore, it is not the gorgeous way to execute the implementation of migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365. And it is also not assured that the result will be excellent after doing all of these manually step for the successful implementation. Yeah, if you want to execute in right manner without hurdle and other purports, you should try an alternative way to execute the migration with Shoviv Lotus Note to Office 365 migration software.

Wrapping up: Hope, you liked the article, which is auxiliary in the migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365 with the tract suggested in the article.

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