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Migrate EML to Office 365 with Perfection

Last updated on August 21st, 2020

Migration between Office 365 and file formats are in trend. Users are now moving towards the best available option in the market instead of sticking with the current client. We all know, Microsoft has covered most of the market with its latest and up to date software and application. Office 365 has become the popular email client and businesses are migrating into it without giving a second thought. To transfer data, users need to go through the conversion process, as Office 365 has its file format and is not compatible with other formats. If you are an EML user and looking for a method to import EML to Office 365, here we will describe the methods which make the migration stress-free and effortless process.

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Why Migrate into Office 365?

  • EML is a file format and quite popular among desktop-based users. It stores all the message data along with properties and attachments, it allows us to save emails as EML files are Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Kerio Server, Outlook Express, etc.
  • Whereas Office 365 is an online service of Microsoft known as Outlook Web Access or Outlook 365. It is Web-based and browser friendly which benefits the users to access the Office 365 account anytime and from anywhere. Office 365 is generally accessible and anyone can use it on various devices like Mobiles, Androids, Laptops, PCs, Mac machines, etc.
  • As email becomes more advanced and email clients move from Desktop to Online based services. For users, Office 365 is the perfect cloud email service hence, the migration into 365 is in trends.

How to Migrate EML to Office 365?

Exporting EML files into Office 365 is a long process and needs to be performed carefully to secure the data. There are two methods to migrate EML to Office 365 both are given below

Migrate EML to Office 365 Manually

  1. First open Windows Live Mail and head to File, then click on Export Email and choose the Email Messages.
  2. Select Microsoft Exchange from the Program list and move to Next.
  3. A new message window will pop-up for confirming the exportation. Press OK and move to the next step.
  4. Now select the files or folders which you want to export from Windows Live Mail into MS Outlook and go to the next step by clicking on OK.
  5. You will see a window displaying the EML to PST conversion process
  6. Now a Finish option will appear after completing the conversion process.
  7. Next sign in into your Office 365 account.
  8. From the Import screen, create a new job to upload data to Office 365 Azure storage location.
  9. Copy the file and save it to the network upload SAS URL.
  10. Now download and install the Azure AZ Copy tool in the device and run it.
  11. You can use the command prompt to upload the PST files into Office 365 using the AzCopy.exe tool.
  12. Now create a CSV file with mailboxes details.
  13. Again, create a PST import job.
  14. Lastly, import PST files into Office 365.

These are the manual steps to import the EML files into Office 365, the process is bit tricky, and manual methods have some major drawbacks; it takes a lot of time and even there are chances of data loss. So you need to perform it with the utmost care, one wrong step can disturb the whole process and also cause data loss. If you want an easy solution for your import task, use the professional tool mentioned under.

Profession Approach for EML to Office 365 Migration

A professional tool like Shoviv EML to Office 365 Tool is all you need for your task. This tool is packed with the latest and robust features that smoothen the migration process of EML file into Office 365’s mailboxes. Here are the features of this incredible tool.  

Features of Shoviv EML to Office 365 Tool: 
  • Shoviv tool comes with modern technology and runs of secured algorithms that smoothly migrate EML to Office365.
  • It allows users to add multiple files in a single go without any bar on size and the number of the files and its preview option allow the user to view the data before the migration process.
  • The software has many user-friendly features and has the facility to migrate EML files into Office365 and Live Exchange Server without any effort.
  • Shoviv EML to Office365 Tool has a filter option using filter option, it offers filtering data such as Subject, from, to, et cetera, and after the migration process, it allows users to view migration report.
  • It comes with a demo version. The demo version lets you migrate the first 50 items from each folder.

Staying up to date in this competitive market businesses now adopting the easiest way to carry their data. Office 365 is fulfilling the essential needs of users. Hence, Migration into Office 365 recording a rise in recent times. You can rely upon the Shoviv tool for your migration task, this tool will never let you down and will give 100% results every time.

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