How to Upload PST to Office 365

To upload PST to Office 365 the numbers of users are eager to know the ways, if you too looking for the same then you have landed at the right page. Here, we will discuss the different aspects of PST and Office 365 and also we will describe the different ways to upload PST to Office 365.

The important part of the Microsoft Office Product line, Microsoft Office 365 is the demand of today’s online world, especially for businesses. For the Business Environment it provides services such as Exchange Server, Share Point and Skype for Business, hence Office 365 is the centre of attention.

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Concerns with the PST?

  • There is no system to confirm the number, location, and belonging of the PST files present in the system.
  • There are also security concerns, Portability of PSTs can lead to malware and data loss.
  • Even the password protected PSTs are not safe; any moderately skilled attacker with the appropriate tool can unlock and load PSTs into Outlook.

Ways to Upload PST to Office 365:

To upload PST to Office 365, we are here with the manual as well as Professional third Party tool. Let’s have a look:

Manual Ways:

Manual Method 1. Using Microsoft Office 365 Import Services:

Step 1: Go to the File tab then click on Open then on Import

Step 2: In the Import and Export Wizard, click on the Import from another program or file

Step 3: Click Outlook Data File (.pst) and then click Next.

Step 4: Now set the options for importing the Items, you can remain the default setting unchanged.

Step 5: Click on the Finish.

This process looks easy but it comes with many limitations about which we will discuss later.

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Manual Method 2. Using Network Upload Method:
This Process comes with the multiple steps and each step asks for the several to do works to upload PST to Office 365. 

Step 1: Copy SAS URL and install Azure AzCopy 

  • Firstly, you have to download and install the AzureAzcopy tool on your system, it will be used to upload PST, and also there is a need to copy the SAS URL.
  • Follow and sign in to Office 365 administrator account.
  • At the left pane of Security and Compliance Center click on the Data governance>> Import.
  • Import page will appear on the screen, click on the Import PST files and then select the +New import Job.
  • Now provide the name for PST import job and click the Next.
  • From the Choose import job type page, choose the Upload your data option and click on the Next.
  • Import data page appears on the screen, copy the secure storage key and download the Azure Azcopy tool, now a pop-up window appears on the screen.
  • Click on the run to install AzCopy.

Step 2: Upload PST file to Office 365

  • On your system, open the command prompt.
  • Now open the directory where Azure AzCopy tool is installed.
  • Run this given command

AzCopy.exe.Source :< Location of PST files>/ Dest:<SASURL>/V:<Log file location>/ Y

 By running the command, a message of uploading PST file in progress will display and a final status message will show the total numbers of files uploaded to Azure storage location. 

Step 3: Create the PST Import mapping file

When the upload of PST file to Azure Storage Location is done, create a CSV file to specify the user mailboxes where the PST file will be imported. The CSV file will be used after creating a PST import job.

  • Here download a sample of the PST import mapping files.
  • Save the CSV file on the system and by using Microsoft Excel edit the file as per your requirements.

Step 4: Create PST Import job in Office 365

  • When Creation of mapping file is done, create a PST import job in Office 365. To create a PST import job, follow the procedure of Step 1.
  • After following the steps, Import data page will appear on the screen check the option “I’m done uploading my files and I have access to the mapping file”.
  • Click the Next.
  • In the next wizard, upload the CSV mapping file that was created in step 3. When the upload of CSV file is done, Click Validate to verify the file to check any error. After validating the job, click on the Save button to submit the job and then after click on the Close.

Step 5: Filter the data if needed

Just before importing the data, you can select to apply a filter if you don’t want to import the entire data. To apply the filter, follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Import job page, Import jobs will be displayed, here click on Ready to Import to Office 365.
  • A page will be appeared on the screen with PST files’ detail, here click on the Import to Office 365 on the page.
  • The filter wizard will pop-up, select the option “Yes, I want to filter it before importing”.
  • Click on the refresh to update the status of the import job.
  • When the import job process is done, the job status will be changed to complete.

By following all the above-given status, the PST file will upload to Office 365, to check the files open Office 365 account and check. 

Limitations of Manual Method to upload PST to Office 365:

  1. As you can see, the manual ways to upload PST to Office 365 is very tedious and time-consuming.
  2. The Process asks for the technical expertise to upload PST to Office 365.
  3. Always a chance of human error, a single error can lead to data loss.
  4. Manual method is not suitable for the large scale of PST upload to Office 365.
  5. If anyhow during the process PST files fail to upload and then in the next attempt the scenario of duplicity will appear. 
Third-Party Tool:

As the manual method is too complex and confusing, so there is need of a third-party tool. Shoviv Outlook Suite is best-suited software for this is multi-purpose software that is embedded with the many user-centric features. Have a look at its features:

  • It can upload PST to Office 365 in a very quick and accurate manner with maintained data hierarchy with no boundation on size.
  • The Software allows to add and recover multiple OST/PST files.
  • It offers to export OST/PST files in live Exchange.
  • The Shoviv Outlook Suite exports Outlook Profile Stores (mailboxes) with to new Outlook Profile Stores.
  • Option to Merge PST file, Split PST file, Compact and Compress is also embedded within the Software.
  • The Folder mapping option to ease the processing is also given in the software.
  • Item preview, as well as eDiscovery features of the software, enhance the working of the software.
  • An advanced option to Exclude and filter already migrated items during the migration is also boosting its processing.
  • The Software comes with user-friendly GUI, any novice user can easily upload PST to Office 365 with easy steps.

To upload PST to Office 365, we have a manual method but this comes with limitations and it is very complex and tedious. For the easy and perfect processing, Professional third-party tool is a must. Shoviv Outlook Suite is a multi-purpose tool that comes with the easy to use functionalities and it also provides a demo/trial version of the Software to check its processing. It allows uploading the first 25 items per folder.

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